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Romance Attack Online Sales

20% OFF @ Romance Attack Online!

Just a little heads up for everyone, Romance Attack Online is having a sale right now offering 20% OFF All purchases of $20 & More from Now until January 20, 2011. That means you’ll get great deals on all Lubricants, Lotions & Potions, Vibrators, Toys for Men, Toys for Women, Toys for Couples, Bondage & Anal Toys so shop before this offer expires! Please Note that all Featured Products ARE included in this sale so take advantage while you can!

Have a Nice Weekend!

** Please Note! This is an ONLINE SALE ONLY! **

UPDATE!: Store Sales & Promotions Vs. Online Sales & Promotions

Due to recent incidents at some of our store locations, I decided to post this blog to note to customers who may shop there or here online (or both!) to make you all aware of certain things regarding promotions and sales to minimize any confusion, anger or frustration while shopping.

First things first, any sales online are in NO WAY directly or indirectly linked with sales at any of our store locations unless otherwise stated. This means if we are having 40% OFF certain items online, that DOES NOT mean we are having this same sale at a store location. In fact, our managers may not even know we are having an online sale.The same goes for free gift with purchase offers or other promotions.  The fact of the matter is that we actually do not always have the same products at our given locations and there may be different items available online than in any store location, making offering the same free gift offers impossible.

Given the fact that we have separate managers for each of our locations and that our locations literally span the United States, it would not only be impossible to coordinate the same sales, but it also just would not be practical to do so. Tailored as the stores are to their locations, it also makes sense for their sales to apply to their local customers, and is not necessarily a corporate thing, though it may get corporate approval. The same goes for online customers. That being said, we may hold a joint online and in-store sale, but we will NOTE THIS in a blog written by me or it will be stated on the RA website or the respective RA Twitter pages.

Please also note that there is a main RA Twitter for online promotions and several other Twitter pages for each of our store locations for their separate promotions and sales. I urge you, if you do shop at a specific location, to follow us here at Romance Attack Online and also the specific store location near you to avoid any confusion or irritation. If you don’t know which location is closest to you, feel free to check out our various Store Locations to see where Romance Attack physical stores are located throughout the United States.

I apologize, on behalf of everyone here at Romance Attack, for any confusion or annoyance this may have caused anyone during their shopping experience.

With that all said and done, I will take this moment to remind everyone our New Years’ Sale has been extended to January 10th, 2011 so hurry while this promotion lasts & get 20% OFF All Orders $20+Up!

Shop Now!

Happy 2011!