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3 ways to amp up the kink in your relationship

Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean that you don’t get to! Cold weather can slow you down, and make you just want to hibernate, but this year we want to bring the heat. Its always best to exercise, and eat well, but the best way to keep warm is with some good bedroom sexperimentation, which is why we came up with a few simple ideas for you to ramp up the kink for you and your partner.
  1. Try Something New. Whether it’s anal, a little fetish or BDSM, a new sex position, or even just trying a naughty new sex toy, trying something new in the bedroom can be a breath of much-needed fresh air for your intimate life so don’t be afraid to get a little extreme if you feel the need! Yiff roleplaymedical fetish toys, or just sizing up your anal toys can make a big difference in your overall sexual satisfaction.
  2. Renew Enthusiasm For the Classics. If you’re opposed to trying anything new, maybe you just need a little more enthusiasm in your life! Get excited about pleasing your partner, even if the task seems unexciting. Sex is as much a mental activity as a physical one, so get your mind into it. Who knows? Reliving classic fantasies can open the doors to brand new ones!
  3. Get Active Together. This might sound like an odd tip but working out together is a very rewarding habit (and not just in the sexy time department) It will bring you and your lover closer together, and increase your libido.

Stay Naughty, My Friends ;-P

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