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More Sexy Halloween Treat Ideas + Erotic Ideas!

Since last week’s Sexy Halloween Treats post was such a success, I decided to share another one, just for fun. AND because I’m a big Halloween fan as I said before so any excuse to post on this holiday is good enough for me! Also, stay tuned at the end for some erotic Halloween treat ideas you can try at home this Hallow’s Eve!

[Spider Cake –]

No matter your age, cake is always delicious and a cake with a theme is even better! How about this classy spider cake from CookingChannelTV? I love how chic it is so it’s polished enough for any adult party, but still has the Halloween vibe to it.

[Cinnamon-Cider Candied Apples –]

These candied apples are not what you’d think of as adult fare for Halloween, but when cinnamon-cider candied apples like this showed up, the whole story changes. They now closely resemble the Evil Queen from Snow White ( or OUAT ) which is a bit more menacing and therefore sexier, at least in my opinion. At any rate, these candied apples have a flavor that’s a bit more refined than your run-of-the-mill.

[Black Cauldron Cocktail –]

This Black Cauldron Cocktail is 1 part delicious adult cocktail, 1 part creamy beverage, and 1 part yummy dessert! Made with vodka, oatmeal stout beer, and brewed espresso, the magical ingredient in this is the vanilla ice cream which turns it into a kind of adult version of the classic root beer float.

Other Erotic Ideas to Try:

  • Chocolate Syrup – Chocolate is a known seductive dessert, but chocolate syrup can make erotic play a lot more exciting if you’re looking to include some foods in the fun. Just make sure you have some napkins on hand because (I speak from experience) it can get messy!
  • Whipped Cream – Whipped cream is a classic and it’s super fun to play around with as you explore each other’s bodies. It’s relatively mess-free when compared to chocolate and its easy to apply if you are using the whipped cream that comes in a can. It can add some sweetness to foreplay and isn’t as heavy as chocolate.
  • Fruit Fun – Adding fruit to your erotic experiments is a great way to add food play into the mix without making much of a mess at all . You can have them alone or with whipped cream or chocolate and it’s tons of fun! You can even make chocolate covered fruit (strawberries are popular option) and it’s a lot less messy than dip.

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