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sex pheromones

The Magical Mistress & Master Pheromone Fragrances

First off, let’s talk about what pheromones are and what they do for you and your sexual experiences. Pheromones are naturally occurring in your body. In fact, you give off your own phermones which can do a variety of things depending on the type. There are pheromones that affect food, alarm phermones that trigger your danger responses and then there are sex phermones as well as many others. Sex pheromones are secreted naturally to attract members of the opposite sex to you.

On their most primal and basic level, pheromones are secreted to help mammals with sex organs find a mate to breed with. Now, with the help of modern technology, we can create certain pheromone fragrances that trigger more powerful sexual responses, hence controlling and increasing the amount of sexual responses toward you and with whomever you wish this to reaction occur.

Substantial evidence supports the fact that pheromones help attract both males and females by triggering powerful sexual reactions. In modern society, our natural pheromones are most often washed away through bathing and therefore most sexual communication occurs through sight and is filtered through our mind to decide on attraction.

With the help of pheromone fragrances, we can increase the attraction we have to others and the attraction others have to us by applying a small amount of the pheromone fragrance directly underneath our nose or behind the ears. A small amount is all that is necessary to create the necessary response. The scent is picked up by the air and detected by others during use creating the appropriate reaction in others towards you and vice versa. Keep in mind that using an overly large amount of the fragrance will NOT increase the reaction you have towards others or their reaction towards you and a small amount will suffice. There is no need to waste the fragrance, especially since the fragrance bottles are not very large. The effects of these pheromone fragrances should last from 2 to 4 hours and a specific kind is available for both males and females respectively.

Some benefits that many claim to have during pheromone fragrance use are:

  • Increase in eye contact from the opposite sex
  • Increase in sexual attraction towards others and others towards you
  • Increase in sexual activity and intimacy if you are in a relationship
  • Increase in the levels of passion and enthusiasm during lovemaking & sexual encounters
  • Increase in the opposite sex pursuing you
  • Increase in self confidence and libido
  • Respect from the same sex and Ease with opposite sex
  • Increase in employment relationships
  • Increase in business ( Especially professions that are in close proximity to people such as Sales)
  • Lift in Mood, Overall Contentment & Self Love

Some great places to use these pheromones are in any public place such as clubs, bars, gyms, restaurants, malls, concerts, movie theaters & grocery stores. They are also great for work use as you should see an increase in sales, customers and a general business increase. Other ways to use the pheromone fragrances are before or during lovemaking, during quality time with your partner, or on a date with someone new! There are many ways pheromones can be used so be creative and have fun. This fragrance can easily be stored in your pocket, bag or purse as it simply looks like a travel size fragrance as any other so it’s discreet and convenient for use at any time, any where.

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Magical Mistress & Mastress Pheromone Fragrances