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Your Guide to the Fishnet Fetish


So, what is a fishnet fetish? The fishnet fetish is a sub-genre of the underwear fetish and largely pertains to those who gain arousal by someone wearing fishnet or wearing fishnet themselves. This can include masturbation onto fishnet, watching someone put on and take off fishnet, or wearing fishnet on their own body. There are many ways in which fishnet can be enjoyed and here are a few ways we’ve found most enjoyable!

Your Guide to the Fishnet Fetish

  • Determine Your Point of Arousal. Are you aroused by someone else wearing fishnet or just yourself? Do you enjoy seeing them on, taking them off, or touching them to your erogenous parts? Would you prefer enjoying this fetish alone or with someone else? Answering these questions can help you to fully enjoy your fun fetish!
  • Try Solo and Mutual Play with Fishnet.  Depending on how you prefer to enjoy your fishnet fetish, you can try erotic fishnet play by yourself and also with a partner. By yourself, you can try them on or simply use them as a point of stimulation during masturbation. With a partner, your partner could wear them, you could wear them, or they can be incorporated into your mutual masturbation, foreplay fun, and even intercourse.
  • Experiment with Other Stocking Fetishes for Further Enjoyment. Once you’ve had some fun with your fishnet fetish, you might consider trying out other stocking fetishes to see if you enjoy them as well. This includes using nylons, thigh high stockings, and other stocking materials during your erotic play. It can add a whole new layer of enjoyment and pleasure!

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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