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multi-useful massage oil

Practically Magical Massage Oil: An Incredible Oil With Many Uses!

This delicious massage oil is all natural, handmade and multi-useful.  Handmade with all natural cold pressed oils, erotically fragrant massage oil is great for couples’ massages, use as a lubricant or stimulant, or mixed with hot water, poured over a washcloth and used as a facial steam. It may also be added to a hot bath for a nice aromatherapy, scent and moisturizing nourishment for the skin. If you run out of body lotion or body oil, this massage oil may be applied in place of either and offers great softening and moisturizing benefits to your skin.

For use as a massage oil, you can create certain warming, cooling, relaxing, or tingling effects based on scent choice. For warming, any will do but Romance or Vanilla Bean are favorites. For cooling, Cucumber & Spearmint both work well. Spearmint is a great choice for Tingling effects and Lavender is the best option for Relaxation.

For use as a Lubricant or Stimulant, the same Fragrance choices can be made here as  for Massage Oil use. Personally, I think Spearmint is an incredible choice it is a sexy Stimulant as it is Refreshing, Tingling, and Intoxicating Scent.

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For use as a facial steam, simply choose your favorite scent. My recommendations are Spearmint for Cooling Effects, Lavender for Anti-Inflammation, and Cucumber for Cooling or Refreshing effects.

For use as a body or bath oil, simply use your favorite scent & add a few tablespoons to your bath water or apply  onto your body as sparsely or liberally as you wish.