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Brand Spotlight: American Made Tsx Toys


You may not know, but most of the sex toys on the market today are manufactured in China. Because of this, many toys are able to be sold at low prices, but what you may not know (or maybe you do) is that these toys are also poor quality, may not be safely regulated for quality and safety assurance, and may not be made with the same care and artistry that goes into the American made Tsx Toys brand that we carry in our shop. A lot of brands on the market today might claim to be made in America, but what they really mean is made in China, assembled in America, and distributed everywhere. These brands are not necessarily bad, but their marketing can be really misleading to consumers.

One big reason we carry a lot of Tsx Toys is because they truly are designed, created, and manufactured here in the United States. They’re an American made company through and through, supporting the economy and supplying jobs to other Americans. When you buy products from companies that manufacture in China or elsewhere, you’re essentially taking money out of our economy’s pocket and putting it in someone else’s. When you purchase from American companies, that money will help to build the economy back up, fuel jobs for Americans, and come full circle in supporting the people.


You might think that Tsx Toys has only fetish and niche toys because that is mainly what they are known for, but they also have an extensive line of more classic dildos, small plugs, vibrating dildos, and toys for women and couples as well as the more kinky designs, of course!

So, the next time you’re thinking of buying a sex toy from China or a Tsx Toy from our shop, you may want to choose the latter and support an awesome high quality product that not only supports your safe {& naughty} sex life, but also supports your country, your economy, and maybe even your neighbor ;-)

You can learn more about Tsx Toys as a company, their history, and their high product standards on their website

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