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3 Steps to Spring Clean Your Sex Routine


Spring is a time we often associate with spring cleaning, renewal of our wardrobes, and a deep clean of our homes, but you can definitely do the same for your sex routine and you absolutely should!

Here Are Some Tips to Get You Started:

Get Your Annual Check Up. It might not top your to-do list, but you should definitely get your annual pap-smear and/or physical just to make sure everything in your nether regions is working properly and functioning without any issues. Also, if you are often switching up your partners, getting checked for STD’s is a definite must to ensure the safety and protection of yourself and others.

Throw Out Old Lubes, Pills & Toys. Lubricant, massage oils, and sex toys can get old, tired and expired so it’s important to throw out the old ones and pick up some replacements. Lubricants and massage oils are only meant to last about a year or so and expired ones can harbor bacteria and other nasties and they won’t work as well as new ones. Sexual enhancement pills can expire in about a year’s time and begin to degrade so their effectiveness and potency is severely lessened. It’s unlikely to harm you much as many of the ingredients are often made of all natural herbal compounds, they will be a lot less effective than fresh supplements. The upside is you can finally try some of the newer formulas! Although sex toys don’t really expire, they do get a bit tired looking, the material a bit worn so definitely toss them out and pick up some new designs for yourself!

Buy New Ones! Picking up new things is one of the best parts about Spring time, in my opinion, so definitely pick up some new toys as well as lotions and pills! This is not only a great time to try new things, but also a great way to freshen up your sex life overall so don’t be afraid to try new things! Check out our selection of Sexy SupplementsCrazy Fetish Toys and these Awesome Penis Extensions to give you some fun ideas! You can get them at 10% Off if you order this weekend! Find out how – here!

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