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Kinky Sex Toys for Halloween!

Kinky Sex Toys for Halloween!

Halloween is coming! It’s the perfect time to indulge in your darker, more deviant side and we know just the toys to help you get there. Enjoy any of these this month and get up to 20% Off your order!

Ream and Scream Butt Plug

Rise and grind with the Ream and Scream! This intensely wide plug is perfect for anal stretching play. The Ream and Scream Butt Plug has a round, tapered, and flared head for a satisfying pop when inserted. The shaft expands down to the base with a massive suction cup for uninterrupted and intense delight!


Wolfman Dildo

Let your inner desires run wild with the Wolfman Dildo! Inspired by a real wolf penis, the Wolfman Dildo has a tapered shaft, complete with textured wolf fur at the base, and a suction cup for hours of animalistic kink!

Skeleton Penis Extender

The Skeleton Penis Extender is a fan favorite! The entire shaft is has soft, textured skeleton bones down the entire shaft for intense stimulation during use. The rounded head ensures comfortable insertion and kinky fun for hours and hours on All Hallow’s Eve!

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