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Featured Product Friday: Woody Cock Ring

This Woody Cock Ring is a spectacular innovation created by the quirky minds at TSX Toys! Designed for aesthetics and functionality, the Woody Cock Ring is certain to keep any man going for hours, all the while providing stimulation both vaginally and anally, whichever you choose!

A great couples’ toy, the Woody Cock Ring is designed to stimulate both the wearer and recipient of the toy with it’s soft jelly textured ridges during normal intercourse movements. Don’t be intimidated by Woody: he promises to provide all the pleasure you could want during a fun, safe sexual experience and much more!

Available in a variety of colors, you can customize your “Woody” by choosing him in your favorite shade or tint. Always proud to help others on their way to sexual greatness of epic proportions, “Woody” helps with premature ejaculation control, erectile dysfunction, and helps to give both users of this special cock ring a deliciously sensational sexual experience.

Got Wood?

We do thanks to the Woody Cock Ring! 😉

For a limited time, the Woody Cock Ring is available at a discounted price for those who wish to take Woody for a ride!

Use Coupon Code: GOTWOOD at checkout for 20% OFF it’s regular price!

Offer Expires 10/21/11

Hurry while this promotion lasts!

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What’s a Cock Ring? Finally Some Answers, Options & More On This Mysterious Sex Enhancer!

Cock rings can be an intimidating idea if you have never used them before, especially if you’re the wearer. It’s for this reason that I decided to enlighten and educate everyone here on the benefits of using cock rings during intercourse and other fun sexual acts so that you don’t have to look at cock rings in fear ever again!

What is a Cock Ring?

A cock ring is a circular hoop that fits over and onto the base of the penis, used to draw blood to the penis and testies area for a more intense stimulation during intercourse and other sexual acts as well as a stronger erection and ultimately a more gratifying climax experience every time you choose to wear one (or three!). Cock rings can also be made to fit over the testicles for a more intense experience and come in a variety of materials from basic jelly style silicone or rubber rings that are elastic and stretch to fit the wearer to metal or steel rings that are custom made in different sizes for a more secure fit.

Are Cock Rings All the Same?

Absolutely not! Cock rings, depending on the material (silicone, rubber, metal, steel, etc.) and added components (vibe, clitoral or anal ticklers, etc.) make each cock ring specially made for a unique experience. Cock ring materials change the wearer experience entirely because whereas the silicone and rubber is an intense yet pleasant experience, metal and steel rings tend to be a much more extremely intense experience made only for the most hardcore users. They also tend to have a much more secure fit for the wearer making orgasms more intense, sensations and stimulation increased and sensitivity maxed out 10-fold.

Many cock rings have specific purposes to stimulate certain areas more than others during sexual acts and intercourse such as anal or clitoral stimulation. Some cock rings come with a small bullet vibe attached at the front for added sensuous vibration stimulation during sexual intercourse. Others come with a clitoral stimulator at the front such as a specialty design on the front like a little “dolphin” or “rabbit” which stimulates the clitoris during the motions of sexual intercourse. There are other similar designs made on the other end of the cock ring for anal stimulation during sexual intercourse movement and varying hybrid styles with one, two or even all three of these added components.

What do Cock Rings do and Why Should I use one?

Cock rings draw more blood to the penis and testicles, providing for a firmer and longer lasting erection, an increase in stronger stimulations, increased sensitivity during sexual acts and a more intensely fueled climax. In the case of erectile dysfunction (AKA ED or male impotence), which affects nearly 1 in every 10 men worldwide, cock rings can assist in obtaining and sustaining an erection for varying periods of time depending on the wearer and the ring’s material. So, for those affected by ED, lovemaking is made possible and no longer in the realm of impossibility. Talk about a marriage saving device! I love the miracles of cock rings. They really are the under dogs of the adult toy industry…

Aside from those with ED, those curious about cock ring use who are not affected by ED should still consider using one as a supplement to their lovemaking experiences because it is a unique sexual experience unlike any other that can truly turn an average night of sexual intercourse into an intensely passionate romp beneath the sheets! Not only that, and this is for the ladies (and men!), but cock rings often enable men to go for hours longer than normal because with the assistance offered by cock rings, they are now able to sustain an erection much longer and multiple orgasms are a go for both parties! So enjoy…try a cock ring and don’t be surprised if you and your partner can’t suppress your moans..or screams of absolute ecstasy!

Cock Ring Choice #1: The Woody Cock Ring

Made from phthalate free PVC, this cock ring is a beauty that is fun and safe to use and will stretch to fit the wearer! Do NOT be intimated by its design, the Woody Cock Ring is made for only the ultimate heights in pleasure and ecstasy. Made to stimulate both the wearer and their partner, the penis shaft fits through the ridged hole and his testicles fit through the round hole below that, securing his whole member and stimulating the shaft of the penis during sexual intercourse. Also, the top and bottom ridged pieces are made to open up and also stimulate the clitoris, anal area or both areas of recipient partner depending on use. Not only that, but this cock ring is available in over 20 colors and made by TSX Toys, a USA based manufacturing company!  This makes for an incredibly simple yet stimulating cock ring that provides comfort and sensuous sensations for both partners the whole way through!

Cock Ring Choice #2:The Double Cock Ring with Vibrator

This little cock ring really provides a pleasant experience for both the user and their partner. Made out of silicone materials, the user enjoys a comfortable yet snug fit, creating an intense erection and increasing their sensitivity to all sorts of subtle and not-so-subtle stimulation! Their partner enjoys clitoral (or anal depending on how you use it!) stimulation due to the fun ridge and nub design on the ring itself during sexual intercourse movements. What provides the grand finale is the little vibe on the bottom that makes each movement more intensely felt for both parties!

Cock Ring Choice #3: Silver Rings 3 Piece Set

This silver cock rings 3 piece set provides a custom fit for the wearer by choosing their correct size out of the three or, if they so decide, they can wear all three! These sleekly designed rings offer a more intense and what some might find a more extreme sexual experience as the rings fit much more securely than their silicone or rubber counterparts do, but if you think you can handle the intense orgasmic pleasure, then this is one amazing sexual experience that you should NOT pass up! Other than that, gentlemen with cases of ED should consider this ring or other silver, metal & steel rings as they are the most secure fit of all cock rings and allow the most prolonged usage for sexual intercourse and other sexual acts. Experience the hardcore pleasure with this sophisticated ring!

Whichever ring you settle on, please remember to choose what’s right for you or you and your partner’s needs. Cock rings can provide incredibly intoxicating sexual experiences and why shouldn’t you both be able to experience the magic?