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Furry Fetish, Yiff & 3 Awesome Yiff Toys You Need to Try Out Right Now!

[11″ Puppy Tail]

In recent years, the furry fetish niche has been gaining tons of popularity. With the widespread following of Japanese anime and cosplay, it was only a matter of time before this became more and more mainstream. If you’re not familiar with what furry is, it describes a group of people who enjoy role playing as various animals. Many of them cosplay, or dress up as their favorite characters or animals, and there are tons of gatherings where they meet up in costume and in character of their chosen animal. Yiff is the idea of furry only including sexual acts and fantasy. To learn more about yiff and furry, you can check out a post I did here.

If you, yourself, are into yiff, then I have some awesome furry inspired toy picks for you to try out from our line that are right up your alley!

Here Are My Top 3 Favorite Furry Yiff Toys!


[The Wolfman Extension Animal Canine Dildo]


[Mr. Ed Pony Extension]


[The Clifford Dog Dong]

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