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naughty halloween 2015

Kinky Halloween Games to Play!


Halloween is coming and there are some naughty Halloween games you can enjoy with your partner this Hallow’s Eve that we’ve come up with. These are so much fun, really easy to customize to your sexual tastes, and require little to no prep time!

Kinky Halloween Games to Play!

  • Naughty Blind Man’s Bluff – Blindfold your partner and have your way with them! Use dildos,butt plugs, feathers, whips, and various lubricants and creams to invoke pleasure (or titillating pain, if you’re up for it!).
  • 7 Minutes In Heaven – This is a game for groups and I’m sure you’ve heard of it from your teen years, but our version is a whole lot naughtier! All you need is a bottle and a lot of imagination. A group sits in a circle around a bottle. You spin the bottle and then select 2 people from the group (depending on where the open end lands) who go into the nearest closet. They then get 7 minutes to do whatever their heart’s desire! Whether that’s a quick kiss or something more devious is up to you and your group!
  • Sexy Scavenger Hunt – Take turns hiding away your favorite sex toys, lubricants, bondage gear, chocolate (or chocolate covered strawberries), ice, whips, etc. around the house. Then, go on a hunt to look for them together and enjoy 😉
  • The “Abstinence” Game – Taunt one another aggressively with sexual gestures to see who gives in to the urge first! Whoever lasts out the longest wins – or do they? 😉
  • Naughty Game of Trick or Treat – Who says trick or treating is just for kids? This gives Halloween fun a naughty new way to play! The full instructions can be found here.

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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Fall Sex Tips for the Best Sex EVER.

Your Guide to Erotic Biting

You Guide to the Fishnet Fetish


Your Guide to Erotic Biting


Although we’re not all self-proclaimed vamps in bed, I think it’s safe to say everyone enjoys a little erotic biting now and again. Whether it’s on the neck, thighs, or someplace a little more intimate, biting can be a sign of passion, aggression and sensual pleasure. If you’re new to this kind of token of affection, our guide is just the thing you need to get a handle on trying it out for yourself and enjoying a little gentle (or not so gentle) nibbling of your own!

Your Guide to Erotic Biting

  • Test the Waters: If you’ve never tried erotic biting in bed with a partner, you might want to take things slow. Test the waters by gently grazing their neck or collar bone with your teeth as you kiss them. You don’t want to go gnawing away at someone who might not be into it so it’s best to ease into things. If you’re really unsure, you can speak with your partner directly and see if that’s something they’re okay with. Communication is key!
  • Where to Bite: Where you decide to dig your teeth in (however gently) is up to you and your partner, but there are specific erogenous zones that will act as pleasure spots for your partner. These are great places to start if you’re new to sensual biting. These pleasure hot spots include your neck, collar bone, lips, thighs, butt, and even breasts, vagina (if they’re okay with it!), and inner wrists. Be gentle until you know if you’re partner is into it and communicate what you both like to determine the best plan of action, intensity, etc.
  • How to Bite: As I previously said, you don’t want to go gnawing away at your partner without their consent. That’s the quickest way to kill the mood if they’re not into it. If they are okay with gentle biting, however, make sure your bites are quick, gentle, and don’t break skin. On top of that, intimate areas are completely off limits unless you and your partner agree it’s okay to do so. And remember: hickies are tacky.
  • Slowly Increase Intensity: Again, erotic biting is something you’ll want to ease into. Gentle biting here and there as you kiss and caress your partner is a great way to build up the intensity over time. The pressure and intensity of the bites all depend on you and your partner’s tastes so be sure to communicate how you feel, what you like, and what you don’t so that your partner can reciprocate their desires as well.

Good Luck!

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