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How to Convince Your Partner to Try New Things In Bed!


Trying new things in bed sounds easy enough, but what happens when one partner isn’t up for new adventures?

Since we know some of you out there may have this issue in your relationships, we’ve put our heads together to figure out the best ways to help persuade your partner(s) to try new and exciting things in bed!

  • Be Nice About It. Nagging your partner or getting angry that they don’t want to do what you want will only make things worse so, instead, try a little kindness on for size and ask them nicely. Let them know it’s important to you to explore together and that it’s something you want, but think they will enjoy as well.
  • Reassure Them of Your Mutual Trust, Respect, & Acceptance. Sometimes when people don’t want to try new things with you, it’s simply because they’re afraid. Of course this is a natural response, but if you reassure them of your mutual trust, respect and acceptance for one another, they may be more open to trying new things with you once they realize they’re not alone and they’re in a safe environment.
  • Establish Boundaries. Once you have them opening up to the idea of trying new things together, establish what you both are willing to do/try. Sometimes, there are some people who just are not into anal sex; this doesn’t mean they’re not into other things, but obviously establishing boundaries will help move the exploration forward in a positive way.
  • Get Them Excited About It! After you have them nearly convinced, get them excited to try new things with you in bed! You can look up things to try together online, talk it over and even shop online for some new toys, lubricants, and more!

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