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3 Kinky Ideas for Spring


Since it’s finally spring and we’re nearing to summer, I thought it would be fun to come up with some naughty ideas to try this season as it’s getting warmer out and some kinky ideas are always more fun outdoors, amirite?

  1. Have An Outdoor “Picnic.” This involves taking lunch outside, possibly dessert only for kink purposes, and having a steamy romp outside on a nice cool summer day. Obviously, you’ll want it to be somewhere private (perhaps your backyard or whilst camping?), but this has tons of potential for naughty summer fun!
  2. Have A Little Water Fun! Whether it’s a steamy shower, a nighttime skinny dip, or a heated jacuzzi romp, this has so much promise! Water makes everything better when it comes to naughtiness, though keep in mind that you want to have water on hand if you plan to be in the jacuzzi for awhile as it can cause dehydration and lubricant as heat and water both dry up your natural lubrication much faster than cold water.
  3. Nighttime Outdoor Sex. Again, try to find somewhere discreet and private (unless you’re into the public fantasy I suppose!), but this time it’s at night. Cool night air that feels good in a wooded area and you’ll be a nymph-o for sure 😉

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