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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Oral Sex

Aside from the obvious pleasure gained from giving (& receiving!) oral sex with your partner, you may be surprised to find there are actually quite a bit of physical and psychological reasons you feel so great after pleasing your lover.

Here are a Few of the Most Surprising Benefits of Oral Sex:

  • Get in the Mood to Boost Your Mood! Did you know that semen actually serves as a mood stabilizer? So, that lift you’re feeling after pleasuring your partner isn’t simply a job well done satisfaction. You actually do FEEL better! Research suggests that semen may provide anti-depressant effects as it acts as an antagonist on depression. And more than that, it will completely lift you up as any form of sex has shown to boost self-esteem and confidence levels.
  • Get Your Blood Pumping to Lower the Pressure. Ahh, the numerous benefits of semen will have you rolling or reeling or both. Semen has been shown to lower blood pressure and calm you down, providing stress relief, better sleep and contentment.
  • Fight Disease & Illness For Both Parties.Yes, a shot of semen a day might just keep the doctor away. In fact, oral sex is beneficial to the health of both parties given that the more a man ejaculates, the lower his risk for colon and prostate cancer will be AND when a woman swallows a man’s semen, she lowers her risk for breast cancer.
  • Don’t Stress it. Having a bad day? No problem. Semen will literally relax you. If you’re stressed, research shows semen reduces stress 10 fold.
  • Immunity Boost Please! I know it might sound gross to some, but semen actually provides a good shot of zinc, calcium, potassium, various proteins and fructose which provides some nice health bonuses not to mention an immediate energy boost.
  • Heal My Heart. Did you know that sex may actually help protect the heart? Several experiments also show that the chemical oxytocin (released during sex) may even assist in healing wounds, including stubborn sores due to diabetes, by regenerating certain cells.
  • Cuddle Time! While lowering your stress levels and boosting your mood, oral sex also gets you in the mood to get intimate. Bonding and closeness are often felt during and after this fun sexual experience.

Side Notes: Did you know that oral sex is even mentioned in the Bible? Encouraged even as a way to stay chaste, oral sex is often referred to in the Song of Solomon and swallowing is encouraged in order to not “spill his seed upon the ground.” Crazy, ha?

So the next time you’re not in the mood to fool around, remind yourself of all you stand to gain!

Try Yoga For Better Sex!

Everyone knows that yoga is great for your health, but did you know it can also help improve your sex life?

Aside from the obvious improvements gained by any type of exercise, yoga has a variety of benefits that will improve both your health and sex life. The most noticeable effects of practicing yoga are a reduction in stress, increased energy levels, better sleep, and improved flexibility which can all contribute to a better sex life. The less noticeable but nonetheless impacting effects of yoga include increased blood flow to the pelvic area with the consistent practice of yoga poses which can offer more intense sensations during sex and ultimate orgasm, an improve in your overall sense of self confidence as studies show people who practice yoga are less likely to gain weight over time as they age, and an increase in self respect and self love as yoga teaches that the body is a temple to be revered and protected.

Yoga also improves the ability to be receptive to others without judgment at times of vulnerability( as is usually the case during sex) as it brings increased awareness of your own body and sensitivity to the vibes and moods of others thereby  assisting you in better pleasing your partner and communicating what it is that you like and want during intimacy. Yoga helps you to be fully in the moment and present when you spend intimate time with your partner as many practices require complete relaxation of both the body and the mind, providing practitioners with an undeniable state of clarity.

To practice yoga, seek out your local gym as most offer yoga classes free with memberships or a local yoga studio nearest you. Prices are not unreasonable, especially considering what you receive in return.

If you’re a beginner & are unsure about taking a class try these simple tips:

  • Deep Breathing: Close your eyes and sit or lay on the floor (however is most comfortable). Take slow deep breaths in as you mentally count to 10 and then exhale for 10. Repeat as many times as you wish, but try and aim for at least 10 inhales and 10 exhales a day. It’s a great refresher and will reduce anxiety and stress immediately.
  • Butterfly Pose: This pose may sound unfamiliar, but I’ve bet you’ve done it during stretching at gym class. Simply sit on the floor with the bottom of your feet touching, knees bent, parallel to the floor. Bend your torso, at the waist, over your legs for a nice long stretch. Do this in combination with deep breathing techniques.
  • Super Man: Everyone does this, even babies. Lie on your stomach with your hands resting on the floor over your head, palms to the floor. Slowly, lift up your legs and hands, arching your back slightly. Hold for 10 (remember to breathe!) and then lower for ten. Repeat at least 5 times. Enjoy flying!
  • Plank: This might be more known to pilates lovers, but is so effective everyone should do it. Cherished by active women everywhere for it’s ability to tone, tighten and strength the ab muscles, plank is done by bending your arms (at the elbow) into a 45 degree angle forearms against the floor. Using your forearms as support, raise onto your toes, with your legs straight out behind you, paralell to the floor. It should look like you’re doing a push up, only you’re not going anywhere and your forearms are holding you in place instead of your hands. All you have to do is hold it for 30 second intervals. Hold 30, rest 30. Repeat as many times as you can.

Good Luck!

Sensual Erotic Massage Tips & Tricks for the Weekend!

The end of summer has approached us and been replaced by the coming of autumn, a season of steadily rising colder climates, wind, rain and the alluring nighttime cloudiness and fog of early mornings. With that, you and your lover(s) will be spending much more time indoors (preferably in bed!) staying warm and cozy. Whether you choose to spend your nights fireside in the living room or beneath the cozy sheets and blankets on your bed, sensual massage is perfect for lengthening your foreplay sessions and is a great way to enhance the levels of eroticism in your life and keep the passion alive.

Great Tips For Setting your Sensual Massage Atmosphere:

  • Play the right music: whether you and your partner prefer Bach, Asian flute relaxation music of seductive trance vibes, you should pick something to raise the tension and mood for both of you
  • Have a Clean Place to Perform the Massage: Whether in your living room, a special room in itself or your bedroom, make sure the space in clean and comfortable for the ultimate mental and physical relaxation
  • Clean Towels, Sheets & Blankets: Be sure to have a clean sheet on your bed with a nice blanket (if needed or desired) and some towels on hand. I like to use small hand towels ( one for drying and one for hot massage): the first small towel is placed in a bowl of chilled, cold, warm, hot or boiling (your preference) water mixed with your favorite scent or body oil while the second dries that places once finished. This  wet towel is used to massage your partner wherever you desire and the alternating water temperatures can offer differing sensations, depending on the tastes of each partner. The oil adds smoothness and scent relaxation for whomever is receiving the massage. It is also good to have one or two larger towels on hand to use as clean up after.
  • Choose a Favorite Massage Oil & Lubricant or All-In-One  Item: Choose your favorite massage oil and lubricant or choose an item that is both. Make sure the scent is appealing to both you and your partner and matches any specifications you might need: warming, cooling, hypoallergenic, unscented if you have a sensitive skin or another specialty use such as desensitizing.

We Recommend These Oils for Your Use:

Kama Sutra Oil of Love Massage Oil comes in a various delicious flavors from Cherry Almond to Tropical Mango and more. This Oil tastes delicious, will not get sticky, goes on smooth and nourishes skin and can be used as a lubricant as well as a massage oil.

The Playgirl Signature Lavender Massage Oil is naturally scented for your relaxation. It comes in a convenient spray bottle for easy application without the mess, naturally soothes and enriches the skin, and goes on smooth for an arousing experience.

Practically Magical Massage Oil is naturally formulated for a non-irritating experience that involves only the highest levels of pleasure and ecstasy. Works both as a massage oil and a lubricant, this massage oil is available in a variety of natural scents including Lavender which relaxes and soothes or spearmint which can be cooling and arousing.

Whatever you decide, remember to enjoy the experience and whatever follows for a deliciously erotic massage that leaves you both roused and ready to go! Enjoy your weekend and this mysterious autumn season!

Start Your Weekend Off By Winding Down then Winding Up!

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. It’s Friday, it’s hot where I live, I’ve burnt the candle at both ends this week and I need some R&R time. This made me think that there are probably plenty of other people out there who want to enjoy their weekend and start things off the right way by tossing those shoes off your sore feet, stripping down to your birthday suit and hopping into a nice hot bath to soothe and rejuvenate your entire body. With that, I came up with a few ways to start off and a few ways to finish!

I’m thinking that starting off your evening with a nice cocktail or a refreshing juice or tea drink would be nice, especially by adding a few drops of the Liquid Spanish Fly in your favorite flavor! I was thinking of making myself a delicious California Cocaine Cocktail and then adding the equally delicious Spanish Fly Lime to my drink to give it some zest and put myself in the right weekend mood!

Here’s the recipe for a California Cocaine:(Please over 21+ ONLY!)

1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Blue Curacao
1 fill    Pineapple Juice
1 oz Rum (Malibu is my favorite!)
1 oz Southern Comfort

Mix these ingredients in a tall glass with ice and enjoy!

After I enjoy my drink for a bit, I plan on lighting up a few candles and/or incense around my bath tub to set the atmosphere for my night. I’ll probably strip down to my bare body and rub this delicious Kama Sutra Oil of Love all over my body in a self- massage. This will moisturize your body before bathing, soothe and arouse you and give your bath water a nice aroma!

Chances are this will happen after my trip to the gym so, with that being said, I’ll start my bath water at a pretty hot temperature to relax any sore muscles and add in some Kama Sutra’s Luxury Bath Salt or go all natural and opt for some Practically Magical Bubble Bath in a Spearmint or Lavender flavor to help my mind zen.

At this point, I may go to work with some Rash Free Coochy Shave Cream and shave my legs and lady parts because Lord knows I haven’t even looked down there since Tuesday! Skip this part if you’re more reliable about shaving than I am!

After my shaving session is complete and I have spent sufficient amount of time relaxing and lounging in the tub, my evening can go one of three ways (and so can yours!):

Option A: I can enjoy this delicious looking Purple Waterproof Rotating Vibrator right where I am in my warm tub and climb my way to the ultimate heights of pleasure from a completely relaxed state. This offers a unique and often times more intense orgasmic experience.

Option B: I can dry off with a warm towel (which I will have thrown in the dryer beforehand), give myself an at home facial (compliments of honey + oatmeal + green tea), and then enjoy a nice personal pleasure session on my extremely soft down comforter.

At Home Facial Recipe:

  • 1 Tablespoon Honey
  • 1 Tablespoon Green Tea
  • 2 Tablespoons Oatmeal

Mix them all together, apply, leave for 10 minutes then rinse.

Following my At-home Facial, I will then lie down on my pleasantly plush Queen size bed and enjoy some alone time, pushing my hot spots to ecstasy with the very convenient Pink Platinum Remote Body Wave Vibrator that’s designed to hit my G-spot and induce toe-curling orgasms EVERY single time I use it! I love this toy; it really works and the cordless remote is fun to use alone or when my boyfriend’s home and wants to control my pleasure adventure!


Option C: Perhaps by this time my boyfriend will be home and I can barter with him for a massage in return for performing the new Oral Sex Techniques I learned this week. That’s sure to make him go crazy! I’ll probably have him use one of my favorites for the massage: Kama Sutra Body Souffle Massage Cream in Strawberry. I love this cream as it’s moisturizing as well as soothing and not greasy as massage oils can be. If you prefer to go all natural, I would recommend the Practically Magical Oil in your favorite scent as it is one of the lighter oils and is made with all natural ingredients. After each part of our deal is complete, then we can go onto something more appetizing and see where the night takes us!

We Support Safe Sex!

Remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms every time!

Favorite Condom of the Day:

Trojan Very Sensitive 3 Pack because I want to feel every subtle sensation tonight!

Whatever you decide, remember to relax, enjoy your weekend, laugh much and moan a lot!

Good luck :]

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Original Coochy Shave Creme 4 Oz. – The Next Best Thing to A Brazillian Wax!

I found out about this shave creme a few years back after attending the Storerotica trade show in Las Vegas and basically haven’t looked back since. This shaving creme is sheer gold if you want to go completely bare anywhere on your body, especially your lady (or man!) parts. If you’re like me (broke, can’t afford sh*t, let alone a Brazillian wax or actually any kind of wax), then you want to look good in spite of your sometimes very limited, narrow-minded budget. If like me, waxing every month is out of the question for you, then the Original Coochy Shave Creme is your New Best Friend. This stuff works like a pro when it comes to getting that smooth, soft and totally hairless look and it does it all for just $6.99 for a 4 Oz. bottle. This Original Coochy Shave Creme is formulated to protect and maintain moisture on your skin while providing such a close shave, people may just think that you DID go for that ultra expensive over priced Brazillian wax. The best kept secret of this stuff: You can use it to shave and moisturize any part on your party including private parts or you can use it to condition your hair if you’re low on conditioner! I love a product with multi-uses, especially in this economy, and when that product is also Fragrance Free and Rash Free it can’t get any better!

Some Great Uses for Coochy Shave Creme:

  • Shaving your private parts, of course!
  • Shaving your luscious legs, arms, or other body parts.
  • Use as a lathering moisture-rich hair conditioner
  • Use as a weekly body conditioner to maintain your skin’s moisture levels and suppleness.

Relax and use the Original Coochy Shave Creme: An experience you’ll want to lavish in for hours!