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Anal Douching 101

Anal Douching 101

Anal Douching 101 

What’s the deal with anal douching? In today’s post, we’re diving deep into the why’s, how’s and all the ways you can use an anal douche. Read on for more ūüėČ

Why Do People Anal Douche?

Many people who enjoy anal pleasures of all kinds find that anal douching is a great way to keep the anal cavity clean before anal sex, rimming, felching, or ass to mouth pleasure. Many people want to avoid the messy and unpleasant residue involved with anal play and therefore, opt to use anal douches as a way to keep the area as clean as possible.

How to Anal Douche:

  1. Douching is easiest and least messy when done in the shower or hovering over your toilet.
  2. It is important to clean your douche mechanism thoroughly before using to ensure that it’s been sterilized and disinfected.
  3. Apply plenty of lubricant to yourself and also the douche mechanism before inserting.
  4. Make sure you are within reach of your toilet as you will need to relieve yourself immediately after douching. Also, make sure the warm water is JUST water ONLY. Soap and other materials can cause irritation and discomfort.
  5. Insert the douche 2-3 inches in and then let the warm water (Not too hot or too cold as extreme temperatures can be damaging) in either by squeezing the bulb, using a shower douche, or your water bag douche. Once you are letting the water flow, HOLD IT. DO NOT LET GO. Once you have a full feeling (like you need to use the restroom Рlisten to your body), quickly remove the douche, move to your toilet,  and expel the water. Repeat 1-2 more times until the water runs clean.

3 Ways to Anal Douche:

  • Bulb Douche – The bulb douche is perfect for beginners. The clean you get from this kind of douche will be a lot more shallow and you won’t experience (as much) discomfort as with other forms, if any at all.
  • Shower Douche – ¬†A shower douche comes in a kit that attaches to your shower head. Many are easily found online. It is most commonly used for a more deep clean because it offers a constant flow of water to help clean you out more thoroughly.
  • Water Bag Douche (Douche Bag) – Water bag douches are traditional enema methods. They come with a bag and attached hose which can be filled with water (not in the shower) and offers a deep clean. This form is a lot more portable than the other douches available so it’s better for travel.

!Warning/Disclaimer! Please be aware that we are not doctors. We can only recommend what has worked for us personally and what others in the community have recommended in their experience. Douching is not for everyone . If you are unsure of whether or not it may be right for you, please consult your doctor before attempting. Do not douche too often because it can diminish good bacteria in your body that you need to fight off infection and stay healthy. It is recommended that you do NOT douche more than 2 times per month, only use WARM water when douching, and do NOT LET GO TOO SOON when douching. Also, do not overfill when douching as it can be harmful.

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3 Ways to Get Your Partner Into Bed Right Now!

ways to get your partner into bed right now

If the holidays and rush of the new year have taken a toll on your sex life, we can help! Whether it’s been months or years since your last rough, passionate romp with your partner, these tactics are sure to help you get back in touch with one another. Put your phones away and take time out for each other; here are some ways to make that happen right now!

3 Ways to Get Your Partner Into Bed RIGHT NOW!

  1. Give Them A Massage. There’s no better way to help someone relax than by giving them a massage. Even better if you guys can make time to work out first and then give the massage. Exercising together helps you both blow off some steam and increases your attraction to one another. Moreover, if your partner leads a highly stressed lifestyle, a massage will help ease them into the idea of any kind of kink you wish to explore together.
  2. Take A Shower Together. Another way to entice your partner is by hopping in the shower together. Wash their hair and body, caressing their limbs as you go. In combination with the water and heavy petting, it won’t be long before they’re responding just how you want them to!
  3. Cozy Up Under the Blankets. A classic way to get someone in bed is by doing the obvious thing of simply getting in bed! Cuddle up and stay warm together on these cold winter nights, but mix things up with a game of truth or dare, spoon naked and watch some porn together, or simply pull them into bed with you and go for it!

Whatever your tactics, remember to enjoy yourself and each other. In this modern tech-heavy lifestyle we all seem to lead, it’s easy to forget that we’re alive and we should live actual life. Taking time out to reconnect with your partner sexually and otherwise is a great way to strengthen your bond of love so do it and do it often.

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Ancient Sexual Methods: Sex Facts of the Egyptians, Romans & Others You Won’t Hear on the History Channel…

"Sex is Like An Octopus"

Quote on Sex from St. Augustine

“Lord, grant me chastity and continence… but not yet.”

Since ancient times, human kind has adopted rituals & practices for everything sexual from contraception to various aphrodisiacs and other methods of staying beauty and preserving vanity as well as cures for impotence, penis enlargement methods and more. As far back as 1850 B.C., we’ve practiced various methods of contraception such as one including the use of a device made of crocodile dung in Egypt and an acidic cocktail of fruits, nuts & wool used as a sperm barrier in Rome. The same goes for aphrodisiacs, beauty methods and even penis enlargement.

Ancient Greek Sex

Here Are Some Ancient Methods You May Not Know About:

  • In 1850 B.C. Egyptian paintings, practices describe a mechanism made of crocodile dung and dough that is place in a woman’s vagina to be used as a contraceptive. Apparently, it is said these ingredients likely created a very hostile environment for sperm. They also used other ingredients such as acacia, gum & honey which were made into plugs and placed in the vagina.
  • Ancient Greeks had a fondness for using aphrodisiacs to get themselves in the mood for sexual romance. A common aphrodisiac was garlic & cheese mixed with wine. Each aphrodisiac was supposed to pay homage to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty & love. Other aphrodisiacs loved by the Greeks also include onions, mushrooms and leek.
  • Cleopatra was said to have been the most beautiful woman of her time; it is said that she bathed in milk and honey and applied aloe to her skin.
  • Believed to have began in the Middle East probably hundreds of years ago, the ancient technique of “Jelquing” was a method in which the male massages the penis in a “milking” fashion. This is said to allow the penis to hold a greater amount of blood during an erection which, if practiced regularly, will result in a permanent increase in length and girth.
  • In Ancient Rome, a mixture of highly acidic fruits, nuts & wool were placed into a woman’s vagina on the cervix to provide a barrier against sperm.
  • In ancient Inca, female libido enhancements were being made by crushing various herbs in order to assist men in the seduction of supposed frigid women.

Other Ancient Erotic & Even Kinky Paintings:

Sex Painting from Ancient India

Ancient Kama Sutra Painting

Watch Special:”Sex in the Ancient World”

(Hosted on YouTube)

Starting with this video, part I of the Sex in the Ancient World tells us of ancient sexual practices all over the world. This is really fascinating, not just in terms of sex, but in terms of history. You are likely to discover we aren’t so different from civilizations 1,000 years ago.

Read About the Origin of Sex Positions Around the World!

Burn Max Calories with Various Sex Positions!

6 Common Sex Myths Debunked

Sex Myths seem to emerge everywhere, often times created marketing  & advertising, perpetuated by W.O.M. (Word of Mouth) rumors and pop culture. For this reason, I have decided to unveil the truth to some of these rumors and show the truth in the myth ( if there is any)!

  • Men Get More Sexual Urges Than Women

The Truth: Men and women actually have about equal sexual urges, which fluctuates throughout the day, triggered by various factors such as desire, sleep, health, confidence, stress & relationship status.

  • Sex is Unimportant the Older You Are

The Truth: Sex is a huge factor in the overall mental & physical health of any person, regardless of how old you are.

  • Big Hands & Feet Mean a Large Penis

The Truth: Although we may all have a blast gauging each other with this method, hands & feet size has nothing to do with penis size.

  • Oral Sex is Safer than Anal or Vaginal Intercourse

The Truth: Oral sex is just that: Sex. Any kind of sex involves the exchange of bodily fluids which can still transfer STI’s/STD’s through small cuts or sores in the mouth as well as the throat.

  • The “Pull Out” Method is a Viable Birth Control Option

The Truth: “Pulling Out,” also known as the withdrawal method, should never be used as a form of birth control as there is no way to control or detect the point at which ejaculation occurs, but also because during the time of climax no one has spot-on judgment.

  • A Woman Can’t Get Pregnant if You Have Sexual Intercourse During¬† Menstruation

The Truth: Although pregnancy is less likely to occur during that “Time of the Month,” it is still a possibility however rare it may be.

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Read About Ancient Sex Methods!

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