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3 Naughty Sex Positions to Try this Valentine’s Day!


What better time to try a new sex position (or 3) than Valentine’s Day, I always say!

The Spoon. This is done in the typical “spooning” position where you slide into your partner from behind (or vice versa). This can create a totally different sensation to typical intercourse. For added kink, have the spoonee (as opposed to the spooner 😉 ) spread their legs open as wide as they can with their legs wrapping around the spooner’s body (as is comfortable; this may take some flexibility!). For a more tantric style, keep the traditional spooning position and go as slow as you can.

Heart to Heart. This position is basically a fun version of “Woman on Top.” For added kink, do it backwards AKA reverse cowgirl otherwise, for a more tantric feel, rock slowly into one another with your arms wrapped around one another. If you want to avoid reverse cowgirl, you can add some intensity to the basic “woman on top” position by also having your partner on bottom bend their knees to slightly lift you; this will tilt your pelvis slightly downward for a unique sensation as well. Again, do what’s comfortable for you both!

Swept Off My Feet! This is a more advanced position, but if your partner (or you) has the strength to lift you up for an extended period of time, this could be really enjoyable! Basically, they (or you) lift you off the ground and you wrap your legs around their waist. For a more tantric style, go very very slow and make eye contact. For a kinkier style, do the position against a wall.

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