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Your Guide to the Fishnet Fetish


So, what is a fishnet fetish? The fishnet fetish is a sub-genre of the underwear fetish and largely pertains to those who gain arousal by someone wearing fishnet or wearing fishnet themselves. This can include masturbation onto fishnet, watching someone put on and take off fishnet, or wearing fishnet on their own body. There are many ways in which fishnet can be enjoyed and here are a few ways we’ve found most enjoyable!

Your Guide to the Fishnet Fetish

  • Determine Your Point of Arousal. Are you aroused by someone else wearing fishnet or just yourself? Do you enjoy seeing them on, taking them off, or touching them to your erogenous parts? Would you prefer enjoying this fetish alone or with someone else? Answering these questions can help you to fully enjoy your fun fetish!
  • Try Solo and Mutual Play with Fishnet.  Depending on how you prefer to enjoy your fishnet fetish, you can try erotic fishnet play by yourself and also with a partner. By yourself, you can try them on or simply use them as a point of stimulation during masturbation. With a partner, your partner could wear them, you could wear them, or they can be incorporated into your mutual masturbation, foreplay fun, and even intercourse.
  • Experiment with Other Stocking Fetishes for Further Enjoyment. Once you’ve had some fun with your fishnet fetish, you might consider trying out other stocking fetishes to see if you enjoy them as well. This includes using nylons, thigh high stockings, and other stocking materials during your erotic play. It can add a whole new layer of enjoyment and pleasure!

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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Your Single Ladies Guide to Masturbation

single gals guide to masturbation

Your Single Ladies Guide to Masturbation

 For us single ladies who enjoy many indulgent and pleasurable nights in, we value our “me” time. Since I know self-pleasure is where it’s at, I thought I’d come up with a few tips to help you enjoy your solo nights to the absolute fullest 😉

  1. Make Sure You’re Alone – First off, make sure you’re alone! Whether that means sneaking off by yourself or waiting til nobody’s home, it’s up to you; just make sure your door is locked!
  2. Pick the Perfect Toy – The next thing you want to do is pick the perfect toy(s). What are you into? Vibrators, vibrating dildos, realistic dildos, or pure anal toys? Pick your favorites and make sure they’re handy wherever you plan to have your fun.
  3. Have Lubricants At Arm’s Length – After that, be sure you have your favorite lubricants on hand. If you plan to use toys for your masturbation session, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a water based lubricant so that they don’t conflict with your toys (silicone lubes will break down toy materials).
  4. Explore Your Pleasure Spots – Now that you have all your pleasure tools, it’s time for some fun! Explore your erogenous zones, methods of masturbation, and see what you enjoy. You never know until you try and alone time is the perfect moment to see what you like 😉
  5. Entertain Yourself – If you want a little entertainment, put on your favorite naughty film! It can be as tame or wild as you like; just make sure you have some headphones if you have roommates or aren’t totally alone.
  6. Enjoy A Hot Shower – Once you’re done or if you prefer a unique erotic experience, hop in the shower for some wet fun!


Single Gal’s Night-In Essentials

Good Luck 😉

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11 New Things To Try In Bed

  • New Positions: If you want something simple to try, new positions can definitely make things more exciting in the bedroom. Requiring only a computer or positions book to find positions, this one will keep you busy all night long! For a list of sex positions that also burn calories, click here.
  • Mutual Masturbation: This requires a little bit of trust and a lot of confidence. Although it may make you feel a little self-conscious, this can be a lot of fun and really enjoyable for both parties. For more on masturbation, click here.
  • Anal Sex: Trying anal sex is not for everyone, but many do find it to be extremely pleasurable. I recommend you do research on this in order to prevent pain and/or injuries as there is a certain technique when first starting out. For more information on anal sex, click here.
  • BDSM: This one is not for the faint at heart! Kinky sex is not for everyone, but for a large community of people, kink brings a whole other level of pleasure (and sometimes a little pain) to your sex life. If you’re unsure whether you’d enjoy this sort of thing, you can always start out easy and try handcuffs or a blindfold to see if you like it or not before moving onto more advanced play. Find out more about BDSM here. Get the 411 on Spanking here.
  • Toys: This can be a fun area to try for both parties! There are a wide variety of toys out there, including couples toys, that anyone can try and enjoy. Plus, you can enjoy these toys alone or together, whichever you choose. Check out our toy selections here. Check out more on how sex toys work and the different types of toys by clicking here. For a list of fun toys to try, check out my article here.
  • Play Dress Up: This could mean a number of things. For some, this might just mean getting dressed up in skimpy lingerie for your partner. For others, this could mean full on cosplay or naughty schoolgirl roleplaying. Check out my article on lingerie for your body type here. Which brings me to…
  • Roleplaying: Yep! Roleplaying. Roleplaying can be fun for both parties, especially if you’re into a specific fantasy or have an out of this world fetish. Plus, it’s just fun to dress up and play a role, isn’t it?
  • Pole Dancing: If you have kids, this might not be so easy to try, although they do sell collapsing poles now that are mobile and easy to take down after using to store. This can be fun for a number of reasons:For one, dancers get to show off their sexy side by dressing and moving in a sexual way to please their partner. Those on the receiving end get to enjoy the show and maybe a lap dance! Check out my 5 Reasons Every Woman Should Pole Dance article here.
  • Menage-a-Trois (Threesome): Depending on the relationship you have, this could or could not be something you want to try. Communication is key and finding out whether you both share the same fantasy or are even willing to try something like this. It also involves careful planning so that there is no jealousy involved and that everyone is truly okay with the arrangement. Want to experience a 3-some without a third party? Click here for how to do it!
  • Sex in Public/ Places: Sex in public is, admittedly, illegal. I am not suggesting you go somewhere public and get it on, but I am suggesting you enjoy yourself in any environment different than where you normal would to create a nice change of pace. Whether that’s in your kitchen or laundry room or maybe somewhere else, I’ll leave that to your discretion. Just make sure it doesn’t involve you and your partner getting arrested! For fun places to have sex, check out a list here.
  • Tantric Sex: This is a different kind of sex entirely. Some claim this to be highly spiritual and it’s actually frequently linked to yoga practitioners. Tantra is considered a spiritual experience wherein the prolonged enjoyment of sex leads to a higher state of being. To read more on tantric sex, check out my article on it here.
  • Food: Food and your senses can make sex a lot more fun and interesting. Whether this means whip cream, chocolate syrup, ice, or edible body paints is up to you. There’s also the option of inserting certain unmentionables into your unmentionables, but that’s all to your discretion! To find out more on which foods increase your libido check out articles vol. 1 & vol. 2 for a list of foods to help libido. For foods to naturally cure impotence, click here.

Masturbation: Victorian Vs. Modern Society

Hello Everyone!

I’m back this week with another edition of Victorian Naughtiness… or something of the like. This week’s topic is masturbation. What was the public opinion on the matter? Did people EVER masturbate or??

Find out more below!

In Victorian times, masturbation was seen as a downright moral disgrace. Completely shunned by society, masturbation was even believed to cause heart disorders, cancer and hysteria (hello! OBVIOUSLY this one is true ;). Some even claimed that while it may not cause the 3 former conditions (Wth? they don’t even know?), it would surely worsen an existing health concern. It would also, undoubtedly, lead to hopeless insanity that was inheritable by your offspring. So, ladies and gentleman, be wary of masturbation as it is literally a sickness that can be transferred to your children! (hehe, kidding!)

Lastly, in the rarest of cases, some women accused of masturbation were subject to clitoridectomy (removal of clitoris). In extreme and extremely rare cases, even children or babies thought to be touching themselves might be subjected to clitoridectomy (not sure why little boys and men never were; can you guess?) and forever shamed by society or sent to convents. In spite of it all, masturbation was most likely still practiced during this time although it was likely a VERY personal secret due to the serious consequences one subjected themselves to if caught in the act. It is even more likely that masturbation was rare, not due to lack of desire, but only due to fear of the repercussions.

Back to the present! Thank goodness, all that talk of clitoridectomy really freaks me out. Thankfully, in modern days, society frowns upon the act of clitoridectomy rather than encourages it. Nowadays, masturbation is much more acceptable and sometimes even openly discussed among peers. Sex has graciously become a topic widely discussed as the years rush on. Still, with all the open minds, there are small populations of people who still consider masturbation immoral and wrong, specifically certain religious sects who believe this practice to be a sin against God and a way to bring Satan into your life(I do not believe in this!). I have actually even found websites that claim masturbation to be harmful to the body which I believe is completely and totally false. Studies have shown that masturbation and sex are both physically beneficial to the body, the heart, and your immunity. Whatever your beliefs, I humbly beg you to visit a credible medical website (WebMD is a good one!) or contact your primary physician with your concerns.

Tune in Soon for Another Edition of Victorian Vs. Modern Society!

Click Here to Read Sex In Victorian Times Vs. Today!

Auto Erotica 101

Auto Erotica…AKA Masturbation…AKA Onanism…AKA Self-Abuse…AKA Self-Pollution? WAIT A SECOND. What?

If you’re not sure what I’m getting at, let’s start from the beginning. Masturbation. Masturbation is the act of pleasuring oneself, usually with a goal of ultimate orgasm. There are many variations of that, but they usually involve that same basic A to B goal. It has been done for as long as we (humans) can remember and is even referred to in ancient texts. Even so, some people believe that masturbation is unhealthy, unlawful, disgusting, and abnormal…so is it?

My first response is Absolutely NOT.

Why, do you ask?

Well, for a few reasons.

For one, did you know that masturbation is one of the best ways to give your day a lift in a literal and literally physical biological way?

This means that the biological chemistry of our body is boosted by masturbating.

It actually FIGHTS depression. You read right. It fights depression. If you’re depressed and considering medication like zoloft, consider first masturbation or the art of self love.

Other benefits?

Masturbation releases endorphins just like during sex that help boost your mood and give you a feeling of contentment.

Masturbation also helps boost your self confidence and self esteem. That’s right. The art of self love literally helps you love yourself more. I don’t know about you, but I can always use more of that.

Many believe that masturbation can also promote a harmonious relationship.

Both masturbation and sexual intercourse help to lower blood pressure.

Masturbation also lowers stress and anxiety levels, reduces headaches and helps us fall asleep.

Masturbation also boosts our immune system which helps prevent illness.

There is NO, I repeat NO scientific evidence to support the facts that many say masturbation is bad for you, not physically nor psychologically. While too much masturbation may cause swelling, bruising or rash due to too much friction or possibly desensitization, these side effects are often rare and caused by callused or rough hands,  overeager stroking or lack of lubrication. Anyway, it in no way will permanently harm you. In that case, you may need to lay off the self love for a week or so until your bruises heal.

Here are some Myths about Masturbation that are NOT true:

  • Hairy Palms: I don’t even know how someone came up with this. This is just bizarre. No medical research backs this up, it’s not true so don’t worry.
  • Blindness & Insanity: A study done by Kinsey in 1950s showed that over 90% of men and 70% of women masturbated in their lifetime. Wouldn’t they all be blind and insane if this were true? We’d be a living “Zombieland” so obviously this one is false.
  • Masturbation Causes Acne: If this were true, every 14 year old boy would have acne and, well, they clearly don’t.
  • Masturbating is For Singles or Loners Only: Actually, masturbation is for everyone. Those who are singles AND in relationships report masturbating regularly. Some claim it also promotes harmony in their relationship.

While some religious, moral and cultural beliefs may shame or guilt in their social groups, claiming that masturbation is sinful, harmful or morally wrong, it is actually good for your physical and mental health. Obviously, the viewpoints on masturbation will depend on your own religion or culture, but I don’t believe a righteous loving God would condemn self love in any form. If you are suffering from guilt or shame, talking to a therapist about why you feel the way you do about masturbation and they may help you overcome these feelings. If your masturbation habits are interfering with your daily life, happiness, etc., you may want to consider also visiting a therapist to find out why your masturbation habits are so frequent.

So, all in all, the thesaurus is wrong.  I don’t believe that masturbation is in any way self- abuse or self- pollution. It is considered perfectly normal and healthy by the medical community and actually supports your physical and mental well being.

When it comes down to it, the choice is yours, so do what’s right for you and be happy.

Here are 2 Great Toys for Masturbation:



Happy Friday!

The Deep Stroker Rabbit: A Miracle In Orgasms

I’m not someone who is easily impressed by any old vibe. Being in this industry and learning about all of the toys and lubricants and things, you quickly discover there are MANY different styles of vibes, dildos and other toys. Some are incredible, some are good, some are okay and others not so good. The Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator is in its own league when it comes to the world of pleasure. This vibrator LITERALLY does it all .I mean, I’m not a fan of the cheesy 80’s packaging thing they’ve got going on here, but the vibrator itself is pretty sensational. Not only does it function VERY well and cause my body to literally convulse with erotic euphoria, but it does it over and over and over and each time is different, while still being incredibly powerful and satisfying.

The Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator features rotating beads that spin, of course, during use for added vaginal stimulation, a rabbit ear clitoral stimulator for clitoris stimulation during use and various speeds of vibration for both the clitoral stimulator and the vibe itself. Lastly, the best part about the Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator is that it’s most treasured function thrusts the vibe into your pleasure zones with little to no effort on your part. This is my favorite function. The vibrator features incredible up and down thrusting motions that can be controlled depending on how fast or slow you want the thrusting action to be. Separate controls for the clitoral vibrations, shaft vibrations and thrust speed allow for a completely customized personal sexual experience or a fun addition to time with your partner. After a weekend with the Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator, you’ll be as convinced as I am.

Guaranteed to Make you Sqweel with Excitement!

Introducing the Sqweel Oral Sex Simulation Toy from LoveHoney®, a revolutionary sex toy that promises the most gratifying orgasms to date without any over complicated functions!

The All New Sqweel is this New toy from LoveHoney® that everyone has been raving about and so I decided to go check out Romance Attack Northwest while I’m here in town and pick one up before I head home tomorrow.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love vibrators just as much as the next woman, but this toy is really incredible. At first, I wasn’t really buying the idea of a toy that doesn’t vibrate or have any electronic functions because, up until now, I didn’t believe I could feel sexually satisfied without those functions in a toy.

In fact, in using this toy instead of my previous favorite novelty vibrator, the Pink Platinum Remote Body Wave, I did feel a bit guilty and I could swear I heard my Pink Platinum whispering words of angry betrayal at me, but I have to say that LoveHoney® outdid themselves with this toy as it’s simple and yet produces incredible results during use every single time I’ve used it.

It doesn’t vibrate, thrust or do any of the functions we’ve all become accustomed to seeing in all of the multi-speed mult-functional rabbit vibrators that are so loved by us all for their magically orgasmic powers. In contrast, the Sqweel perfectly simulates oral sex with it’s 10 deliciously textured tongues that rotate on a wheel for the most incredible stimulation that is directly controlled by you, the user.

That being said,imagine having complete control over your boyfriend while he goes down on you. All those things he could have done to please you perfectly to ecstasy and yet didn’t because somehow men think women can get off as long as they do it hard and fast? Okay, now I’m projecting…

ANYWAY, if that sounds familiar, imagine having direct control over what your boyfriend does to please you in your most intimate areas: That is exactly what it’s like to use the cute Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Toy.

Not only can you use it exclusively for alone time wherever, whenever, but you can also get this little miracle involved in your sexual encounters by having your partner use it on you or vice versa as it’s quite a lot of fun and definitely a lot of pleasure!

High Tech Vibrators That Literally Do What You Tell Them To Do!

In the words of the brilliant Daft Punk, I find myself also thinking of 3 items we have that really wholeheartedly embody these words, you know, while I’m jamming to this super catchy beat. These 3 items each have their own unique characteristics based upon physical design, but they all serve the same function:

They are all voice activated!

That’s right. We finally have some extremely sexy, super feminine power multispeed vibrators that will do whatever you want. Featuring a wide variety of commands that each of these three vibrators will recognize, all you have to do is program the vibrator to your voice and it will do whatever you choose during those pleasurable hours of fun!

The commands include: Harder, Do Me, Faster, Relax & Take Me!

Each command given is recognized through the vibrator and causes an action. For example, if you command the vibrator to go “Faster,” the vibration speed will increase. Not only do this enable a completely personable and customizable experience for its user, it allows for orgasm after orgasm for hours and hours! So next time you’re bored, horny and home alone, take out your delicious Voice Activated Vibrator and enjoy sensations of ecstasy for as long as you want! It will definitely do what you say!

Available in 3 Designs: Slim & Sultry, Hunk & Bunny

These vibrators go great with Pink Frolic Water Based Lubricant because its an incredibly long lasting lubricant that is specially formulated for use with toys, hypoallergenic so it won’t break you out and moisturizing so it will pamper your skin while you indulge in pleasure!

If you’re looking for something with a little more spontaneity, this Wet Adventure Set has plenty of different fun flavored lubricants for you to try! They’re perfect for that weekend getaway or a companion if you plan on using your new voice activated toy with a friend or lover!

Check out these fun toy wipes for easy, quick clean up wherever you are!

We Support Safe Sex!

Please remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms every time.