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3 Ways to Get Your Partner Into Bed Right Now!

ways to get your partner into bed right now

If the holidays and rush of the new year have taken a toll on your sex life, we can help! Whether it’s been months or years since your last rough, passionate romp with your partner, these tactics are sure to help you get back in touch with one another. Put your phones away and take time out for each other; here are some ways to make that happen right now!

3 Ways to Get Your Partner Into Bed RIGHT NOW!

  1. Give Them A Massage. There’s no better way to help someone relax than by giving them a massage. Even better if you guys can make time to work out first and then give the massage. Exercising together helps you both blow off some steam and increases your attraction to one another. Moreover, if your partner leads a highly stressed lifestyle, a massage will help ease them into the idea of any kind of kink you wish to explore together.
  2. Take A Shower Together. Another way to entice your partner is by hopping in the shower together. Wash their hair and body, caressing their limbs as you go. In combination with the water and heavy petting, it won’t be long before they’re responding just how you want them to!
  3. Cozy Up Under the Blankets. A classic way to get someone in bed is by doing the obvious thing of simply getting in bed! Cuddle up and stay warm together on these cold winter nights, but mix things up with a game of truth or dare, spoon naked and watch some porn together, or simply pull them into bed with you and go for it!

Whatever your tactics, remember to enjoy yourself and each other. In this modern tech-heavy lifestyle we all seem to lead, it’s easy to forget that we’re alive and we should live actual life. Taking time out to reconnect with your partner sexually and otherwise is a great way to strengthen your bond of love so do it and do it often.

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