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Kinky Sex Tips to Improve Your Sex Life in 2015!


With the end of 2014 approaching, you might be wondering how to indulge in some fun new kinks or maybe just revamp your intimacy in a few easy ways. Whatever your aim, we can help! Here are some kinky sex tips to help you get your ultimate sex life in 2015:

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Your Beginner Guide to Threesome Toys

Beginners Guide: Threesome Toys

To some, having a threesome is the holy grail of sex. If means either you, or someone has convinced 2 willing participants to do the horizontal mambo with yours truly. Not all have the gift of charm, but why must they not be allowed to experience this alternative form of a sexual experience? They shouldn’t. The Experts at Masturgasm know about this and strive to give you an opportunity to experience the almighty threesome with our threesome toys!

The Third Member

A threesome toy is a cock ring with an attached dildo or anal toy used for double penetration during sexual intercourse. This toy is great for double penetration simulation, whether it be anal or vaginal, and can be used in various ways to please you and your partner during intercourse. To wear a threesome toy, apply lube to your penis and testicles, then place your penis in the larger ring, while placing each testicle one by one into the cock ring. Make sure that the rings feel comfortable around your penis and testicles, and that it is not causing you any stress of discomfort.


Fidelity Fantasy Toy Collection

The Fidelity Fantasy Toy Collection is a 3 toy collection that includes a G-Spot Double Penetration Toy, a small Anal Double Penetration Toy, and a slighter larger Anal Double Penetration Toy. They’re all meant to help simulate double penetration between 2 partners and without a third person involved. We have all 3 available for purchase on Masturgasm or you can save and purchase the entire collection!

Stay Naughty, My Friends 😉

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Sex History: The Not So Puritans

How to Get Your Partner to Try Anal

The History of Yiff

A Beginner’s Guide to Urethral Stretching

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How to Get Laid on Christmas!


Getting laid on Christmas might not seem that hard, but do you really want to leave something sexual up to chance? That’s what I thought 😉 So, try these helpful tips to make hitting the sheets a certainty!

  • Get Steamy. Get hot and sweaty with your partner as this will not only help you both get more fit and strengthen your bond to one another, it also helps increase your sex drive and releases pheromones that will make your partner want to jump your bones the moment you get home! Whether you hit the gym or go for a quick morning walk, any kind of physical activity helps.
  • Laugh It Up. Laughing releases endorphins and can help relieve stress. It also helps you bond with your partner, makes your more affectionate, and improves fondness for one another. Try some fun trivia or enjoy some stand-up comedy together!
  • Fill Up On Aphrodisiacs. You might be tempted to indulge in sweets and turkey this holiday and it doesn’t hurt to enjoy the finer things in life, but try to add in some libido boosting foods as well like oysters, chocolate, vegetables, and red meat! All of these help improve sex drive and libido.
  • Dance the Night Away. Dancing improves bonding and requires physical closeness which can remind your partner of their attraction to you. If you want to end the night with a midnight romp, make sure you hit the dance floor, even if it’s just a simple slow dance in the living room after everyone else has gone to bed 😉

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and have a wonderful holiday!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cock Rings

 photo cock-rings-a-beginners-guide_zps0bdcd81e.png

“Welcome to the jungle, we got naughty thangs!”

                                                                         -Satisfied Masturgasm customer

Cock rings have been a common sex aid for ages. It has been the naughty little secret at the bedsides of many, helping intensify the sexual experience.

“What does it do for me?”

“How does it work?”

“Will it make my pecker fall off?”

This article will answer these questions and more, so pull up a chair and get ready for a sexual awakening!

What is a Cock Ring?

A cock ring is a ring made from plastic, metal, silicone, or PVC that is designed to slow blood flow to the penis, making it harder and more sensitive while delaying ejaculation and ultimately, intensifying your overall climax. Although this is the primary purpose of a cock ring, many have secondary or even more functions to them, which we will talk about later.

In a nutshell, it is a rubber O ring that can make your pecker harder and makes you last longer!

Are Cock Rings Safe?

Please remember, Cock Rings  affect the blood flow to the penis, so if you are unsure whether any item is right for you, its always advisable for you to consult with your doctor or physician. Remember, we all are different, and we here at masturgasm do NOT want your ticker to stop ticking.

Here are a few guidelines on how to safely and properly use your Cock Ring

Sexual Safety Tips

  • Make sure you are comfortable with the size, flexibility, and elasticity of the ring. We recommend that beginners use a more loose or more elastic ring ( the Paramour Cock Ring is a great ring that stimulates you and her!)
  • Do not wear a cock ring for more than 30 minutes, if your penis turns blue, or you feel uncomfortable swelling. If any of these occur, take the ring off immediately.
  • Beginners should try the ring for 5 minutes at first to understand how it feels and make sure it’s a comfortable fit.
  • DO NOT use a make shift cock ring. Please be nice to your pecker and it will be nice to you!
  • We at masturgasm do not recommend hard plastic cock rings, they tend to damage the skin and bruise easily.
  • Make sure when applying the ring to use a generous amount of lubrication to ensure ease of wear and more comfort during use.
  • If you are wearing a condom, make sure that the ring is not rubbing against it, for risk of ripping the condom through friction.
  • It is advised that you trim your pubic region around the penis and testicles to avoid snagging hairs. Unless that’s something you are into….then snag away!

Which Ring Should I Choose?

While there are many kinds of cock rings that are different sizes made with different materials, we recommend flexible slightly loose rings for the beginner. Once you are more experienced you can try out metal cock rings for a more intense experience or look into the more complex cock rings that offer urethral stimulation, anal stimulation, or perineum stimulation.

Knowing Your Size

No two rings are alike, and for that reason, no two cock rings are alike. It’s always best to measure your penis before getting a cock ring, that way you ensure that you will be comfortable and safe. Too small cock rings are a risk because they can cause damage to tissues and bruising.

The good thing is, if you are picking a flexible cock ring it will fit pretty much any size and most companies make sure the rings are elastic enough to cover most penis sizes. That being said, if you are looking for a metal cock ring, you MUST measure beforehand so that the ring is your size. So be honest about the size of your wang and start measuring!

Measuring Tips

Make sure that you measure your penis while it is erect, from the base of your penis to find the right circumference! Once you have the measurements of penis girth, divide the number by 3.14 (Pi) and you will have the circumference of your penis! This will give you a better understanding on what size cock ring is right for you.


 photo Double_Magnum_Polished_Stainless_Steel_Cock_Ring__63179140537957512801280_zpsf9612c11.jpg

Double Magnum Polished Stainless Steel Cock Ring

Metal/Stainless Steel

Metal cock rings are solid non flexible, cock rings made for a specific size. They are easy to clean and minimal. It is advised that you measure your unit. One downside to a metal ring is that it is difficult to remove quickly for relief, so it is not recommended for a  beginner user.

 photo Paramour_01-5000-01-1_08__01894140537956212801280_zps54bcc755.jpg

Paramour Cock Ring

Solid Flexible Ring ( Silicone, PVC)

Flexible Cock rings are our best selling rings out of the cock ring family. Easy to put on and easy to take off for almost any size, these rings are also very affordable. One downside to a flexible cock ring is that it might break during really rough sessions if the ring is thin.

 photo woody_cock_ring__03326140537924612801280_zps99712f5d.jpg

Woody cock ring

Textured ring

Textured cock rings are either textured either for the wearer or the rider so they can enjoy ribbed textures on the inside of the ring for penile stimulation or sometimes on the outside for stimulating others. These toys come in various textures and sometimes can be uncomfortable to those with sensitive skin so be sure to research the texture and hardness of the material before choosing a textured ring.

 photo big_daddy_cock_rings__32937140537927112801280_zpsd3a4f705.jpg

Big daddy cock ring

Quick release/adjustable cock ring

The quick release cock ring usually has a button or fastener to adjust the tightness and quickly remove. These are great for beginners and experienced users due to their adjustable size.

 photo 11351011_SteamPunkCockSlings_4Metallic__12472140537911712801280_zps2748a637.jpg

Steampunk cock sling

Tear drop Cock Ring/Cock sling

A Tear drop cock ring is a more complex cock ring, it has a flared end that is used  to support the scrotum and massage the perineum ( the part of skin behind your balls, some like to call this area the chode ). These are great for the beginner that really wants to try something new and kinky, and is slightly curious about anal sensations. We recommend the Steampunk Cock ring to start out with.

 photo Purple_Cockring_Vibe_zps54d908a7__12695140537951812801280_zps91c79fd8.jpg

Purple Ridged Vibrating Jelly Cock Ring

Vibrating Cock Ring

These vibrating bad boys are among our best sellers! Great for dual purpose, penile or perenium stimulation if you turn it around! Great for couples and beginners!

 photo SM438_15__34192141704024212801280_zps05b56cee.jpg                            photo 11095011_Plugring_Fun_Original__47087141695914912801280_zpsac3da7ec.jpg

1.5″ brutus cock ring and anal plug                                        Plug ring fun original

Cock Ring with Buttplug

These combo cock rings are not for the feint of heart! Combining anal stimulation with delayed orgasms can be an intense ride. These toys can come in various sizes and materials so be sure to measure the distance between the anus and scrotum and around the penis to ensure a proper fit!

 photo M900_S_Stainless_Male_Chastity_Device__32244141696184912801280_zpsbf9dbd90.jpg

             Spartacus chastity cock cage

Cock Cages

These little devices are almost in their own category! Some are an assortment of rings that go from the top of your penis to the base of the penis, providing a very unique experience. There is also something called a chastity cock cage that is worn to prevent sexual gratification. If you are interested in chastity devices, we recommend you check out the Spartacus chastity cock cage!

Using your cock ring

If you are using your cock ring for the first time, its best to use lots of lube, and trim the hair around the base of your penis and scrotum. Try putting it at the base of the penis shaft first to see how snug it gets, if comfortable you can stretch or maneuver it to be around the balls, or both at once. For beginners we recommend that you wear it for a short period (5-10 minutes) at first to get comfortable with the sensations. If you have a metal cock ring we recommend putting it on before your penis is erect to ensure comfortable application by putting each testicle through the ring at first, then the penis while pulling the ring towards your body.

If you are playing alone, you can masturbate or rotate the ring around to find your sweet spot! If you are with your partner, and have a vibrating ring, you can let them move the ring around or ride while receiving stimulation from the ring. For best clitoral stimulation we advise short thrusts to maintain contact with the vibrator and clitoris. The rest my sexy friend, is up to you!


Be safe, do not have your ring on for more than 30 minutes! if you feel any discomfort or swelling take the ring off immediately. If you are wearing a metal ring, wait till your penis is soft and remove your penis the same way you inserted it very carefully.

Cleaning your cock ring

After your session, you can wash your cock ring with antibacterial soap and warm water. Store the cock ring in a cool dry place separate from any other adult toys. Be sure to remove any large batteries from the cock ring before cleaning.

Cock rings are a great entry level toy that provide pleasure and utility for the right user. It is a toy that has been used throughout history, and has evolved throughout time providing new sensations for many sexual explorers.

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How to Have A Super Naughty Holiday Season



This weekend is sure to be a total blast what with the cooler weather, the fast-approaching holidays (what’s on your naughty list? 😉 ) and the down time to try some new, fun, and naughty tips we’ve put together to make this holiday season your naughtiest yet!

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Urethral Stretching: A Beginner’s Guide

 photo urethral-stretching-for-beginners_zps7bb74c8a.png

Sounding: The insertion of an object into the urethra

Meatorrhaphy: The procedure of enlarging the urethral opening

Penis plugs, and urethral sounds are highly popular tools for sexual arousal, experimentation and pleasure. Alot of men use them to find new ways of achieving sexual pleasure. These tools can be used for sex, masturbation, role play, and whatever else you can think of (please be safe!)

Before you begin your journey into the world of penis sounds, and plugs, lets make one thing clear; the penis is a sensitive organ, so be safe, clean, and take it very slow. If done correctly this fetish can be a unique and pleasurable experience beyond your wildest dreams for you and your partner!

The difference between a sound and a plug

there are 2 kinds of toys used for urethral stretching, both are inserted into the penis and each has its own function.

A penis plug is a small plug (preferably metal for sanitary purposes) that is inserted into the urethra, for pleasure. it can make the penis alot harder, and make an orgasm alot more intense. There are many different kinds of plugs. The most basic beginner plugs are smooth and have round, usually tapered ends. The more advanced plugs will have textures, like ribs and bumps. A plug will always have a ring at the end so that the plug can be safely removed from the penis. some rings  are solid, and some are hollow allowing urine and sperm to pass through it.

A urethral sound is actually used in medicine for dilating the urethra when needed during a medical examination, but its also capable of providing sexual pleasure. Urethral sounds also go deeper than a plug, reaching as far as the bladder. Some sounds have special ends for bladder stimulation.

Choosing a size

While choosing your first plug here are a few things to keep in mind for the beginner. First off make sure you pick a smooth and solid plug with a round tapered end. It needs to be smooth because your urethral walls have not accustomed to urethral insertion, helping you get used to the new sensation. The plug should be thin ( less than half an inch) so that it will not damage the urethra. Only use longer plugs and sounds when you are acclimated to urethral stimulation.

And remember, this is a very delicate sexual experience. Start small, and take it as slow as possible.

 photo SM465_Penis_Plug_wSound__89885141696043712801280_zps80e503df.jpg

The Poseidon Urethral Sound Kit

How To Use Plugs/Sounds

Sounds, and Penis Plugs are pretty simple in shape, and basic to use. The most important thing to remember when using it is to go slow, and allow your urethra to stretch at a natural pace, any forcing could rip, and risk serious injury to your penis, and overall health. Always make sure that you sanitize your toy, 5-7 minutes in boiling water, and by wiping them with alcohol after.

Even though it sounds like a sexy idea, do not use spit! it does not provide enough slickness for the urethral walls. Always use sterile( preferably water based for easy cleaning) lubricant while using a plug, or sound.

To make sure that the insertion is as comfortable as possible it is advised that your penis is soft and not erect. Have either you or your partner hold your penis in one hand while slowly inserting the plug or sound.

During the insertion it is best to relax, and not fight these new sensations. The muscles in your urethra will work against it and try to push the plug or sound out, or block it from going in further. Try your hardest to resist the urge by relaxing as much as you can.

Once the plug, or sound is inside, try to get comfortable with it. This is the best time to start stimulating your penis, and exploring these new found sensations. Very gently stroke and see how it makes you feel. Some people like to slide the plug in and out of the urethra, and some just like it inside the urethra while they masturbate.

After you are done with your first experience, you can take it off your bucket list or explore it further with larger, textured, or other more complex plugs and sounds to achieve more in depth sensation.

Beginner Tips

  • always use lube when using a plug or sound! Take care of your willy!
  • First timers should use a small plug or sound with a tapered end to start out with.
  • Sterilize before your sessions, leave the plug or sound in boiling water for 5-7 minutes, and wipe down with alcohol to ensure that your toy is sanitary. Also wash your hands before starting.
  • Never insert anything other than a sound or plug into the urethra. any slight rugged texture can do damage to the urethral walls.
  • TAKE IT SLOW, your penis will have to be trained to accept something into its urethra, so naturally it is going to resist insertion. You must take this slow to not damage anything, and so that you can enjoy it entirely.
  • Never force the toy into your penis, let it insert itself naturally.
  • Always take solid plugs or sounds out before you ejaculate.

Hopefully this guide helps you embark on a new sexual journey with urethral play.

Stay horny, and be safe.

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3 ways to amp up the kink in your relationship

Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean that you don’t get to! Cold weather can slow you down, and make you just want to hibernate, but this year we want to bring the heat. Its always best to exercise, and eat well, but the best way to keep warm is with some good bedroom sexperimentation, which is why we came up with a few simple ideas for you to ramp up the kink for you and your partner.
  1. Try Something New. Whether it’s anal, a little fetish or BDSM, a new sex position, or even just trying a naughty new sex toy, trying something new in the bedroom can be a breath of much-needed fresh air for your intimate life so don’t be afraid to get a little extreme if you feel the need! Yiff roleplaymedical fetish toys, or just sizing up your anal toys can make a big difference in your overall sexual satisfaction.
  2. Renew Enthusiasm For the Classics. If you’re opposed to trying anything new, maybe you just need a little more enthusiasm in your life! Get excited about pleasing your partner, even if the task seems unexciting. Sex is as much a mental activity as a physical one, so get your mind into it. Who knows? Reliving classic fantasies can open the doors to brand new ones!
  3. Get Active Together. This might sound like an odd tip but working out together is a very rewarding habit (and not just in the sexy time department) It will bring you and your lover closer together, and increase your libido.

Stay Naughty, My Friends ;-P

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Yiff Toys


Our comprehensive selection of animal dildos are extremely popular among customers so I thought we absolutely needed a helpful gift guide for our favorites and latest yiff toy releases. All of you special naughty furries, fantasy-indulged, and your loved ones will definitely enjoy these!

First up is the Super Clifford Dildo, a super-sized version of the classic Clifford Dong. It’s equipped with a handy suction, includes a lot more length than the original, and is a step up in all aspects to it’s naughtily loved original.

To take the Super Clifford Dildo a step further is to indulge in the newest Super Clifford with Tail. It’s a double ended toy that can be used however you like that’s sure to add a delicious furry element to any of your kinky adventures!

A total classic, the Wolfman Dildo has a solid suction for uninterrupted fun and is a big winner among yiff lovers alike.

Last, but not least, is our classic Mr. Ed Anatomically correct Horse Dildo! Designed specifically for naughty furry fantasies, this will definitely add a more realistic element to your bedtime role play!

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Naughty Holiday Gift Guide: Dildos

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NEW Medical Fetish Toys!


I just wanted to share our latest toy releases with you all! These are incredible chrome plated steel penis sounds (various sizes available) and we also have a selection of chastity cock cages and penis plugs as well for anyone who is into the tantalizing medical fetish!


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