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Monthly Archives: September 2010

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The Magical Mistress & Master Pheromone Fragrances

First off, let’s talk about what pheromones are and what they do for you and your sexual experiences. Pheromones are naturally occurring in your body. In fact, you give off your own phermones which can do a variety of things depending on the type. There are pheromones that affect food, alarm phermones that trigger your danger responses and then there are sex phermones as well as many others. Sex pheromones are secreted naturally to attract members of the opposite sex to you.

On their most primal and basic level, pheromones are secreted to help mammals with sex organs find a mate to breed with. Now, with the help of modern technology, we can create certain pheromone fragrances that trigger more powerful sexual responses, hence controlling and increasing the amount of sexual responses toward you and with whomever you wish this to reaction occur.

Substantial evidence supports the fact that pheromones help attract both males and females by triggering powerful sexual reactions. In modern society, our natural pheromones are most often washed away through bathing and therefore most sexual communication occurs through sight and is filtered through our mind to decide on attraction.

With the help of pheromone fragrances, we can increase the attraction we have to others and the attraction others have to us by applying a small amount of the pheromone fragrance directly underneath our nose or behind the ears. A small amount is all that is necessary to create the necessary response. The scent is picked up by the air and detected by others during use creating the appropriate reaction in others towards you and vice versa. Keep in mind that using an overly large amount of the fragrance will NOT increase the reaction you have towards others or their reaction towards you and a small amount will suffice. There is no need to waste the fragrance, especially since the fragrance bottles are not very large. The effects of these pheromone fragrances should last from 2 to 4 hours and a specific kind is available for both males and females respectively.

Some benefits that many claim to have during pheromone fragrance use are:

  • Increase in eye contact from the opposite sex
  • Increase in sexual attraction towards others and others towards you
  • Increase in sexual activity and intimacy if you are in a relationship
  • Increase in the levels of passion and enthusiasm during lovemaking & sexual encounters
  • Increase in the opposite sex pursuing you
  • Increase in self confidence and libido
  • Respect from the same sex and Ease with opposite sex
  • Increase in employment relationships
  • Increase in business ( Especially professions that are in close proximity to people such as Sales)
  • Lift in Mood, Overall Contentment & Self Love

Some great places to use these pheromones are in any public place such as clubs, bars, gyms, restaurants, malls, concerts, movie theaters & grocery stores. They are also great for work use as you should see an increase in sales, customers and a general business increase. Other ways to use the pheromone fragrances are before or during lovemaking, during quality time with your partner, or on a date with someone new! There are many ways pheromones can be used so be creative and have fun. This fragrance can easily be stored in your pocket, bag or purse as it simply looks like a travel size fragrance as any other so it’s discreet and convenient for use at any time, any where.

Check out the perfect choice in pheromone fragrance: Master & Mistress Pheromone Fragrances at a great price.

They come in two different types: one for males and one for females and are packaged in stylish sophisticated perfume type bottles that are designed in a Masquerade theme. You’re sure to love the Master & Mistress Pheromone Fragrances and even more once you see the results!

Magical Mistress & Mastress Pheromone Fragrances

New Things Are Coming To Romance Attack!

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3 Easy Oral Sex Tips To Becoming A Pro In Cunnilingus

For Pleasuring Men:

Become best friends with Throat Desensitizing Spray. Not everyone is a natural at deep throat and while that is not the only thing pleasurable to men in the area of cunnilingus, it is one of the more important techniques to master. That is not to say that you should suffocate yourself for the delight and pleasure of your man, but you should put some effort in this category. Desensitizing Spray is really quite helpful, especially if you have an insatiable gag reflex or dislike the sensation.

For Pleasuring Women:

The most important thing to remember is that women are not like men. Hard and fast does not equal orgasm for us. We need consistent stimulation that can be compared to how a story is built. First you have your events and they’re just kind of sub par leading up to the main event, then you have the CLIMAX which is what we’re all really after and then the denouement (conclusion) to the story. In this case, the denouement will mean her pulling your hair and breathing heavily if done correctly. If you really did a number on her, she will probably laugh. Don’t take it the wrong way; trust me, it’s a good thing. The most important thing for women is soft, smooth stimulation with increasing pressure over time and PLEASE do NOT over do it with the clitoral stimulation. Clitoral stimulation can be an incredible sensation for women when done correctly, but it needs to be subtle and not to hard or direct. Too much pressure or direct rubbing on the clitoris can be the exact opposite of stimulating. In fact, in some cases, it can be irritating and even painful. It is important to remember that slow, increased pressure over time, good use of 1-3 finger insertion ( depending on the woman maybe more) and simultaneously stimulating the clitoris indirectly and with soft motions. This is the best way to induce an orgasm for your female partner that she will NOT forget. The same principles can be used over and over with subtle variations and given your own creative spin depending on the woman and her tastes.

2. Utilize Your Mouth! Many people think that because they’re pleasuring their man that any old sporadic movements will do. This is simply NOT true. When acting out oral sex on your man, it is important to really use your mouth muscles, your lips and your tongue. Although I’m sure sporadic movement may still stimulate your partner, after a while, it may desensitize him to the movements if you are constantly doing the same motions or if you have no pattern or direction during oral sex. I really recommend you alternatively use your mouth to kiss, blow on, lubricate your man (especially fun with Flavored Lubricant!), or by moaning. Your lips can be used to kiss, tease and otherwise entice your lover by either fully kissing around the penis or by dragging your lips across his body which can cause tingling sensations, assist in arousal, and other stimulation. Do NOT underestimate your tongue muscles! Many people just let their tongue roll around while performing oral sex when it really makes quite the difference in stimulation effects. Use your tongue to help lubricate the penis, stimulate the head of the penis, the shaft, etc. All of these efforts combined are a sure fire way to warrant a deliciously loud orgasm out of your man. When they have trouble keeping quiet, you know you’re doing your job right!

3. Remember to Enjoy Yourself and Listen to Your Partner.  It is important to embrace these experiences while pleasing your partner. Enjoy yourself and take some smug satisfaction in the fact that you are causing immeasurable amounts of joy and stimulating pleasure sometimes (if you’re good enough) to the point of being overwhelming. Be PROUD!

If there are certain tastes your partner has, remember to keep an open mind and speak openly with your partner about their desires in terms of oral pleasure and sex overall. Listening to what your partner wants and needs in the bedroom will ultimately help you grow together sexually and in your relationship.

Here Are Some Great Pocket Guides for Oral Sex that You May Find Helpful!

Each of these small kits comes complete with a small guide of oral techniques to try. The “Oral Sex for Her” kit comes with wild cherry stimulating gel and the “Oral Sex for Him” comes with ID Mints for added pleasure sensations.

The act of cunnilingus is give and take, so remember to give and you shall receive!

Oral Sex is Not Your Thing? Please Your Woman with this Innovative Toy!

A 3 Series Toy That Enables Threesomes, DP & More; No Third Person Necessary!

The threesome is one of the most desired fantasies by many men and women alike yet, often times, many people do not want to complicate or sabotage their relationship by even admitting this to their partner let alone involving another person in their very private sex life. Many fear jealousy and other problems can ensue after one such experience and therefore never act out this much desired fantasy of theirs. With our 3 Fidelity Series Toys designed by USA based company TSX Toys, you and your partner are able to enact all of your threesome fantasies with just the two of you.

Finally a toy series that allows the user to act out even the most kinky fantasies such as double penetration and threesomes among others without ever having to involve a third person. Now you and your partner can enjoy the benefits and extra pleasure offered in these unique sexual experiences without the drama of having a third wheel to ruin your intimacy.

Fidelity G-Spot

First in the series is the Fidelity G-Spot Dildo. This toy is unique in a variety of ways. When worn properly, the toy acts as a threesome or double penetration enabler for the recipients while also serving as a cock ring for the wearer. The wearer simply slides their cock into the hole underneath the shaft of the dildo, and then, one at a time, pushes their balls through the cock ring at the base, and they’re locked in and ready for action! Guaranteed to send you both into waves of ecstasy and pleasure, the Fidelity G-Spot Dildo allows creative threesome and DP fantasies to become a reality in all the ways you and your lover can think up! Fidelity G-Spot Dildo is designed with a curve to reach your inner hot spots and comes equipped with a clitoral stimulator.

Fidelity Anal Fantasy #1

Second in the series is the Fidelity Anal Fantasy #1. This piece is designed opposite of the Fidelity G-Spot in that the piece is on the bottom for anal insertion and your member is now on top whereas the Fidelity G-Spot has you fitted on the bottom for anal insertion and the piece on top for vaginal pleasure. The wearer simply slides their cock into the hole over the bulbs of the plug, and then, one at a time, pushes their balls through the cock ring at the base, and they’re locked in and ready for action!Another piece in the series that enables threesome style DP action, this piece has added features only a quality designed toy could offer you. Designed to hit your anal rings, the Fidelity Anal Fantasy #1 is a step up for double penetration, especially anal play! This toy feels so incredible during use, you may begin to prefer it every single time!

Fidelity Anal Fantasy #2

Third and final piece in the series, the Fidelity Anal Fantasy #2 packs some extra width and length over the Fidelity Anal Fantasy #1 which makes this a piece especially designed for anal enthusiasts. This piece is designed opposite of the Fidelity G-Spot in that the piece is on the bottom for anal insertion and your member is now on top whereas the Fidelity G-Spot has you fitted on the bottom for anal insertion and the piece on top for vaginal pleasure. The wearer simply slides their cock into the hole over the bulbs of the plug, and then, one at a time, pushes their balls through the cock ring at the base, and they’re locked in and ready for action! This last piece in the 3 Toy Fidelity Series takes anal play to a more intense level of pleasure, hitting the anal rings with a thicker, longer piece causing more intensely felt sensations with each thrust. Be sure you’re ready for it!

After choosing the right piece (or pieces) for your specific sexual needs, you will find out what a pleasurable experience the pieces in the Fidelity Series really are. Such intense ecstasy can be yours without ever having to expose yourself to the awkwardness of a third party.

You’ve been warned!
You might find you enjoy these toys so much, you’ll never use anything else!

We Support Safe Sex!

5 Essential Ways To Spend Your Romantic Weekend Getaway or Weekend Spent In

Are you planning a romantic getaway with your lover? Would you like to? If so, there are a few essentials you may want to consider taking with you on your romantic weekend or trip to set the mood, enhance the experience and add some much needed excitement to your days spent in sexual bliss. These items are perfect for that getaway you’ve been planning, wanting to plan (Now you can!) or a simple romantic weekend spent in. With these 5 great ideas, you can turn your weekend of predictability into a more exciting and spontaneous experience filled with new sensations and erotic challenges everyone will enjoy!

1. Games: Pick a game that suits your interests and your plans. If you plan on going somewhere, you may prefer a smaller game that has better portable such as the Light Up Love Dice Game or the Dirty Dice Game. The Dirty Dice Game is a simple yet effective game that adds some fresh spontaneity to lovemaking. Light Up Love Dice Game makes the same possible with the added light up effects so romping around in the dark during game play is possible! If dice games are not your thing or you prefer a more tradition board game, then Intimate Commands: The Love Game may just be the game for you. The goal of the game is to give and receive sensual feelings and sensations in an exciting way turn by turn.

2. Love Oils: Love oils are a great addition to your weekend away or your weekend in because they make massage more sensual, fun and deliciously enjoyable for all involved parties. Massage is a great way to get in touch with your partner and their needs as well as a great excuse to touch them wherever your hands may lead you! Some good massage oil options are any of the Emotion Lotions, which come in 4 equally delicious flavors. The lotion is warming so when you rub it on, it gets warm; blow on it, it gets hot! If you prefer a more natural approach to massage, any of the Practically Magical Oils would be perfect and come in a large variety of natural scents. They can also be added to your bath for a complete aromatherapy experience before the massage or as an after bath oil.

3. Candles & Incense: Candles & Incense are great tools to set the mood of your weekend and is sure to get your partner in the right state of mind. A great choice to loosen the inhibitions is the Champagne Lights Candle with Pheromones. A wax beads jar candle that will burn from 10-12 hours, it is the perfect companion for a massage or bath. With added pheromones and a delicious Vanilla scent, your attraction to one another will be intense and instant. Incense might also be another way to set the mood: Auro Shikha Incense made of all natural ingredients promises a unique experience that will enliven your senses.

4. Bubbles: Enjoy a nice hot and relaxing bubble bath! Lie back and close your eyes as your partner washes every inch of your body or have them join you. Bubbles of Love is a great addition to your bath, especially if you enjoy bubbles and suds covering your birthday suit! Comes in a 24 Oz. bottle that will surely last you the whole weekend. Another great choice is the Practically Magical Oil, which doubles as a bath treatment or massage oil.

5. Books & Other Erotica: Whether you want some informative literature or steamy bedtime stories, we have plenty of great book choices. You may want to spend your weekend naked beneath the sheets with your lover reading some eye-widening erotica otherwise a good informative book on the best sexual positions and techniques is also a great option. For erotica, I recommend Penthouse:Between the Sheets as it has 36 different short stories to turn up the heat between you and your lover. Otherwise, my favorite informative book is The Art of Tantric Sex as it proves to be an enlightening spiritual experience as well as sexually freeing and intensely erotic for hours.

We Support Safe Sex!

Remember to Pack the Condoms!

Protection is important. Remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms every time. The Trojan Shared Pleasure 12 Pack is an awesome choice for you weekend and large enough to last the entire weekend and spare you awkward trips to the store! These are warming for added stimulation.

Burn Max Calories This Weekend! Find Out How Here!

Read About Ancient Sex Methods Here!

A Traditional Vibrator With A Modern Twist: Perfect for Your Wild Weekend!

Do you prefer traditional vibes to silicone or extensively designed pieces? If so, you may want to check out the G Spot Vibe: a traditional hard multispeed vibrator with a twist!

This cute hand vibrator comes with a turn dial that helps you change the speed and intensity of the vibrations during use and is designed to hit your hot spots. Named obviously for it’s uses, this G Spot Vibe does just what is says: hits your G spot during use and the vibrations, depending on its setting, can make using this vibe an intensely delicious experience! This G Spot Vibe has a smooth texture making the use of this vibrator an easy and undoubtedly, heavenly experience!

Be sure to accompany your G Spot Vibe experience with a great lubricant. We have several fun choices available in the lubricants section, but the Wet Synergy Cooling Lubricant is my favorite choice.

This cooling tingly lubricant increases sensitivity and provides shiver-worthy cooling effects when applied. Not only that, but it’s one of the first of its kind: a Hybrid lubricant that is made with both silicon and water that creates a silky layer of lubrication during use. This hybrid lubrication has the long lasting lubrication effects of a silicone lubricant coupled with water which makes this lubricant eligible for toy use. Finally a lubricant that does it all: full, long lasting lubrication, non-greasy silky consistency and safe for use on toys and anywhere else you wish!

We Support Safe Sex!

Please protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms during sexual intercourse and other sexual acts.

We have plenty of great condom options, but the mood I’m in today, I choose this one! Happy Friday; Try not to go TOO wild this weekend!

The Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condoms have a flared, tapered tip that offers added space and comfort to the male user of these condoms and added stimulation for the recipient. Lubricated for extra easy smooth insertion.

Enjoy !

Another Twisted Toy To Try!

Sweeten 69:Guaranteed to Make ‘Down There’ Taste Delicious!!

You’ll Want This Makeup Brush for More than Just Blush Application!

Maybe you have children. Maybe you’re subconscious about using sex toys or about people knowing you have them. (Even though we know they own them too!) Maybe you just like your privacy and want to keep it that way.

Whatever the case is, all of that is possible with the Incognito Tickling Blush Brush! A completely under wraps style vibrator that has multispeed functions AND can be left out with the rest of your makeup brushes, the Incognito Tickling Blush Brush is the perfect gift for you or anyone else you know who wants to keep their sex life a secret.

It’s understandable if you want to, especially when you have children or conservative friends and family or are conservative yourself. This clever little secret vibe is the perfect pleasure device for you as it can go undetected even when left out!

Not only that, but it can also be used as an actual makeup brush as well if you wish.

The Incognito Tickling Blush Brush also comes with a small jar of Sugar Free Berry Edible Body Powder which you can dust lightly on to your lover’s body with the vibe function on, then lick it all off!

Measures 8 inches in length and comes in a cute pink color for added feminine touches.

Try one today; your secret’s safe with us!

Other good items to purchase with the Incognito Tickling Blush Brush are flavored body powders.

I like the Exotic Lover’s Dust as it’s affordable and comes with a cute, romantic feather duster.

Comes in Chocolate Cherries & Strawberry flavor.

You can also pair your Incognito vibrator with a deliciously flavored smooth massage oil or lotion.

My favorite is the Lover’s Cocktail, which comes in a 5.4 Oz. Plastic Cocktail Glass like tube.

They have a variety of flavors, but I like Cupid’s Cosmo best.

Other flavors are Espresso, French Kiss & Purple Passion

We Support Safe Sex!

Remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms.

La Sensuous Sheath Kandie Condoms

Although this is not a real condom, I do think this delicious edible would go well with all of the previously listed goodies.

It’s especially great for forplay action!!


These will NOT protect you from STD’s or HIV.

Please be responsible and use certifiable condoms.

Finally Reclaiming Your Virginity Is Possible!

Those of us who have lost our virginity already sometimes wish we could travel back to the days when we were sweet little innocent, tight girls. Although growing up and experiencing life is necessary and, some would say, inevitable. It doesn’t stop us from wishing especially if we’re part of the group of women who are older or have had one or several children.

Finally after centuries of having no solution to this constant issue and after years of self- confidence anxiety, there is finally an answer!

I am so excited to share the Snuggels Shrink Cream with you all. Really, it is a miracle in a tube. All you do is rub it onto the vaginal area as dictated by the directions, wait 5 minutes and have your fun! Within 5 minutes, the effects will begin to take place, tightening your vaginal area and increasing sensitivity. With this Snuggels Shrink Cream, sex can be much more enjoyable for both parties and especially more intense for you!

Snuggels Shrink Cream also works as a lubricant which ensures easy insertion; no pain and no dry spells will interrupt your time ever again!

Not only that, but this shrink cream comes in two delicious flavors: Strawberry & Spearmint. So whether you and your man (or woman!) enjoy a refreshing minty flavor or prefer fruit flavored lubricants, both are awaiting you.

Comes in a Convenient 2 Oz. Tube

If you have persistent dry spells or have trouble with lubrication in your lady parts, feel free to check out our Lubricants section for a good variety of lotions, oils, etc..

I prefer these 3:

Romance Attack Love Lube 4 Oz.

Available in Neutral, Watermelon, Strawberry, & Cherry
(Click the photo to see more product details or to purchase)

Pink Lady’s Lubricant 1.7 Oz.

This great lubricant is a non-dying formula that is both silicone free and glycerin free
(click on the photo to see more product details or to purchase)

PurEcstasy Stimulating Gel 1 Oz.

Available in Cherry, Grape & Strawberry
Increases sensitivity and intensifies sexual experiences.
(Click photo to see more product details or to purchase)

Enjoy reclaiming your virginity with all that you need to complete the experience.

It’s the perfect solution and you don’t even have to visit the Pope!

We Support Safe Sex!

Be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones during any and all of your erotic sessions!

I like these O’My Blow Flavored Condoms.

They offer a delicious taste, scent, protection barrier and no latex after taste. This makes them perfect for oral pleasure during intercourse!

Good luck!

The Hairbrush Plus: It’s Not What You Think!

The Hairbrush Plus is more than a simple round bristle hairbrush. This little secret is perfect for conservative women who like to keep their intimacy private, especially if you have children. Many women think that owning erotic toys is impossible when you have children without dead bolting them into a tool box that you hide in some shameful corner or simply not owning them at all until the kids are grown and gone because the prospect of them finding your pleasure goodies is something no one wants to even consider. With the Hairbrush Plus, owning an erotic toy is finally possible even when you have little ones, and you don’t even have to hide it! This is a cute practical vibrator disguised as a hairbrush that you can store in your bathroom drawer along with your other combs and brushes or leave out on the counter if you wish; no one will be the wiser! The Hairbrush Plus comes with a FREE attachment that you can use if you so wish and if not, the vibrator works great alone as well. The Hairbrush Plus can be used as is like any other normal hairbrush, as extra stimulant during sexual intercourse, as a typical muscle massager or reserved especially for your alone time. The Hairbrush Plus may be discreet, but this vibe still has strong vibrations that will lead you into ecstatic pleasure for as long as you wish.

To use, remove the hair brush head attachment, grasp the handle and unscrew the brush head counterclockwise. This will expose the massaging tip for massage, and thread it clockwise to reattach the brush head to the handle. Be sure to make it a snug fit when reattaching the brush head so it will not come loose and reveal your secret! This ultra discreet vibe comes with a storage compartment as well. To open the storage compartment, apply light pressure with your index finger and you middle finger flat on the end cap, horizontal with the cap. Depress lightly and turn the cap counterclockwise until it stops. As you lift your fingers, the cap will pop out. Reverse this operation to put the cap back in place.

Cleaning this device should be done with either a gentle antibacterial soap or a high quality toy cleaner. I like these! They are great for travel and easily disposed of.

We support safe sex!

Be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones during any and all of your erotic sessions!

I like these condoms as they are durable, discreet and they look cute floating around in my purse!