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What’s Hidden In Your Treasure Chest?

The erotic movie Pirates made headlines with it’s high quality aesthetics and elaborate sets. Even more, Pirates won several awards and is recognized for the impressive costume design. Pirates was such a hit, they released a line of several toys and this is one of them.

Now, I know what you’re thinking..It’s just a simple hard vibe, what’s the big deal? But actually, this cute vibrator is quite cool. This vibe actually has 7 varying speeds of stimulation and it rotates for added sensations during use. The Hidden Pleasure Vibe is studded with little gold studs around the handle and is tapered to a point specifically to hit your g-spot and other erotic hot spots.

Finally, the Hidden Pleasure Vibe comes in a cute little treasure chest case for safe keeping and privacy.

Simply, the vibe requires 4 AAA batteries, all sold separately.

I would definitely recommend the Hidden Pleasure Vibe to pirates fans or those with a love for all things old fashioned. It would make for a great Christmas gift and is a cute novelty item for those new to the euphoric world of vibrating orgasms.

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