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Tips for Multiple Orgasms

The concept of multiple orgasms is different for both males and females. For women, this concept is not so entirely unfamiliar or thought to be as unreachable as previously thought for men. Now, with new research and techniques, it seems it might be possible for both men and women to experience the pleasure of an orgasm multiple times. How, you ask? Check below for some great tips on how to achieve multiple orgasms in one sitting.

  • Begin by setting the mood. Whatever it takes to get your body and mind in the right mindset and really get yourself turned on is important in keeping yourself in the mood. This could be done by lighting candles, playing certain music, burning incense, showering, or maybe some special form of stimulation.
  • Some researchers advise those who want to have multiple orgasms to experience the first orgasm through oral stimulation or with a vibrator and then move onto actual penetration once the first orgasm has passed.
  • It is also advised that actual penetration on your second attempt at orgasm (after the first) should be steadily led up to. This means, after experiencing the first orgasm, gentle stimulation should continue, but VERY gently. Continued stimulation is important as your body is already aroused. If clitoral stimulation is too much, try stimulation around other pleasure spots that are less sensitive until you feel ready. Penetration should not be involved until both people are ready.
  • Multiple orgasms for both men and women are something that both parties need to work at. It is recommended that you take turns making one or the other orgasm if special attention is required to achieve multiple orgasms.

Remember to be gentle and enjoy yourself.  This may take a little practice so if you don’t experience it the first time, it’s okay. It may take some time to work up to having multiple orgasms, especially if your body is not used to it. If at any point you are not having fun or feeling good, or if you experience irritation or pain, you should immediately stop. Although this is unlikely, especially if you are both being gentle, it is important to listen to your body and not do anything to harm yourself or others. Remember to  have a great time and bask in whatever cums… Yeah, I went there.

The Fake Orgasm Phenomenon

Fake orgasms are defined as the act of pretending to experience an orgasm (usually during sexual acts) without actually experiencing one. It may surprise you to find that almost 50% of women claimed in web surveys to have faked an orgasm at one point or another and 40% of men claimed the same. I suppose the idea of females faking it (’til they’re makin’ it!) is much more accepted and believable, but I was surprised to find that men do it too!

Not that I particularly feel that women fake orgasms all the time because that just seems like too much work, but the articles online are everywhere and they range from tips on “how to fake an orgasm” to what NOT to do and finally to “he’ll know you’re faking an orgasm if..” articles which help men catch women in the act (literally!).  And, by the way, not all the tip articles are aimed at women. Equal parts aim articles at both male and female readers.

Of course, women have been encouraged to fake orgasms since Roman times as a way to appeal to and please men and also keep their attractiveness (apparently not orgasming was considered unattractive?). Men, on the other hand, have neither been encouraged nor discouraged, but several articles online list instructions on how to pull one off.

So, if you’re planning on faking it any time in the near or distant future, here are some tips :

  • Don’t go overboard with your fake orgasm “performance.” Obviously if you’re attempting to win an oscar with your fake splurging, your significant other or whomever you’ve decide to put on a show for will definitely know you’re faking it so keep things low key!
  • Don’t make eye contact. Haha, I love this one! Don’t look the person in the eye if you’re obviously lying. Hello, this one is a given. Some articles even encourage readers to keep their eyes closed the whole time. Talk about awkward.
  • If you’re a guy faking it, trash the condom immediately afterwards. Don’t want to leave any incriminating evidence behind!

Those are really the only credible (and I use that VERY loosely) tips. The following are tips I wouldn’t follow unless you really want to look like a moron or make your partner laugh.

  • Panting & gasping frequently. Seriously? If you’re not already doing this during sex, you have no business sleeping together!!
  • Grabbing sheets and/or pillows. Apparently this is subtle sign language to your partner that your getting ready for the big O, but come on, I don’t know anyone who is THAT theatrical in bed.
  • Moan & talk nonsensically, then trail off. Apparently, this is supposed to express that you are so caught up in the moment that you’re mumbling or something. Personally, this would just weird me out and make me think you have a split personality or delusional issues.
  • Allow muscle spasming…Because all of a sudden, I am really good at muscle isolation and I can do that.

All in all, I really don’t agree with faking it. I find it really dishonest. Although I do understand that sometimes we’re not always into the moment and simply cannot orgasm, I believe that if you simply discuss the matter with your partner rather than lying straight in their face, the issue will be diffused and settled. After all, if you’re partner cannot empathize with you, then why are you together? Trust your partner and trust that they will understand if you are having an off day. And, if anything, if you know you’re REALLY not in the mood, then don’t have sex. When the moment is right, you’ll both be ready to experience pleasure with one another and it will be a non-issue. BUT, if you really feel you should, by all means, fake it til you make it.

What do you think?

Do you think an orgasm should be faked?

Let me know your opinions by commenting below!

Featured Item: EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator

EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator

The EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator is one of our newer items that I am really excited about! This vibe is really incredibly textured; it feels very soft considering its jelly material and the shaft is ridged for added stimulation during use. The shape of this piece contours to the curves of your body to fit inside you like a glove so you can feel all of even the most subtle stimulation!

The most incredible technological benefits of the EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator?

It features over 600 combinations of various speeds and multiple functions so not one use of this amazing vibrator will ever be the same!

There is also a cute little clitoral stimulator in the shape of a butterfly that is lined with ridges & little ticklers for added sensations during use of this vibe, creating a completely satisfying sexual experience for you (alone time!) or you and a lover (fun! 😉 )!

EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator also includes fun L.E.D. sapphire blue lighting for its Master ON/OFF power buttons so you can have your naughty fun under cover of darkness!

My favorite part about this vibe is that it is completely waterproof so you can enjoy yourself in the bath, shower or jacuzzi without worry and be soothed, pleasured & aroused simultaneously by this fun vibrator and the sensuously warm water!

Guess who was enjoying herself just yesterday in the tub with the EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator?

Hope you’re all enjoying your day as much as I enjoyed last night!! : P

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Check out TSX Toys Flickr!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that one of our favorite toy companies now has an awesome Flickr page with really cool high resolution images of their crazy fun products! Check out the new TSX Toys Flickr here!

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The Auto Erotica 3-In-1: The Ultimate Orgasm Toy for Women

The Auto Erotica 3-In-1 is one of the many master pieces of art created by the custom toy company TSX Toys. In 2000, the creative team at TSX decided to create a unique toy that delivered all the pleasure possible to women in one hand held toy. This was due to the fact that few toys at the time were really made specifically for a woman’s sexual needs and the fact that the CFO of TSX Toys is also a woman. Although it may look intimidating, this toy was designed based upon research done by women and statistics drawn from survey results taken by women when asked what they desired during intercourse and other sexual acts. This toy embodies their wants, needs and desires, and of course they put their own creative spin on the item given their expertise of over 20 years experience in the adult manufacturing business. Following the piece (as pictured above) from left to right, the most left part of the toy is meant to stimulate the clitoris, the middle part encompassing the bullet vibe is meant to be inserted vaginally and the most right hand part is meant to be anally inserted as desired by the user. The base of the piece itself is curved because as the CFO herself tells me, “This piece is aerodynamically designed to be held in the palm of a woman’s hand and rocked into her body, either alone or with a partner.” So, the curved base actually enables the user to reach climax through the 3 points of stimulation (clitoral, vaginal & anal) as well as by stimulating the G-spot and TSX has so graciously added a bullet vibe for added vibration sensations. This toy is INCREDIBLE! You will experience orgasms over and over unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. When I say orgasm, I mean the kind of climax that makes your toes curl under, your breath short and raspy and your ab muscles contract. Trust me, I’ve tried it. That being said, check this amazing toy out. You’ll be so (Orgasmically!) happy you did!
Available in over 20 unique colors.

For more information on TSX Toys, Check out their site here or follow them on Twitter for consumer giveaways and news updates by clicking the Twitter icon.

High Tech Vibrators That Literally Do What You Tell Them To Do!

In the words of the brilliant Daft Punk, I find myself also thinking of 3 items we have that really wholeheartedly embody these words, you know, while I’m jamming to this super catchy beat. These 3 items each have their own unique characteristics based upon physical design, but they all serve the same function:

They are all voice activated!

That’s right. We finally have some extremely sexy, super feminine power multispeed vibrators that will do whatever you want. Featuring a wide variety of commands that each of these three vibrators will recognize, all you have to do is program the vibrator to your voice and it will do whatever you choose during those pleasurable hours of fun!

The commands include: Harder, Do Me, Faster, Relax & Take Me!

Each command given is recognized through the vibrator and causes an action. For example, if you command the vibrator to go “Faster,” the vibration speed will increase. Not only do this enable a completely personable and customizable experience for its user, it allows for orgasm after orgasm for hours and hours! So next time you’re bored, horny and home alone, take out your delicious Voice Activated Vibrator and enjoy sensations of ecstasy for as long as you want! It will definitely do what you say!

Available in 3 Designs: Slim & Sultry, Hunk & Bunny

These vibrators go great with Pink Frolic Water Based Lubricant because its an incredibly long lasting lubricant that is specially formulated for use with toys, hypoallergenic so it won’t break you out and moisturizing so it will pamper your skin while you indulge in pleasure!

If you’re looking for something with a little more spontaneity, this Wet Adventure Set has plenty of different fun flavored lubricants for you to try! They’re perfect for that weekend getaway or a companion if you plan on using your new voice activated toy with a friend or lover!

Check out these fun toy wipes for easy, quick clean up wherever you are!

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