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Safe Sex Tips for College Students


Whether you’re off to college yourself or sending off one of your eldest kids, safe sex is a must. If you happen to be going off to college and higher learning, you’re also heading off to an entirely new pinnacle of partying and sexual exploration. That said, you’ll want to make sure you’re protecting yourself when you have your college fun. Here are some safe sex tips to help you on your quest for higher knowledge and sexual fulfillment without consequence. If you happen to be a parent of a college student, these tips are also great to help make sure they’re prepared if they’re living on campus or away from home.

Safe Sex Tips for College Students

  1. Always Carry Condoms. Whether you’re male or female, condoms are non-negotiable. Carry them in your pockets, in side pockets of your purse, and be sure that it’s in a cool, dry place. That means you want to avoid storing it in your wallet as the heat can cause condoms to dry out and tear. Keeping them on you at all times ensures you’re ready for fun without fear of consequences!
  2. Buy In Bulk. Obviously, if you plan on having a massive amount of sexual exploration and enjoyment, you’ll want to be prepared. Purchasing condoms in bulk online is your best bet. You’ll save money in the long run and never run out when the mood strikes. Store them in a box or drawer away from heat and prying eyes.
  3. Test Your Sensitivities. If you happen to be sensitive to latex condoms, try alternatives such as polyurethane as these are less likely to cause a reaction or irritation if you have sensitive skin. Do a patch test on your inner arm to figure out if you might have a sensitivity or speak with your doctor about the best choice for you.
  4. Get Checked. Whatever sexual adventures you go on, make sure you get yourself checked at a local clinic or with your primary care physician periodically, either annually or bi-annually to ensure you’re free of any STD’s. It’s always best to deal with early detection so you can take the necessary steps to treat any existing STD’s and otherwise, it may just give you peace of mind to know you’re STD-free.
  5. Use Added Contraceptive Methods. If you are in a committed relationship, this might be easier to do, but ensure your girlfriend is on birth control and/or your boyfriend uses protection every single time. Not all methods are foolproof, but every bit helps. If all else fails, try masturbation – it’s the safest sex you can have 😉

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Disclaimer: We, here at Masturgasm, are not doctors. We do not claim to be healthcare professionals; we only offer the best advice and what has worked best for us. If you are unsure whether any of these tips are right for you, please seek care with a medical doctor or primary healthcare physician.