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9 Reasons to Have Sex Right Now!

  1. Sex is the Ultimate Anti-Aging Solution. Studies show that people who engaged in sex 55-116 times a year looked up to a year to 2 years younger. Some people who were engaging in sex at a healthy frequency were reported to look up to 8 years younger.
  2. Sex Doubles your Life Expectancy. Those in studies who recounted having more frequent orgasms had double the life expectancy than those who experienced sex less frequently.
  3. Sex Burns Calories. That’s right. For every 30 minutes of sexual activity, you burn approximately 200 calories. More calories are burned if you and your partner are trying especially difficult sex positions!
  4. Sex Boosts your Immunity. Sex helps to saturate your blood with immunoglobulin A, an antibody that boosts your immunity by protecting your body from infections.
  5. Sex Feels Great & Boosts your Mood! Of course we all know sex feels great and with good reason! Sex releases endorphins which help make us feel good and more content in life. Evidence also shows that semen acts as a natural antidepressant.
  6. Sex Relieves Stress & Pain. Sex sends out lots of feel good chemicals into the body during sex which, of course, relieves stress and can even be a natural pain killer. Sex can aid you in pains from menstrual cramps, muscle soreness, and even headaches.
  7. Sex Gives your Body a Healthy Boost. Aside from the emotional benefits, sex also assists in tissue repair such as wound healing and improves cognitive functions while promoting healthy bone growth.
  8. Sex Makes you Glow. Sex promotes collagen production which helps to keep your skin looking firm and supple while giving it a nice healthy glow. Sex also offers the benefits of shiny hair and strong nails.
  9. Lower your Risk for Disease. Your risk of heart disease and hypertension are lowered with sex by improved blood flow to your organs, the dilation of blood vessels  lowers blood pressure, and of course the overall stress relief.

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