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How to Lose Weight By Having A Sex Workout Regimen!


With the new year, everyone wants to get in shape for upcoming summer and, personally, I’d like to make that as painless and seamless as possible. For this reason, I thought it would be brilliant to give you guys some fun tips on how you could burn calories while doing the deed that way you can maximize your calorie burn (if you have a separate workout routine) or otherwise use the tips to formulate a sexy workout plan all your own.

  • Kissing Counts ♥ Depending on how intensely you’re kissing, you could burn anywhere from 90-120 calories an hour! Kissing can add onto the overall calorie burn of sex, make it more intense, and allow you and your partner(s) to experience more pleasurable and intense orgasms.
  • Have Enthusiasm! Of course, most people having sex are enthusiastic, but if you feel tired, that extra calorie burn might encourage you to put your full effort forward!
  • More Foreplay Fun. Some people skip out on foreplay and want to get to the main event rather than spending time pleasuring one another, but I implore you all to see reason and, if not reason, then see the benefits of endurance training! And, it’s always important to think of pleasuring your partner(s), if not for calorie burn, then to bring them enjoyment and orgasmic fulfillment.
  • Try New Positions. New positions, namely the more awkward and difficult ones, burn the most calories. Up against the wall, the wheelbarrow, and others which force you to keep yourself upright strengthen the core, tone arms and legs, and of course, feel great too! For exactly how many calories you’re burning and which burn the most calories, check here and here.
  • Be Consistent. Like any workout, for it to have an effect on your body and weight loss goals overall, you need to do it often! Now you don’t need an excuse to get down 😉

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