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What Is A Latex Fetish?

latex fetish lifestyle

If you’ve never heard the term rubberists, then don’t worry; we’re about to broaden your horizons with a kind of bondage you might want to try! Those in the latex community, commonly referred to as rubberists, encompass anyone who enjoys a latex lifestyle. Those who enjoy wearing latex clothing, indulging in pleasure that involves latex in their sexual experiences, and have latex sex parties on the regular may consider themselves latex lovers at heart and many consider it a complete lifestyle.

What Is A Latex Fetish? 

A latex fetish entails a person who is either attracted to those who wear latex clothing or one who enjoys wearing the latex clothing themselves and derives pleasure from doing so. The fetish gained popularity during the 60’s and 70’s, but has been around since the 1800’s and originated in Scotland. It’s rumored to have begun with raincoats and evolved from there. Latex fetishism is considered an all-encompassing lifestyle for many “rubberists” (or “rubbermen” for gay men). Latex fetishists always enjoy pleasure and sex related acts with latex involved. While it may seem strange to a non-latex lover, rubberists gain much pleasure from their latex-wearing lifestyles. In fact, many claim that latex makes them feel naked in their “second skin” latex outfits which is a turn-on. Others enjoy the tightness of the latex and practice a form of bondage, domination, and submission through the use of latex clothing and devices as they enjoy feeling confined and bound with latex. Enjoyment is also gained from any kind of rubber material, especially PVC sex toys. Some also find the scent of latex to be an erotic turn-on as well. Latex clothing is a great way to feel empowered or submissive, depending on the situation, and be a great way to let someone know you’re up for playing a little rough!

Where Are Latex Lifestyles Most Popular?

Latex lifestyles, including parades and local parties and festivals, are most popular in larger urban cities such as New York, Berlin, Montreal, and San Francisco. In some areas of these cities, you may even see rubberists out and about in their latex attire as it is considered a part of their life.

Popular Latex Accessories: 

The most popular latex accessories include specially made latex clothing and quality is very important! The latex clothing should be sewn together, not glued, in order to be longer lasting and not fall apart during use. Aside from latex clothing worn directly on your body, other popular latex accessories and items include cloaks, gas masks, splash suits,  sleep sacks (full body suits), vacuum beds, Mackintoshes (full-length water proof coats), and galoshes (rubber rain boots).

Latex Safety and Sex Tips:

  • First up, make sure you are NOT allergic to latex!
  • Buy some nice latex clothing, a few latex accessories, and PVC toys.
  • Take your latex play slow and steady – Take your time and explore what you like before jumping into full on latex sex parties.
  • Have Fun!

If you’re considering trying out some latex loving, there are a few tips we can share with you to help encourage and enjoy the experience more fully! Firstly, establish whether or not you will simply include latex in your sexual experience or if you plan on including BDSM practices. If you plan on incorporating bondage into your fun, you will want to follow the same BDSM safety guidelines (use of safe words, discussing list of acceptable practices, etc.) as any other kind of bondage play. On top of that, be aware of safety concerns when it comes to latex as hydration is so important with this kind of material since it can increase body heat and perspiration. On top of that, remember not to constrict yourself too tightly for extended periods of time as this can restrict your breathing. If you plan on using a vacuum bed, make sure you have a partner as they can be extremely dangerous when operated alone. Remember, also, that latex is easily affected by heat so avoid being near hot areas, heaters, etc. as the material can warp and melt. Be sure to use lubricant or talcum powder before attempting to put on your latex outfits as this will make it much easier to slip into. Keeping your latex clothing clean and in good condition by using a latex cleaner and spray and keeping away from oil, metal and heat. Be aware that when you are wearing the clothing or using accessories, your movement may be restricted so exercise caution and safety during use. You can also gain other insights and support from the International Association of Rubberists and Fetlife. And remember – have fun 😉

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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