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adult novelties for women

ATTENTION LOCAL SWINGERS! Tryst Parties & Party Obsessions Meet N Greets @ Romance Attack Riverside!!

If you are unfamiliar with Tryst Parties or Party Obsessions, both organizations have online sites and hold meet and greets for local swingers in the California (mostly Socal) area. These very cool and interesting community organizations bring like-minded swingers together for meet and greets, drinks and lots of mingling weekly, monthly and more. Holding meet and greets all over including clubs and homes, participants are able to meet new and exciting people for uninhibited fun and good times. They have gained such popularity that they hold events all over the California area. Romance Attack Riverside (CA) is excited to announce they will now be hosting monthly Meet-N-Greets for both Tryst Parties and Party Obsessions at the Riverside Store and will be offering great deals to participants of the Meet-N-Greet. Available during these Meet-N-Greets is STRICTLY adults only mingling, shopping and probably non-alcoholic refreshments and goodies. All other X-Rated fun may happen later (Rawr!), but please not on the store site. These Meet-N-Greets will feature fun, interactive people who can shop with exclusive deals at the Romance Attack Riverside store while they enjoy snacks and drinks and meet sexy new swingers within their local area. If you would like to participate in the Meet-N-Greet, please visit either Tryst Parties’ website or the Party Obsessions website for sign up details.

We’ll see you there! 😉

The Auto Erotica 3-In-1: The Ultimate Orgasm Toy for Women

The Auto Erotica 3-In-1 is one of the many master pieces of art created by the custom toy company TSX Toys. In 2000, the creative team at TSX decided to create a unique toy that delivered all the pleasure possible to women in one hand held toy. This was due to the fact that few toys at the time were really made specifically for a woman’s sexual needs and the fact that the CFO of TSX Toys is also a woman. Although it may look intimidating, this toy was designed based upon research done by women and statistics drawn from survey results taken by women when asked what they desired during intercourse and other sexual acts. This toy embodies their wants, needs and desires, and of course they put their own creative spin on the item given their expertise of over 20 years experience in the adult manufacturing business. Following the piece (as pictured above) from left to right, the most left part of the toy is meant to stimulate the clitoris, the middle part encompassing the bullet vibe is meant to be inserted vaginally and the most right hand part is meant to be anally inserted as desired by the user. The base of the piece itself is curved because as the CFO herself tells me, “This piece is aerodynamically designed to be held in the palm of a woman’s hand and rocked into her body, either alone or with a partner.” So, the curved base actually enables the user to reach climax through the 3 points of stimulation (clitoral, vaginal & anal) as well as by stimulating the G-spot and TSX has so graciously added a bullet vibe for added vibration sensations. This toy is INCREDIBLE! You will experience orgasms over and over unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. When I say orgasm, I mean the kind of climax that makes your toes curl under, your breath short and raspy and your ab muscles contract. Trust me, I’ve tried it. That being said, check this amazing toy out. You’ll be so (Orgasmically!) happy you did!
Available in over 20 unique colors.

For more information on TSX Toys, Check out their site here or follow them on Twitter for consumer giveaways and news updates by clicking the Twitter icon.