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3 Tips to Get Yourself & Your Partner Excited For A Naughty Weekend!


I hope you’ve all had an awesome week and that you’re looking toward a super sexy and naughtily fulfilling weekend!

If you’re unsure how to get to Naughty Town, Read on… 😉

  • Sexy Time Keeps You Healthy! If you or your partner aren’t feeling up to much naughty fun, try it out anyway! Studies show that sex improves cardiovascular health, fights depression, and even boosts your immunity. Check out this post to see more health benefits to doing the deed!
  • Boost Your Libido. If you or your partner are not feeling in the mood, your libido could be low. Don’t worry, though; there are TONS of ways to boost it back up again. Check out Ways to Amp Up Your Libido for tips on foods to eat, things to try and more to get your libido back in shape!
  • Naughty Fun Leads to Discovering New & Exciting Places! Sex can be tons of fun, especially if you’re trying something new with your partner. It doesn’t have to be a new toy (unless you want it to be!) – there are loads of other ways to make sex new and fun again. Try having sex in exotic places, for instance, to make things a bit more exciting! There’s always a place for everyone and even if you prefer to keep things close to home, sex in the house, but outside the bedroom can be great fun!

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