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adventurous sex

Top 6 Exotic Places To Have Sex

Although we’re in the midst of winter, spring will soon be approaching and, with it, the inevitable desire to travel and experience new places and sights. In the midst of my lust for travel and, of course, a lengthy vacation, I thought of 6 of the most exotic places to have sex, some more public than others and some just for the exhilarating experience of it, whether in public or not. Some of which I have experienced myself and some of which I fantasize about on a daily basis, here are my top 6 exotic places to have sex:

  • Airplane Lavatory: A Timeless Classic that undoubtedly stole many hearts, at least for a few hours anyway. Getting down in an airplane lavatory can be quite the rush, albeit a little dangerous as getting caught might have some unpleasant consequences, but the upside is it burns 100 calories!

  • Hot Springs or Sauna: Although you might have to wait to experience this one until you visit Japan or China or possibly Palm Springs, sex in a hot spring offers some delicious exoticism to the conventional hot tub, jacuzzi or shower options. Enjoy nature and a spa-like atmosphere while swooning in ecstasy. I can’t imagine anything better really that involves both an orgasm AND a facial. Plus, with the combination of heat and exercise, you’ll be burning max calories during the heat of the moment quite literally. For the sauna option, you will literally be deprived of oxygen due to the heat so every sensation is magnified. I recommend bringing water and not spending more than 30 minutes in the sauna at a time. Be careful as heat exhaustion and dehydration are risks. The upside is calorie burning and water weight will pour off of you literally and figuratively.

  • Underwater Adventure: This one has two varying options. Either sex underwater in scuba gear or in an underwater cave OR the easier much more attainable sex on a submarine or sailboat. Of the former, hey, a girl can dream big can’t she?

  • Behind a Waterfall: Getting in touch with mother nature is exhilarating anyway, but getting frisky behind a waterfall definitely makes things a little more edgy. Imagine the sound of pounding water on the rocks and the calm ambient lighting. The sheet of water will offer some privacy. Remember to be sure there’s enough flat surface to stand and move around on so no one gets hurt during your thrusts of passion.

  • Caribbean Beaches: This one does not require that you be on a Caribbean island; you could be in the Bahamas or any very blue island as long as it’s on a white sand beach near clear blue water. This is a more magical version of sex on the beach, i.m.o. (in my opinion), and will offer a more lasting memory. Plus you can swim after having your fun!

  • In the Woods During the Rain: If you’re a lover of the outdoors and enjoy camping often, this might be the experience for you. During a light rain or perhaps a storm if you’re experienced enough to handle that kind of weather, venture out a bit into the woods (not far so you can find your way back to your camp!) during the early evening (4-7PM) with your lover and find a nice spot with either a towel, blanket or nothing if the spot is clear enough and you don’t mind a little dirt and enjoy the rain with a little passionate intimacy!

If none of these locations appeal to you as a possible place to experience your next heated romp, then find one that does or, if you’re all about privacy, find a way to make your own comfortable location different than the usual in order to spice up your sex life and make things more interesting. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and have a good time!

Good Luck!

5 Crazy Sex Toys You Should Try!!!

I’m always willing to try new things and, because of that, I am constantly on the hunt for toys that really deliver the most incredible sensations during use. If it doesn’t feel great or is somewhat boring to me, why bother? So, after looking through all of the fantastic toys I have tried and love, I decided to pick 5 of the craziest toys that I never thought I would like, but ended up loving.


  • Thick Ur Dick Girth Expander: I used this toy with my boyfriend, thinking I would hate the feeling, but I ended up enjoying this and making it a monthly fun addition to our naughty fun! This girth expander really does feel incredible; the texture is amazing, the width is filling during use and definitely induces an orgasm for me every time, several times over. The loop at the end fits over the penis like a cock ring, but with an extension attached. My boyfriend said it made things a lot more intense for him. Other fun girth expanders & extensions are the Frenchy Penis Extension and the Rumpa Bump Bump Extension.

  • Fidelity G-Spot Fantasy: I absolutely LOVE this toy! If you frequent this blog, you know how much I rave about the Fidelity Fantasy Series. This toy series is truly an innovation in sex toys and an incredible advance for women like me who want to experience a threesome without dealing with the third person. I am not a swinger (much), but I still would like to experience the threesome, double penetration sensations and this toy facilitates that! I cannot tell you enough how much I love this toy. Try it, you’ll love it and never look back. If you love it like me, try also the Fidelity Anal Fantasy #1 & the Fidelity Anal Fantasy #2.

  • The Inca Inspired Incubus Dildo: This is simply my favorite personal toy. Inspired by Incan and Aztec cultures, this toy may seem pretty big, but it’s actually only around 7 inches insertable. I love the detail on this toy and how it’s really artistic and creative. Aside from that, the detail on this toy makes for WOW-worthy sensations during use of this toy. Just thick enough, this toy is soft and supple to the touch and has a powerful base that will stay put while I have my way ;). Other artistic toys include the fun I-Cock & the Sun Man.

  • Foreskin Fucking Good: This toy is the least intimidating toy, which makes it nice for daily or weekly use. It’s shaft texture feel incredible while you ride it and since there’s a convenient suction on the base, it won’t move an inch during all the fun and moaning, which is just the way I like it. Other fun toys include the super soft Homeboy in Fauxskin & the Big Ball Penis also in Fauxskin.