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How to Get Laid on Christmas!


Getting laid on Christmas might not seem that hard, but do you really want to leave something sexual up to chance? That’s what I thought 😉 So, try these helpful tips to make hitting the sheets a certainty!

  • Get Steamy. Get hot and sweaty with your partner as this will not only help you both get more fit and strengthen your bond to one another, it also helps increase your sex drive and releases pheromones that will make your partner want to jump your bones the moment you get home! Whether you hit the gym or go for a quick morning walk, any kind of physical activity helps.
  • Laugh It Up. Laughing releases endorphins and can help relieve stress. It also helps you bond with your partner, makes your more affectionate, and improves fondness for one another. Try some fun trivia or enjoy some stand-up comedy together!
  • Fill Up On Aphrodisiacs. You might be tempted to indulge in sweets and turkey this holiday and it doesn’t hurt to enjoy the finer things in life, but try to add in some libido boosting foods as well like oysters, chocolate, vegetables, and red meat! All of these help improve sex drive and libido.
  • Dance the Night Away. Dancing improves bonding and requires physical closeness which can remind your partner of their attraction to you. If you want to end the night with a midnight romp, make sure you hit the dance floor, even if it’s just a simple slow dance in the living room after everyone else has gone to bed 😉

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and have a wonderful holiday!

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