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No Time for Black Friday this year? Shop Online with Romance Attack!




Don’t have time to shop in physical stores this year?

That’s totally understandable! What with cooking a big family dinner and maybe watching the game, where’s the time to shop on down to your local adult boutique to get your honey that special sexy gift?

Well, with Romance Attack’s GREAT Online Sales, you can totally make that romantic gift happen this year by shopping online!

No hassle, no fuss and enjoy the BEST Black Friday Deals that the internet can offer!

Complete with ALWAYS Free Samples, we’ve also added some FREE Gifts for Black Friday Sales, Top Notch Discounts AND Even FREE Shipping!

Check out the Sales Below if you don’t believe me!

Happy Holidays!

This year, we have some pretty great deals going from Thanksgiving (11/24/11) all through the weekend until Monday (11/28/11).

The deals are as follows:

  • FREE GIFT VIBE for ALL ORDERS OVER $25 + 20% OFF your order!

PLEASE NOTE! Coupon Codes MUST BE USED to Claim discounts!

  • For 20% OFF Your Order, USE COUPON CODE: 20OFF
  • No Coupon Code Necessary for your FREE GIFT, Simply type into the Notes Section: GIVE ME MY FREE GIFT! and it will be sent with your order!

Terms: One per logged in customer so make one large purchase rather than several small ones to get the best deals!

Enjoy your Black Friday Savings !

Disclaimer: These sales only apply to our online website.

Monthly Online Specials & Discounts!

Here are some of the great monthly specials going on NOW!

Be Sure to Put Your Order in Before These Offers Expire!

  • 15% OFF ALL Orders of $10 or More!
  • ALL Orders Receive FREE Samples with their order!
  • Register As An Romance Attack Online Customer NOW & Get 20% OFF ALL Orders of $150 or More!
  • From Now Until the End of August, ALL Purchases of $75 or More get a FREE GIFT ($38 Value)!

That’s it for now, more to come later!

Shop Now & Reap the Rewards At Romance Attack Online!

Ask Kinky Kate A Question Is Back!

Powering into 2011 with class & style, I decided to bring back this “Ask Kinky Kate a Question” Contest for all of you who didn’t get the chance to submit last time. Same rules apply. I’ve pasted them below for good measure.

Good Luck!

That being said, I’ve decided to host a contest on the RA Blog where readers write in to me by emailing all submissions to Webmaster@RomanceAttack.Biz and submit either an idea for a blog subject you would like to learn more about (bondage, specific toy feature, etc.) or you may submit an entire blog that you yourself write and I will choose 3 of the best either ideas (which I will blog on) or blogs themselves (which will be posted here on the RA blog).

All Blogs and Blog Ideas should pertain to pleasure, sex toys, adult life, love life, relationships as they pertain to sexual relationships and pleasure, BDSM, Kinks, Etc. Blog Posts or Ideas may be Fiction or Non-Fiction. This means you may submit a blog that is informational, opinionated, based on your own experiences or fictional erotica.

Keep it tasteful!

Please keep the blog post at or under 1,000 words.

One Submission/Entry per person, No Exceptions. Attempting to enter more than one post from the same person will result in a disqualification. (*Please Note: All Blog Posts Written Should Be Submitted To My Email NOT the Twitter or Comment Space Below*)

Email us at Webmaster@RomanceAttack.Biz to Submit a Blog Post or Blog Idea to Us Before the Deadline (March 31, 2011) & Remember to Subscribe to the RA Blog in order for your entry to be considered valid!

Blogs may be submitted with a request to use a pen name if chosen for publication on the RA Blog. (* Please Note this if desired otherwise your real name will be credited on your blog unless otherwise requested beforehand*)

For all duplicate ideas; please note that the first person to submit that idea will be accepted and no other duplicates. Other duplicates are auto-disqualified unless idea is a variant of an idea. Example: Bondage is a blog idea but you can be more creative and ask for a blog about Girl on Girl Bondage or Dominatrix Vs. Master.)

Full writer credit will be given to the writer if they should be chosen as a guest blogger on RA. No payment will be issued at any time in the present, future or at any other time period. At not time may money or any time of payment be claimed from Romance Attack or any of its associates. BUT the TOP 3 Ideas OR Blogs that are chosen will receive one FREE Item of the following & publication of their idea or written blog on the RA Blog:

  • 1st Place Winner: 1 FREE TSX Toy or Other NEW Toy (Genre may be chosen: Anal, Dildo, Vibe, etc.) PLUS Complimentary Lubricants & Single Condoms.
  • 2nd Place Winner: 1 FREE Full Sized Lubricants, Lotions, Oils, Supplements Gift Basket (Variety of items in small sizes will be sent of 5-10 items)
  • 3rd Place Winner: 1 FREE Full Sized Lubricant or Massage Oil (Cannot Choose Brand, but CAN choose which one they want- Lubricant or Massage Oil)

This is a fun opportunity for those of you who are writers and want to share your expertise on a specific subject or for those of you who want to hear more about a certain subject that you think hasn’t been discussed.

The Deadline to Enter is March 31 2011.

The 3 Winners Will be Chosen by the 15th of April and sent out immediately with response from the chosen winners!

Email All Submissions to Webmaster@RomanceAttack.Biz.

Have Fun & Remember to Subscribe!


Shop with Romance Attack Online this Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and all through until Sunday for GREAT DEALS!

25% OFF ALL Anal Toys and ALL Lubricants PLUS FREE SHIPPING on purchases of $100 or More!

If that’s not enough, Romance Attack is also offering 3 FREE Samples with ALL Orders of $25 or More!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Weekend!!

Check Out the Latest Promotions & Offers @ Romance Attack!

Everyone at Romance Attack agrees that it’s time for some holiday style cheer and because we love to treat our customers with winter hospitality, we have decided to implement some promotions for loyal Romance Attack. Biz customers, New RA Customers  & some offers even apply to those Guest just passing through to Shop!

Here’s the Latest Offers From Romance Attack:

Tis’ the season to be jolly…for FREE Shipping that is!

I LOVE Free Shipping because, to me, it means I can spend that extra $5-$10 that I don’t have to spend on shipping on some other cute little sex toy, bedside lubricants or massage oils of my choice. In the coming months, I know I’m going to be using that extra cash that I save on cute little basic traditional vibes for my girls this holiday season. And now you can too!

When you spend $50 or more anytime from now (yep, right now!) until December 25, 2010, you can get FREE Shipping!

And that’s not all..

Also, when you spend $25 or more on Any Item(s), you will become eligible for 3 FREE Sample Items of Your Choice! What’s really cool about this offer is the fact that you can choose your samples; I love trying new things and one of the appealing things about this promotion is that I can pick items I want to try, but don’t want to purchase the full size item before I know I like it. Not only that, but I find that I can also choose samples for my honey and use them as stocking stuffers for Christmas! 😉

And Lastly…

15% OFF All Orders For New & Existing Customers!

That’s right, whether you’re a loyal RA customer or want to be one ;), once you become a customer, you’re eligible for 15% Off your order. Totally awesome & instant gratification which, if I’m honest, is what I’m ALL about.

Happy Holidays 🙂

Look Out for Changes Coming to Romance Attack!

@Romance Attack, we realize we need to keep up the the times, trends & newest products  in the industry which is why we’re completely renovating our site!

That’s right, in the coming days and weeks you will see our layout and colors change, our category names tweaked and changed and best of all, NEW products! We are beginning to receive this year’s newest releases in all categories from toys to bondage to high end jewelry!

As always, I’ll keep blogging away, especially as we receive new products that I can test, try and talk about as I receive them and deliver the good news to you!

Also coming to you is holiday sales, specials, FREE stuff & other promotional offers!

The first FREE giveaway happening this month is @TSXToys so go sign up to win a FREE TSX Toy New Release or look for the link @RomanceAttack Twitter page!

New Things Are Coming To Romance Attack!

Very soon you will all begin seeing changes coming to Romance Attack! We are doing a pretty big overhaul on the site in terms of :

– Site Design
– New and Exciting Products
– New & Updated Content
– New Blog Weekly Product Reviews
– New Blogs featuring Great Helpful Sex Advice, Tips & Other Fun Ideas
– Great Sales, Promotional Offers, & Giveaways

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Check back here at the Romance Attack Blog daily for updates on What’s New, What’s Happening & What’s To Come @Romance Attack