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female orgasm

Is the “Squirting” Phenomenon Real?

squirting phenomenon

Is the “Squirting” Phenomenon Real?

Squirting is something you may have heard of before, but you might not know the finer details about what is actually happening during this sexual phenomenon. “Squirting” is caused by putting on a female’s prostate or “g-spot” and if enough pressure is applied to this area, it can cause the woman to urinate. Not technically an orgasm, the actually squirting may include a mixture of urine and cum because said person is already (presumably) engaged in sexual activities. That said, the urine is what is being released during squirting and what is ejaculated out of a woman. The liquid ejaculated during squirting is mainly clear. Most women who have experienced the squirting phenomenon claim to experience more intensely satisfying climaxes during squirting than a typical orgasm.

How You Can Get Your Partner to Squirt:Ā 

You will want to stimulate your partner with your fingers in order to feel around for her g-spot. It is usually located toward the front wall of the vagina, but each woman is different. You will know you’ve located it because your partner will respond to the sensitive area and also because the area may feel raise, swollen or rough in texture which helps it stand out against other areas. Your partner may feel as though they have to urinate when this area is stimulated, but as long as she has previously urinated, this is perfectly fine. She may also feel some pressure so it’s important to encourage your partner to relax in order to continue stimulating this area to the point of squirting. Your partner can encourage the likelihood of squirting by pushing with her pelvic floor muscles, but keep in mind that there may be a lot of liquid ejaculated once she begins squirting so preparation is ideal. You’ll want to put towels down if you’re worried about a mess. Don’t be discouraged if no squirting happens because not everyone squirts when this area is stimulated, but also be patient in exploring whether or not this kind of stimulation is for you. And remember to be gentle, take your time, and enjoy!

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The Mysterious G-Spot

The existence of the G spot has been debated over for years now by medical professionals and scientists alike, but those of us who have experienced the magical sensations of a G spot orgasm KNOW that it truly does exist! For those who are unfamiliar with the G spot, the G-spot is a small area said to be located at the front top of the vagina that contains an erogenous zone. The stimulation of this zone by either toy use, sexual intercourse or other sexual acts is said to produce powerful sexual arousal, intense mind blowing orgasms and, in some cases, female ejaculation. So, with that being said, go off on a wild sexual pleasure hunt for your g-spot if you haven’t yet found it; once you do, you will be SO glad that you did!

Good Luck!

For a complete diagram of the location of the G-spot, check out Wikipedia’s anatomical diagram.

Recommended Toys for G-Spot Stimulation:

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EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator

The EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator is one of our newer items that I am really excited about! This vibe is really incredibly textured; it feels very soft considering its jelly material and the shaft is ridged for added stimulation during use. The shape of this piece contours to the curves of your body to fit inside you like a glove so you can feel all of even the most subtle stimulation!

The most incredible technological benefits of the EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator?

It features over 600 combinations of various speeds and multiple functions so not one use of this amazing vibrator will ever be the same!

There is also a cute little clitoral stimulator in the shape of a butterfly that is lined with ridges & little ticklers for added sensations during use of this vibe, creating a completely satisfying sexual experience for you (alone time!) or you and a lover (fun! šŸ˜‰ )!

EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator also includes fun L.E.D. sapphire blue lighting for its Master ON/OFF power buttons so you can have your naughty fun under cover of darkness!

My favorite part about this vibe is that it is completely waterproof so you can enjoy yourself in the bath, shower or jacuzzi without worry and be soothed, pleasured & aroused simultaneously by this fun vibrator and the sensuously warm water!

Guess who was enjoying herself just yesterday in the tub with the EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator?

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