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deep stroker

The Deep Stroker Rabbit: A Miracle In Orgasms

I’m not someone who is easily impressed by any old vibe. Being in this industry and learning about all of the toys and lubricants and things, you quickly discover there are MANY different styles of vibes, dildos and other toys. Some are incredible, some are good, some are okay and others not so good. The Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator is in its own league when it comes to the world of pleasure. This vibrator LITERALLY does it all .I mean, I’m not a fan of the cheesy 80’s packaging thing they’ve got going on here, but the vibrator itself is pretty sensational. Not only does it function VERY well and cause my body to literally convulse with erotic euphoria, but it does it over and over and over and each time is different, while still being incredibly powerful and satisfying.

The Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator features rotating beads that spin, of course, during use for added vaginal stimulation, a rabbit ear clitoral stimulator for clitoris stimulation during use and various speeds of vibration for both the clitoral stimulator and the vibe itself. Lastly, the best part about the Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator is that it’s most treasured function thrusts the vibe into your pleasure zones with little to no effort on your part. This is my favorite function. The vibrator features incredible up and down thrusting motions that can be controlled depending on how fast or slow you want the thrusting action to be. Separate controls for the clitoral vibrations, shaft vibrations and thrust speed allow for a completely customized personal sexual experience or a fun addition to time with your partner. After a weekend with the Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator, you’ll be as convinced as I am.