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adult halloween games

Kinky Halloween Games to Play!


Halloween is coming and there are some naughty Halloween games you can enjoy with your partner this Hallow’s Eve that we’ve come up with. These are so much fun, really easy to customize to your sexual tastes, and require little to no prep time!

Kinky Halloween Games to Play!

  • Naughty Blind Man’s Bluff – Blindfold your partner and have your way with them! Use dildos,butt plugs, feathers, whips, and various lubricants and creams to invoke pleasure (or titillating pain, if you’re up for it!).
  • 7 Minutes In Heaven – This is a game for groups and I’m sure you’ve heard of it from your teen years, but our version is a whole lot naughtier! All you need is a bottle and a lot of imagination. A group sits in a circle around a bottle. You spin the bottle and then select 2 people from the group (depending on where the open end lands) who go into the nearest closet. They then get 7 minutes to do whatever their heart’s desire! Whether that’s a quick kiss or something more devious is up to you and your group!
  • Sexy Scavenger Hunt – Take turns hiding away your favorite sex toys, lubricants, bondage gear, chocolate (or chocolate covered strawberries), ice, whips, etc. around the house. Then, go on a hunt to look for them together and enjoy 😉
  • The “Abstinence” Game – Taunt one another aggressively with sexual gestures to see who gives in to the urge first! Whoever lasts out the longest wins – or do they? 😉
  • Naughty Game of Trick or Treat – Who says trick or treating is just for kids? This gives Halloween fun a naughty new way to play! The full instructions can be found here.

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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