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Have A Very Naughty Easter + Easter Deals!


From Everyone At Masturgasm, We Wish You A Happy {Hopefully Naughty!} Easter!

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2″ Skeleton Penis Extension

Penis Extensions can add a whole new dimension to your sex life, especially if you’ve never tried them and for those with E.D. (erectile dysfunction), this amazing sex toy offers a pleasurable way to assist in keeping longer standing erections for more time. However you use it, extenders can add stimulation, length, girth and more to your sexual experiences!

3 Extra Inches Penis Extension

2.75″ Frenchy Penis Extender

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Mr. Ed Pony Extension

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4 Romantic Ways to Spend the Holidays!

As the holidays approach, we remember and rejoice with the people we love the most: our families, friends and close acquaintances. And as the holidays bring lots of great food, coziness, love and cheer, I begin to consider how we can all add some romance to our lives with our significant other or maybe just a close friend. Here’s a few ways to spend your holiday weekend or perhaps just a night with someone you intimately care about:

  • Journey to your nearest summit or mountain town and enjoy the snow for a night or two! Cuddle up in a log cabin or mountain resort for some bath-side lovemaking and go skiing or snowboarding in the morning.
  • Take a trip to the beach and enjoy the breeze if you’re near a shoreline. Throw a bonfire if the weather’s right and enjoy the beach at night with friends or your lover or both!
  • Stay in for a day or two and make it a movie night! Rent movies or pull out your own collection and enjoy quality family and friends time.
  • If your budget allows, fly to a small and quaint town that you know is expecting snowy weather. Enjoy the shops and people for a few days. Bask in the idyllic atmosphere.

Whatever you do, remember to enjoy yourself, smile, laugh, and love a LOT. Throw yourself into the arms of a passionate embrace at least once or twice and write down some resolutions for 2013.

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Happy Holidays!

Yours Truly,

Kinky Kate


Happy Friday + Live Out Your Twilight Fantasies With Our Wolfman Toys!

Pinned Image

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s Friday, as you know, but today is also the release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and I thought, what better way to commemorate the event than with our most-loved furry toys?

Team Jacob lovers would be proud, right? 😉

Do Check them out & Have a lovely weekend!

Wolfman Extension

Wolfman Dildo

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Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day 2012!

As this fun holiday only comes (mostly) once every four years, enjoy the day, be inspired by it’s name and leap into 2012 with enthusiasm, joy and anticipation for greater things to come!


Fun Facts You May Not Know About Leap Years:

  • A normal year contains 365 days; leap years contain 366 days.
  • Today is actually a holiday in Ireland where women are traditionally expected to propose to a man. If the man turns them down, he is expected to give them cash or clothing though, so it may be nice to propose to someone just in order to get some loot! (Just kidding 😉
  • Hindu & Hebrew calendars include full Leap Months.
  • The earth’s rotation takes a whopping 365.25 days so an extra day is added to the calendar every 4 years in order to account for the extra quarter of a day that adds up to 1 day over the span of 4 years. This keeps our seasonal calendar on track.
  • Chinese calendars have leap years, but theirs feature one leap year every 3 years as opposed to every 4.
  • Those born on February 29th can celebrate their birthday on basically any day they want (though usually default on Feb. 28 or Mar. 1) since it technically only comes once every four years! Talk about aging slower than the rest of us!
  • The rapper Ja Rule was born on a leap year on Feb. 29th.
  • Julius Caesar introduced the Leap Year to the Romans 2,000 years ago.