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Featured Product Friday: 2 Shots In the Dark Anal Pleasure Plug


Take 2 Shots in the Dark with this delicious Anal Pleasure Plug!

Nothing feels better than a smooth textured plug with a tapered head, perfect for intermediate to advanced players or even the daring beginner (if you think you can handle it!).

Available in a variety of colors and with various components (vibes, bullet vibe, suction, etc.), 2 Shots in the Dark is the perfect toy to customize to your liking and use at your leisure.

Persons with allergies to latex, PVC, or urethane should not use this product.

Novelty use only.


Total Length – 10.25 Inches
Insertable Length – 8.75 Inches
Minimum Thickness – 2 Inches
Minimum Circumference – 6.5 Inches
Maximum Thickness – 4 Inches
Maximum Circumference – 11 Inches

And NOW, for a very limited time, get the 2 Shots in the Dark Anal Pleasure Plug at a delicious discount that feels almost as good as the toy itself!

20% OFF 2 Shots in the Dark Anal Pleasure Plug from now (yes, this moment!) until 10/15/2011!

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6 Common Sex Myths Debunked

Sex Myths seem to emerge everywhere, often times created marketing  & advertising, perpetuated by W.O.M. (Word of Mouth) rumors and pop culture. For this reason, I have decided to unveil the truth to some of these rumors and show the truth in the myth ( if there is any)!

  • Men Get More Sexual Urges Than Women

The Truth: Men and women actually have about equal sexual urges, which fluctuates throughout the day, triggered by various factors such as desire, sleep, health, confidence, stress & relationship status.

  • Sex is Unimportant the Older You Are

The Truth: Sex is a huge factor in the overall mental & physical health of any person, regardless of how old you are.

  • Big Hands & Feet Mean a Large Penis

The Truth: Although we may all have a blast gauging each other with this method, hands & feet size has nothing to do with penis size.

  • Oral Sex is Safer than Anal or Vaginal Intercourse

The Truth: Oral sex is just that: Sex. Any kind of sex involves the exchange of bodily fluids which can still transfer STI’s/STD’s through small cuts or sores in the mouth as well as the throat.

  • The “Pull Out” Method is a Viable Birth Control Option

The Truth: “Pulling Out,” also known as the withdrawal method, should never be used as a form of birth control as there is no way to control or detect the point at which ejaculation occurs, but also because during the time of climax no one has spot-on judgment.

  • A Woman Can’t Get Pregnant if You Have Sexual Intercourse During¬† Menstruation

The Truth: Although pregnancy is less likely to occur during that “Time of the Month,” it is still a possibility however rare it may be.

Find Out How To Preserve the Condition of Your Sex Toy Here!

Read About Ancient Sex Methods!

Want to Know Where 69 Originated from? Click here!

The Futuristic I-Cock

Molded by TSX Toys (Made in USA) with a prominently modern design, the 6.5″ I-Cock puts a futuristic spin on stylistic dildos. Completely smooth textured, the I-Cock has a sleek sophistication that will resonate with art collectors and lovers of the finer things in life.

Whether you want a smoothly textured dildo for easy insertion and thrusting during your erotic play time or you can truly appreciate the work of art that is this piece, the I-Cock strikes a strong image against most stylized toys today as it is completely unique, is available in more than 20 different original colors, and comes equipped with slight ridges amid it’s smooth surface as well as a tapered clitoris stimulator and strong suction base for uninterrupted pleasurable experiences unmatched by other stylistic sex toys. Enjoy the pleasure waves of the future with the super futuristic 6.5 Inch I-Cock!

Wet Synergy Cooling Tingly Lubricant

This lubricant will go perfectly with this stylized piece as it is one of the first of its kind also: a hybrid lubricant with both silicon and water properties, this lubricant can be safely used with toys, during intercourse and any other sexual acts you get yourself into! This lubricant is hypoallergenic, moisturizing to the skin and gives off cooling tingly sensations during use for added stimulation and excitement.

We Support Safe Sex!

Please remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using a condom every time.

Calling All Furry Fans or Over 18 Team Jacob Supporters! The Wolfman Has Arrived!

Introducing the Wolfman Suction!

The Wolfman Suction is a toy created for all members of Team Jacob (over 18 Only Please!) or any Fluffy enthusiasts who wish to enjoy a love knot experience! Anatomically correct, the Wolfman accurately represents a Wolf penis in detail and design, complete with canine knot. An impressively designed piece by TSX Toys (Made in the USA!), the Wolfman will stay securely in place during any of your erotic escapades! Dress up in your furriest and enjoy all the canine benefits of the Wolfman Suction!

If you’re male and you would like to unleash your primal wolf instincts onto all of your luscious lady friends, we also have a Wolfman Extension created specifically for you! Arouse and Explore your most visceral fantasies with the Wolfman Suction or Wolfman Extension tonight. Don’t be afraid to go Bark Wild or Howl at the Full Moon while enjoying this positively primal piece!

Wild Instincts, Aroma and Fur Not Included!

Both pieces are available in a wide variety of colors and several components so you can customize your toy to your needs! For more information, visit their separate product pages for complete details on availability.

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