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Furry Fetish Fandom & Yiff

So, what is furry anyway?

Beginning in the 80’s with sci-fi fans who began to dress up to express the importance of their favorite characters in movies and books (think Chubacca, Ewoks & Disney characters), furry fandom is an extremely diverse subculture of people.

And there are more of them than you would think.

Typically, most furries can be described as those with a fascination and/or admiration for animals and a type of art involving and depicting anthropomorphic animals. Some like to dress up as animals and take on what they call “fursonas” complete with corresponding name and primal personality that is aligned with the type of animal they have chosen to dress up as. They dress up for fun and also to attend furry conventions with other fans. In fact, commitment is definitely needed for this subculture given that costume prices begin at $2,300 and up. The more extreme fans engage in sexual acts dressed in their particular costumes. This facet of the furry subculture is referred to as “yiff.” Furries say that if someone is yelling “yiff,” “yerf,” or “yipp” then they are interested.

Although many may find this subculture to be few in numbers, they may be surprised to find that the numbers interested in this trend are not so small after all. Gaining popularity due to Disney films and science fiction literature and video games, furry fandom thrives more now than ever.

What do you think of the Furry Fandom craze?

Are you a Furry Fan yourself?

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