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Sensual Erotic Massage Tips & Tricks for the Weekend!

The end of summer has approached us and been replaced by the coming of autumn, a season of steadily rising colder climates, wind, rain and the alluring nighttime cloudiness and fog of early mornings. With that, you and your lover(s) will be spending much more time indoors (preferably in bed!) staying warm and cozy. Whether you choose to spend your nights fireside in the living room or beneath the cozy sheets and blankets on your bed, sensual massage is perfect for lengthening your foreplay sessions and is a great way to enhance the levels of eroticism in your life and keep the passion alive.

Great Tips For Setting your Sensual Massage Atmosphere:

  • Play the right music: whether you and your partner prefer Bach, Asian flute relaxation music of seductive trance vibes, you should pick something to raise the tension and mood for both of you
  • Have a Clean Place to Perform the Massage: Whether in your living room, a special room in itself or your bedroom, make sure the space in clean and comfortable for the ultimate mental and physical relaxation
  • Clean Towels, Sheets & Blankets: Be sure to have a clean sheet on your bed with a nice blanket (if needed or desired) and some towels on hand. I like to use small hand towels ( one for drying and one for hot massage): the first small towel is placed in a bowl of chilled, cold, warm, hot or boiling (your preference) water mixed with your favorite scent or body oil while the second dries that places once finished. This  wet towel is used to massage your partner wherever you desire and the alternating water temperatures can offer differing sensations, depending on the tastes of each partner. The oil adds smoothness and scent relaxation for whomever is receiving the massage. It is also good to have one or two larger towels on hand to use as clean up after.
  • Choose a Favorite Massage Oil & Lubricant or All-In-One  Item: Choose your favorite massage oil and lubricant or choose an item that is both. Make sure the scent is appealing to both you and your partner and matches any specifications you might need: warming, cooling, hypoallergenic, unscented if you have a sensitive skin or another specialty use such as desensitizing.

We Recommend These Oils for Your Use:

Kama Sutra Oil of Love Massage Oil comes in a various delicious flavors from Cherry Almond to Tropical Mango and more. This Oil tastes delicious, will not get sticky, goes on smooth and nourishes skin and can be used as a lubricant as well as a massage oil.

The Playgirl Signature Lavender Massage Oil is naturally scented for your relaxation. It comes in a convenient spray bottle for easy application without the mess, naturally soothes and enriches the skin, and goes on smooth for an arousing experience.

Practically Magical Massage Oil is naturally formulated for a non-irritating experience that involves only the highest levels of pleasure and ecstasy. Works both as a massage oil and a lubricant, this massage oil is available in a variety of natural scents including Lavender which relaxes and soothes or spearmint which can be cooling and arousing.

Whatever you decide, remember to enjoy the experience and whatever follows for a deliciously erotic massage that leaves you both roused and ready to go! Enjoy your weekend and this mysterious autumn season!

5 Great Sex Positions & Where To Do Them While You Burn Maximum Calories!

On average, 30 minutes of sexual activities burn anywhere from 80-200 calories and depending on the position and enthusiasm, you can burn even more! From the Ancient Kama Sutra and other more modern techniques offered, there are countless sex positions each with their own creative variations. From missionary to doggie style to the more complicated 69 or reverse cowgirl, each of these sex positions can be fun, challenging and all of them feel great during sex, but which one of them burns the most calories?

Top 5 Sex Positions That Burn The Most Calories

#5 The Missionary Position: This position is as traditional as it gets. Everyone does it, everyone’s tried it. It is preferred by some and probably bores others, but this position is one of the easiest positions to do and allows for easy insertion and depth. This position burns 32 calories for men and 16 calories for women ( based upon 30 minutes to an hour session depending). On average, each person will burn 20 calories.

To Do This Position: The female partner lays down on her back, legs straight and relaxed while the male partner hovers directly over facing her. There are numerous variations to this position so have fun, get comfortable, be creative and do what you wish!

Our Favorite Variation of this Position

#4 Doggie/Canine Style Position AKA From the Rear : We like to call this the Primal Position! (It’ll catch on!) This position is a reader favorite! A fun and exciting position to get in touch with your primal instincts, this position burns 35 calories in men and 15 calories in women. See how long you can last to up your calorie AND pleasure count!

To Do This Position: The female partner gets down on hands & knees while the male partner gets on his knees and mounts directly behind for easy deep insertion and fun fitness for both parties! Girls, I recommend you arch your back for added pleasure and varying positions. Your man will find it sexy and your butt will look fabulous! For men, if your gal is into it, hair pulling is a plus! Use  a pillow(s) or fluffy down comforter to prevent rug burn. There are many variants of this position so do what’s comfortable, get creative and use those yoga flexibility skills you learned in class! We don’t do Downward Dog or Frog Pose for nothing!

Our Favorite Variation of this Position

#3 A Woman On Top Position: Since I absolutely love to take control in bed, this is MY favorite sex position! Men love a woman of authority so take charge! Can you believe this position burns a whopping 75 calories for women? Although this position only burns 23 calories for men, I’m sure he won’t mind! Have fun in this position and don’t be afraid to let your wild side loose! Rawr!

To Do This Position: The male partner lays on his back and keeps his legs straight and relaxed (or bent if you prefer) while the female partner saddles. There are many variations to this position; Reverse Cowgirl is a reader favorite!

Our Favorite Variation of this Position

#2 The Wheelbarrow Position: This  position is not for the faint at heart! More challenging than your average missionary, I recommend this position for highly active couples or couples who are looking for something outside the box. Although this isn’t the easiest position,  it burns 59 calories for men and 78 for women, making it worth your efforts. Use pillows for padding as needed!

To Do This Position: The female partner gets down on hands and knees while the male partner comes behind her standing up and lifts her legs off the ground, mounting her over his waistline for easy penetration and unique stimulation. Again, there are many variations to this position so choose the one that best suits you and your partner.

Our Favorite Variation of this Position

#1 The Sex Position Winner In Calorie Burning Abilities: Stand And Deliver Sex Position
This sex position burns the most calories by far, especially if the female partner is taller than her male counterpart. 90 Calories on average are burned for both parties in this position so be prepared for things to get intense!

To Do This Position: Stand facing one another, using the wall for support if needed. The male partner may need to kneel slightly during insertion for this to work smoothly. Good variations for this position are having your man pick you up as you wrap your legs around his waist, lifting one leg up over his shoulder or lifting one knee up into his chest or shoulder area for deeper penetration. Adjust accordingly depending on your comfort level.

Our Favorite Variation of this Position

Just For Fun Sex Position of the Day:

Spread Eagle Sex Position

To do this sex position, the female partner stands with legs spread apart, elevated on short sofa or large chair (make sure it’s a flat and stable surface for safety reasons), leaning against a wall for support (if needed) while the male partner holds onto her thighs and thrusts in a standing position. I don’t know how many calories this burns, but it’s at least as much as the Stand & Deliver Sex Position and just as fun!

Other Fun Ways To Burn More Calories During Sex


  • In an Airplane Lavatory or other REALLY cramped space +100 Calories Burned
  • Back of Your Car +38 Calories Burned
  • On a Chair/Stool +20 Calories Burned
  • Hammock +155 Calories Burned
  • Hospital Bed +98 Calories Burned
  • Floor +11 Calories Burned
  • Couch +17 Calories Burned

Sound Effects:

  • Moaning +6 Calories Burned
  • Screaming +18 Calories Burned
  • Begging +22 Calories Burned


  • Added Forplay/Oral Action +40 Calories Burned

Did You Know?

  • 1 Hour of Vigorous Forplay Burns 1 Large Slice of Chocolate Cake
  • 30 Minutes of Nonstop Lovemaking Burns Off 2 Slices of Pizza
  • 1 Hour Intense Makeout Session Burns 1 Cheeseburger & 15 French Fries

Studies show sex, aside from being highly pleasurable, fun & exciting, also decreases stress levels, improves blood circulation, improves your cardiovascular health, mental health & overall well being. It also improves the condition of your skin, hair and nails. If you ask me, sexual fun is a win-win situation every single time. Just remember to use protection!

We Support Safe Sex!

Remember to Protect Yourself & the Ones You Love by Using Protection Every Time.

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