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Courtesans in History: Not Just a Sexual Matter

The word courtesan often evokes provocative and often sexual imagery when heard, but this is not always what it has meant throughout history. Often social and political climbers, courtesans were nearly always members of court, though their wealth and status level often motivated them for further advancement through the act of becoming a courtesan. In order to obtain either a stable income if they were on the less wealthy side or to gain more status and influence social or politically, courtesans were passed from benefactor to benefactor in order to gain their means to an end. Often times, if a courtesan was not wealthy, but held a place in court, she would accept this profession as a stable income or to obtain better status for their spouse (if married), or both. Although, if the courtesan chose benefactors, yet not as a means of income (ie., she was already wealthy), then her means to an end would be to obtain a better status for either herself or her husband.

In the latter arrangement in which the courtesan had embarked upon this profession for means of a stable income, she was often treated less as an equal than a courtesan who was seeking only social or political advancement. Whereas the former ran the risk of ending up in the streets as a common prostitute if she dissatisfied her benefactors due to her financial vulnerability, the latter often made arrangements with benefactors as a strict business agreement and would encounter fewer troubles given her financial security.

Whatever their status of wealth, courtesans all usually had a common basis in that they were artists, performers, or had a particularly witty personality that set them apart from others. They were usually well-educated and cultured, often times more so than many other upper-class women. They were well-versed in the art of conversation, companionship, appealing in appearance, and usually from an appropriate background either by status or wealth. While it’s true that sex was often one of their obligations as a courtesan, it was only a small part of what the profession entailed. In fact, by the early 1900’s, courtesans were seen as more socially acceptable in wealthier societal circles.

Famous Courtesans

  • Madame de Pompadour
  • Cora Pearl
  • Su XiaoXiao
  • Marie Duplessis
  • Yang GuiFei
  • Clara Ward
  • Mata Hari
  • Mary Boleyn

Enjoy Holidays the Right Way!

As you know, the holidays are a time of giving thanks, offering gifts and being merry, so what better way to show your honey how much you appreciate them than to give them the gift of pleasure?

I know, it seems contrite, but hear me out!

If you take the time to plan it out and make it extra special, it can definitely be enjoyable for all involved parties ;).

Firstly, remember to create the space and establish the most appropriate for your pleasure goals. Whether this means lots of pillows, soft and silky blankets or whips, chains and cuffs, you know what to do!

Secondly, decide what events you want to take place during your holiday pleasure-filled gift. They don’t need to be complicated. They can be as simple as take a bath together, give mutual massage, and then try several new fun positions! Otherwise, you can play a little S&M followed by teasing, tickling and more! Whatever your flavor, make it fun for both you and your partner.

Lastly, remember its the little things that count the most! Whatever products you prefer, that is, your favorite lubricants, massage oils, tools, crops and kits should all be present and play a part in making the night as magical as possible!

Finally, remember to have a great time and enjoy yourself!

‘Tis the Season!

Enjoy the holidays!

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Naughty Pumpkin Carvings & How To Carve Your Own with Pornkin Stencils!

In the spirit of Halloween, Here are 2 naughty pumpkin carvings that I found while perusing Google this morning as well as how to make your own naughty pumpkins this year!


Want to make your own naughty pumpkin carvings?

Check out Pornkins Pumpkin Carving Stencils!

The Kit is $19.99 and includes various stencils, carving tools and how-to instructions.

Happy Halloween!


Sex On A Budget: 10 Novelties Under $10

Night Light Glow in the Dark Condom; $2.49

This cute little condom is tons of fun! It glows in the dark (obviously) so you don’t have to ruin the romance with harsh lights.

Love Cuffs; $5.99

These cute furry handcuffs are tons of fun and plenty of bang for your buck!

Enjoy lusty bondage all night without breaking your bank!


Pleasures Edible Massage Oil; $1.99

This cute massage oil comes in a variety of flavors so anyone can find a special flavor that they love. Easily portable and conveniently travel size, this little massage oil will last you.


Spanish Fly Love Liquid Aphrodisiac; $4.99

This love liquid is delicious and gets you right into that sexy smoldering mood! With several tasty flavors to choose from, Spanish Fly Love Liquid Aphrodisiac is easily added to your coffee, juice or water anytime your ready for fun!


Purple Hard Vibe; $6.99

This vibe comes in a classy purple color and nice acrylic box. For the price, it is of a modest, but not tiny size that will offer a decent amount of vibrating pleasure. It is also perfectly portable and conveniently travel sized for anyone who is frequently on the move!

Silicone Island Pleasure Rings Set; $5.99

These extremely flexible jelly love rings work well for a man of any size and will stretch to accommodate then restrict to increase blood flow and sensitivity for solo and couples fun!


Razzels 4 Oz. Flavored Warming Lubricant; $8.99

This lubricant will last you quite a long time, especially considering it’s only 4 ounces! This lubricant is available in 2 delicious flavors: Apple & Strawberry and it’s also warming for extra stimulation.

Anal Blu Anal Lubricant 1.5 Oz.; $7.99


Original Rash-Free Coochy Shave Creme 4 Oz.; $6.99

Enjoy the lovely lathering of this Original Rash-Free Coochy Shaving Cream for making your lady parts (or man parts!) silky smooth. Doubling as a hair conditioner, this shaving cream may be used to condition your hair when you’ve run out or just for fun!

Lover’s Cocktail Warming Massage Lotion; $5.99

Available in 4 fun flavors, this warming massage lotion is a complete steal at $5.99! This fun warming massage lotion works well for sensuous massage to soothe sore muscles and arouse your sense any night of the week.



What’s Your Sex Personality?

Image by Photostock

We all have different things that we like sexually and being intimate with someone can be amazing, whatever the style. Many contributing factors influence your sexual personality and the personality of your partner including the emotional versus the physical, looking versus touching, daring versus modest and verbal versus non-verbal. To further clarify, emotional v. physical is in regards to how you perceive sex whether you see it as something emotional or purely physical. Looking v. touching is whether you prefer to look and witness sexual acts done by your partner or prefer to touch them and be in contact with the acts. Daring v. modest is obviously whether you are the type to initiate sexual fun or modest and wait for your significant other to initiate it. Lastly, verbal v. non-verbal is whether you are comfortable voicing your sexual desires to your lover or prefer to show them rather than say. Here are 5 of the most common sexual personalities.

Which are you and which is your partner?

Let me know your personality in the comments!

The Sexual Deviant:

This type of lover enjoy taking action and often loves to be in control. They have a twisted kinky view on sex and are very adventurous in bed, often enjoying aggressive behavior with their partner.

The Modest Lover:

This type of lover is shy and timid and never initiates sexual fun. He or she prefers their partner to take charge. They often either prefer to be dominated or sometimes enjoy very gentle calm lovemaking. This type of lover is usually less verbal and has a conservative view on sex.

The Flirt:

This type of lover is all about having fun. Not nearly as serious or committed as the Sexual Deviant type, this type of lover enjoys to tease and challenge their partner in a playful manner. Often into minor fetishes such as tickling, the Flirt loves a game and sees sex as just another avenue for a good time.

Mr./Ms. Logic:

Mr. or Ms. Logic prefers to approach sex in the same way they do anything else in life: with a sense of great practical logic. They tend to focus on one objective at a time (ie. orgasm) and plow forth with purpose until they succeed in their goals.


This type of lover is good at everything. An erotic chameleon, your male or female Casanova knows how to be both modest and a sexual deviant, understands practicalities of lovemaking and flirts with the best of them. He or she will send you soaring over the moon in bed and leave you panting, drenched in sweat, and wanting more. Best of all? They make it look so easy!


Hilarious French Condom Ad

I thought I would share this hilarious French condom ad commercial with you. This would never air in US, but Europe (especially France) is known for being more liberal towards sexual topics of discussion. This commercial will show you just how much. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. Over 18 ONLY please! Also, definitely not work safe!

Enjoy the video!

It made my day!

French Condom Commercial

Sex On A Budget: Scarves For Bondage

Bondage can be an expensive taste.

For those who are frequent practitioners or simply love the lifestyle, it is a given that any quality bondage materials often can cost you quite a bit.

Therefore, finding quality restraints is often a problem experienced by those practiced and professed in the art of bondage.

So what if you’re simply an average user or bondage curious?

If you are only curious to try out bondage love or if you don’t dabble too deeply in kink, this tip could work well for you.

Simply employ some fabric scarves as love restraints!

This saves you money because scarves are often much cheaper than any bondage restraints available.

They work well for the average user and add a touch of sensuality to any session you might be having and are easily attainable at any clothing or accessories store or online for a small price.

Cons to using scarves during bondage play include the fact that for more intense users, scarves may rip or may not last long due to wear and tear, scarves may not hold well for your purposes, or the styles available for scarves may not suit your tastes, especially if you’re a lover of leather or other strong and durable materials.

All in all, if you are engage in mild bondage play, using scarves may work well for you in the bedroom.

If not, feel free to check out our bondage section for more durable options!

Have a Nice Weekend!

Good Luck!

The Art of Erotic Spanking

Erotic spanking has had a special place in the hearts of many for thousands of years. The first descriptions of erotic flagellation appear around 600 B.C. and erotic spanking as an art in the world of pleasure gained even more prevalence in the Victorian era, where much of the erotic art and pornography of the day featured arousal and stimulation gained from flagellation and spanking. Spanking is most definitely the most common form and most socially acceptable form of BDSM in society today. So, whether it’s your cup of tea to be bent over someone’s knee or whether you sqweel with pleasure at the thought of spanking your partner yourself, here are some fun tips to try:

  • Set the mood. Decide what you want your theme to be or simply spice up the room with some candles, incense or low lighting to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Choose Your Weapon. Well, kind of. Obviously there shouldn’t be any actual pain (at least nothing that leaves a mark! ;)), but you should decide what kind of tools you want to utilize throughout the day (or night) with your partner. Whether you and your partner decide together is up to you, but there are a number of options to choose from including bare hands, whips, paddles, floggers, and a number of other fun tools.
  • Choose A Spanking Style. Yes, there are spanking styles! You can spank lightly, firmly, in quick succession, long drawn out strikes with sensual massage in between, and anything in between those varieties or in combination. Choose one or try them all!
  • Choose One or More Spanking Positions. There is a wide selection of places to deal out proper punishment 😉 including over the knee, on your knees, tied up in varying juxtapositions, handcuffed to the bed, the door or some other object firmly allocated to the ground, lying on a bed, bent over a couch, and more. Feel free to try what suits you or switch places depending on which ones hold your interest.
  • Communicate. Communication is one of the most, if not the most, important things to keep in mind during any sort of BDSM fun. Be sure to communicate what you want (if you are the spanked) to your spanker 😉 for the night. It is important to be very vocal about what you want otherwise you’re keeping your partner in the dark and may not enjoy the session as much as you could. If they’re doing everything right, remember to use encouraging words every now and again so that they know you’re enjoying yourself. Your partner will definitely appreciate this as they will enjoy giving you pleasure.
  • Have Fun! Relax and have a good time. Trust is really important for something like this and if you’re both beginners, don’t worry about the rules just yet, simply have a good time and take things slow.

Have a blast!

(I know I would!)

Anal Fun 101

Dating all the way back to the Victorian era, anal play is considered by many to be taboo. Whether you’re using anal toys or simply performing anal sex or anal masturbation, many consider this to be uncleanly or unsafe.While there are some instances in which persons may engage in unsafe or uncleanly anal practices, it is possible for you and your partner to experience a perfectly clean and safe anal experience.

Anal toys are designed to be inserted into the anus to stimulate the small bunches of nerve endings and blood vessels located  in the anus. Useful to enhance both sexual intercourse and masturbation, anal fun can be just as pleasurable as vaginal sex and some even consider it more so.

The Facts:

The anus is filled with many very sensitive blood vessels and nerve endings that swell when one is aroused. When stimulated during arousal, the anal area is very sensitive to touch and stimulation. For women, the anus is located in close proximity to the vagina so when a woman is aroused, the vagina swells increasing blood flow to the whole area making anal stimulation very intense. Some consider even anal stimulation an extension of clitoral stimulation. For men, anal play is an entirely different sensation given that they may usually be the one penetrating during sexual activities. Anal penetration provides a different sexual experience for men as it stimulates the bulb of the penis and the prostate AKA the male g-spot. Many men are able to experience a full blown orgasm through prostate stimulation alone.


There are many misconceptions about anal play. One such misconception is if a man desires anal stimulation, then that makes him gay. This is entirely not true. A man who enjoys anal stimulation with a woman is simply seeking an extension of pleasure in a varying form. Begin homosexual is about being attracted to other men sexually and aiming to experience sexual activities with them, not with women. So, if your man wants to experience anal play with you, it’s simply a different form of pleasure that you both may share. Being gay is about who you’re attracted to and your own state of mind. Another common misconception is that the anus is very dirty and messy to play with. As long as both you and your partner have regular bowel movements and practice normal hygiene, then your body will do the rest. Your body actually releases a mucus during bowel movements that cleans the anus of most traces of fecal material. To ensure that little to no fecal matter is present during anal play, simply have a bowel movement at least one hour prior to anal fun and shower to ensure cleanliness. If preferred, condoms or latex gloves may also be implemented as an extra precaution.

Preparing for Anal Play:

2 words. Lubrication and Relaxation. The first thing one should do when attempting anal sex or the use of anal toys is to RELAX. You or your partner should be aroused and completely relaxed during this process. Also, since the anus has no natural lubrication method in the body, using a lubricant is absolutely necessary to prevent cuts, rips or tears in the anal area. Remember to take things slowly and if it hurts, you should stop, regroup and take your time until you are relaxed enough to where it no longer hurts. If you are having trouble relaxing, there are a number of anal sprays and lubricants on the market with relaxing or numbing ingredients such as benzocaine in them that will facilitate your anal fun. Using quality products is important during anal sex as well to minimize the odds of toys breaking during use or harming the anal cavity. This means that smooth surfaced toys should be used to ensure that no cuts, scrapes or tears occur during the use of the toy.

In the end, remember to have fun, keep and open mind and enjoy yourself. You may just find yourself in the throes of immense pleasure and ecstasy and how could that be wrong?

Here Are Some Great Anal Toys For Each Level:



Advanced Anal Players:

Anal Butt Plug Penis Extension:

Anal Lubricant:

Anal Sprays: