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realistic love dolls

Excited or Frightened by These Disturbingly Realist Love Dolls From Japan?

I recently came across a few Youtube videos highlighting these Japanese Love Dolls that, although not entirely identical to humans, they definitely look startlingly realistic and even more so when compared to most dolls available on the market today. Priced at nearly $10,000 more or less depending on which doll model you choose, these Japanese Real Love Dolls look real, feel real, and even seem to function as normal people would with motorized vaginal and oral muscles to simulate their real counterparts, realistic feeling flesh and even muscular imitation in the movement of their arms and legs. It seems for now they’re only available in Japan though so if you’re interested, you may just have to import these incredibly detailed love dolls straight from Japan. For those who want a better look, check out these two links at Kanojo Toys to see the Real Love Dolls up close and personal in photos or see the Youtube Videos below.

Kanojo Toys Links: