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how to have sex in a graveyard

What Leads to Sex In A Graveyard?


Sex in a graveyard may seem like a bizarre concept, but it happens and there are a few reasons why. Thrill seekers around this time of year may be considering a quick romp among the tombstones so here are some little known facts to what might lead to sex in a spooky atmosphere this Halloween.

What Leads to Sex In A Graveyard?

Sex in public places might not be your bag, but if it is, that’s cool with us. Just make sure you’re safe and don’t get caught because it’s totally illegal! If you were curious about how people end up having sex in a graveyard, here are a few reasons why it happens time and again.

  • Thrill Seekers – Some people are natural-born thrill seekers and enjoy sex in public places. A graveyard is just one of the many places you could enjoy some exciting sex for the fall season.
  • It’s Quiet and Romantic – You know what they say, cemeteries are dead silent! Some people find a kind of peace, comfort, and even a sense of romance among the dead which is why they end up in romantic or otherwise lustful entanglements among the tombstones.
  • Taboo and Dangerous – It’s obviously a taboo things to have sex in a graveyard, but some people get excited at the thought of getting caught, creating “life” where lives end, and the idea that graveyards are public places where people might see them.
  • The Spirits Watch Over You – Other people might enjoy the fact that they imagine the dead watching them get down and dirty on the cemetery lawn under a full moon.

Would You Have Sex In A Graveyard?

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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