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How to Make Sex More Spiritual


How to Make Sex A Spiritual Experience

Sex is wonderful in and of itself, but if you’re looking for something a little more fulfilling to your spiritual life and want to take sex to a higher level, I came up with a few tips to help you get there!

  • Connect With Your Partner(s). Obviously, the first step to a higher level of intimacy is connecting with your partner(s). Because spirituality is a connection of the mind and spirit, you want to be at total ease and comfort with whoever you are engaging erotic activities with. There are easy ways to connect with your partner on this level that you can try, as you like, but my favorites include meditating and/or yoga practice together, weight lifting together, engaging in personal conversation without distraction, indulging in a bath or shower together, and giving one another an erotic massage. Take things slow; that’s where the magic happens!
  • Sex Meditation. Sex meditation isn’t just sitting around doing nothing, though I know a lot of people might have this belief about it. Meditation can be any number of things: making eye contact with your partner without speaking, bathing together in silence, and/or just lying next to one another without doing anything else. Meditation is a focused intention on being with one another without having to do, be, or say anything and this will help you both further connect.
  • Try Tantra. Once you feel a strong intimate bond with one another, you can take things to a higher precipice of ecstasy by indulging in tantra. There are many ways to engage in tantra, but the basics of it are slow, intense, engaged, sexual pleasure and it’s very much rooted in a connection with your partner. You can get more tips on tantra here and read about the history of tantra here.

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Sex Positions From Around the World

Every country in the world seems to have it’s own take on sexual practices, rituals and yes, even sexual positions made popular by them. From England to India (of course) and even in China, every country seems to have at least one sexual position to their name. Sex positions are a lot of fun and, while everyone has their personal favorite, we usually do not think about the origin of said positions nowadays in our melting pot society. So which countries should be credited for coming up with their respective popular sexual positions, most of which we still do today? Read on for the origin of 7 popular sexual acts!

1. 69 Oral Pleasure: You can thank France for giving us this erotically fun act (among others), made popular in the mid-16th century.

2. Doggie Style AKA From the Rear: Lie back and think of the Queen as this position became popular and well known in the 18th century England, along with other scandalous acts of debauchery happening in the brothels and at court. Better not get caught doing this little naughty act as punishments for this included anything from 3 years of penance or being shipped off to the nearest convent to death, especially if done out of wedlock or caught having an affair!

3. French Kissing: I’m pretty sure you can guess where this one came from. The act of kissing with open mouths and tongue interaction came from France where it is better known as ‘baiser amoureux’ or in slang, as a ‘patin’ or ‘galoche.’ Although considered inappropriate and even taboo in some parts of the world to be done publicly, this is one of the most commonly practiced acts of affection in the world.

4. Rocking Sitting Position: Surprisingly, this sex position arose to popularity in Arabia. A reader favorite for it’s ability to stimulate both partners, the exotic Rocker sitting position is done by facing your partner and straddling their lap (or vice versa) while rocking back and forth to ecstasy.

5. The Missionary Position: Enacted by various countries and peoples for over a millennia, it appears in various artwork pieces around the world including countries such as Japan, China, Peru, Rome & India.Various myths and cultural beliefs exist to explain each country/civilization’s use of this position as seen in the Chinese belief that women are born face up and men are born face down.

6. Balanced Front Entry Position: Of course this idea of balance in a sexual position was enacted in China! Done by facing your partner feet first and entering the female this way by balancing her on top of the male lap during insertion. What a perfect physical display of chan! (Contrary to popular belief, chan is the Chinese word that refers to a meditative state commonly referred to as Zen by many people, which is actually a Japanese word.)

7. Stand & Deliver Position: The incredibly innovative and proud Basques of Spain came up with this one and rightfully so as the position is done with both partners standing, facing one another, as equals. No word yet on the accuracy of that claim, but it’s nice to think of the mysterious Basques as being ahead of the trends.

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Fun Fact! Did you know the use of dildos and other penis shaped items for sexual pleasure has been prevalent since the middle ages? The origin of the word dildo is not clear, but it is thought to have come from the original expression “dilldough” which referred to a loaf of bread made with dill.Other theories of its origin include a phallus shaped peg that locks an oar in place on a small boat or possibly an adjusted form of the Italian term ‘diletto,’ which means delight.  Whatever it’s true origin is we may never know, but we have to thank them for such naughty brilliance as it has truly lasted through the ages!

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