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3 Sexy Summer Treats To Try

After many chilly months, the ice is beginning to thaw and nicer days are finally upon us…or, if you’re like me and live in Cali, the days of 90 degree weather are back in full swing. For most California residents, this means out with the shorts and onto the beach so I came up with 3 fun ideas to try beneath the sheets with your honey in the coming hot summer nights.


This Sexy Body Paint Graffiti Spray Massage Oil is totally a good time. Completely edible and deliciously flavored, it’s perfect for a hot summer day or night. A nice cool spin to put on this sweet treat? Try placing it into a bowl of ice water or the refrigerator for a bit before using. This should make the spray come out nice and chilly. What a nice way to cool off! Be careful and make sure you don’t put it in the freezer though; the pressure could make the can explode.

Certified Organic, the Intimate Organics Relaxing Massage Oil with Lemongrass and Coconut provides a deliciously sweet way to cool off. Great for relieving sore muscles or simply for a sensual rub down, this organic massage oil is formulated with aloe so it’s friendly on any sun burns you may get in the coming months. Place it in the fridge or a bowl of ice for 15 minutes before you use it and voila! You have yourself some pleasantly cool massage oil.

The original way to cool off on a hot summer’s day, ice cubes are great for sensual pleasure. Simply take an ice cube and slide it around on your partner’s body for great cooling effects. Enjoy immediate relief from the heat and sunburns and enjoy whatever pleasure comes out of it!

Good Luck!

Start Your Weekend Off By Winding Down then Winding Up!

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. It’s Friday, it’s hot where I live, I’ve burnt the candle at both ends this week and I need some R&R time. This made me think that there are probably plenty of other people out there who want to enjoy their weekend and start things off the right way by tossing those shoes off your sore feet, stripping down to your birthday suit and hopping into a nice hot bath to soothe and rejuvenate your entire body. With that, I came up with a few ways to start off and a few ways to finish!

I’m thinking that starting off your evening with a nice cocktail or a refreshing juice or tea drink would be nice, especially by adding a few drops of the Liquid Spanish Fly in your favorite flavor! I was thinking of making myself a delicious California Cocaine Cocktail and then adding the equally delicious Spanish Fly Lime to my drink to give it some zest and put myself in the right weekend mood!

Here’s the recipe for a California Cocaine:(Please over 21+ ONLY!)

1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Blue Curacao
1 fill    Pineapple Juice
1 oz Rum (Malibu is my favorite!)
1 oz Southern Comfort

Mix these ingredients in a tall glass with ice and enjoy!

After I enjoy my drink for a bit, I plan on lighting up a few candles and/or incense around my bath tub to set the atmosphere for my night. I’ll probably strip down to my bare body and rub this delicious Kama Sutra Oil of Love all over my body in a self- massage. This will moisturize your body before bathing, soothe and arouse you and give your bath water a nice aroma!

Chances are this will happen after my trip to the gym so, with that being said, I’ll start my bath water at a pretty hot temperature to relax any sore muscles and add in some Kama Sutra’s Luxury Bath Salt or go all natural and opt for some Practically Magical Bubble Bath in a Spearmint or Lavender flavor to help my mind zen.

At this point, I may go to work with some Rash Free Coochy Shave Cream and shave my legs and lady parts because Lord knows I haven’t even looked down there since Tuesday! Skip this part if you’re more reliable about shaving than I am!

After my shaving session is complete and I have spent sufficient amount of time relaxing and lounging in the tub, my evening can go one of three ways (and so can yours!):

Option A: I can enjoy this delicious looking Purple Waterproof Rotating Vibrator right where I am in my warm tub and climb my way to the ultimate heights of pleasure from a completely relaxed state. This offers a unique and often times more intense orgasmic experience.

Option B: I can dry off with a warm towel (which I will have thrown in the dryer beforehand), give myself an at home facial (compliments of honey + oatmeal + green tea), and then enjoy a nice personal pleasure session on my extremely soft down comforter.

At Home Facial Recipe:

  • 1 Tablespoon Honey
  • 1 Tablespoon Green Tea
  • 2 Tablespoons Oatmeal

Mix them all together, apply, leave for 10 minutes then rinse.

Following my At-home Facial, I will then lie down on my pleasantly plush Queen size bed and enjoy some alone time, pushing my hot spots to ecstasy with the very convenient Pink Platinum Remote Body Wave Vibrator that’s designed to hit my G-spot and induce toe-curling orgasms EVERY single time I use it! I love this toy; it really works and the cordless remote is fun to use alone or when my boyfriend’s home and wants to control my pleasure adventure!


Option C: Perhaps by this time my boyfriend will be home and I can barter with him for a massage in return for performing the new Oral Sex Techniques I learned this week. That’s sure to make him go crazy! I’ll probably have him use one of my favorites for the massage: Kama Sutra Body Souffle Massage Cream in Strawberry. I love this cream as it’s moisturizing as well as soothing and not greasy as massage oils can be. If you prefer to go all natural, I would recommend the Practically Magical Oil in your favorite scent as it is one of the lighter oils and is made with all natural ingredients. After each part of our deal is complete, then we can go onto something more appetizing and see where the night takes us!

We Support Safe Sex!

Remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms every time!

Favorite Condom of the Day:

Trojan Very Sensitive 3 Pack because I want to feel every subtle sensation tonight!

Whatever you decide, remember to relax, enjoy your weekend, laugh much and moan a lot!

Good luck :]

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The Magical Mistress & Master Pheromone Fragrances

First off, let’s talk about what pheromones are and what they do for you and your sexual experiences. Pheromones are naturally occurring in your body. In fact, you give off your own phermones which can do a variety of things depending on the type. There are pheromones that affect food, alarm phermones that trigger your danger responses and then there are sex phermones as well as many others. Sex pheromones are secreted naturally to attract members of the opposite sex to you.

On their most primal and basic level, pheromones are secreted to help mammals with sex organs find a mate to breed with. Now, with the help of modern technology, we can create certain pheromone fragrances that trigger more powerful sexual responses, hence controlling and increasing the amount of sexual responses toward you and with whomever you wish this to reaction occur.

Substantial evidence supports the fact that pheromones help attract both males and females by triggering powerful sexual reactions. In modern society, our natural pheromones are most often washed away through bathing and therefore most sexual communication occurs through sight and is filtered through our mind to decide on attraction.

With the help of pheromone fragrances, we can increase the attraction we have to others and the attraction others have to us by applying a small amount of the pheromone fragrance directly underneath our nose or behind the ears. A small amount is all that is necessary to create the necessary response. The scent is picked up by the air and detected by others during use creating the appropriate reaction in others towards you and vice versa. Keep in mind that using an overly large amount of the fragrance will NOT increase the reaction you have towards others or their reaction towards you and a small amount will suffice. There is no need to waste the fragrance, especially since the fragrance bottles are not very large. The effects of these pheromone fragrances should last from 2 to 4 hours and a specific kind is available for both males and females respectively.

Some benefits that many claim to have during pheromone fragrance use are:

  • Increase in eye contact from the opposite sex
  • Increase in sexual attraction towards others and others towards you
  • Increase in sexual activity and intimacy if you are in a relationship
  • Increase in the levels of passion and enthusiasm during lovemaking & sexual encounters
  • Increase in the opposite sex pursuing you
  • Increase in self confidence and libido
  • Respect from the same sex and Ease with opposite sex
  • Increase in employment relationships
  • Increase in business ( Especially professions that are in close proximity to people such as Sales)
  • Lift in Mood, Overall Contentment & Self Love

Some great places to use these pheromones are in any public place such as clubs, bars, gyms, restaurants, malls, concerts, movie theaters & grocery stores. They are also great for work use as you should see an increase in sales, customers and a general business increase. Other ways to use the pheromone fragrances are before or during lovemaking, during quality time with your partner, or on a date with someone new! There are many ways pheromones can be used so be creative and have fun. This fragrance can easily be stored in your pocket, bag or purse as it simply looks like a travel size fragrance as any other so it’s discreet and convenient for use at any time, any where.

Check out the perfect choice in pheromone fragrance: Master & Mistress Pheromone Fragrances at a great price.

They come in two different types: one for males and one for females and are packaged in stylish sophisticated perfume type bottles that are designed in a Masquerade theme. You’re sure to love the Master & Mistress Pheromone Fragrances and even more once you see the results!

Magical Mistress & Mastress Pheromone Fragrances