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Practically Magical Massage Oil: An Incredible Oil With Many Uses!

This delicious massage oil is all natural, handmade and multi-useful.  Handmade with all natural cold pressed oils, erotically fragrant massage oil is great for couples’ massages, use as a lubricant or stimulant, or mixed with hot water, poured over a washcloth and used as a facial steam. It may also be added to a hot bath for a nice aromatherapy, scent and moisturizing nourishment for the skin. If you run out of body lotion or body oil, this massage oil may be applied in place of either and offers great softening and moisturizing benefits to your skin.

For use as a massage oil, you can create certain warming, cooling, relaxing, or tingling effects based on scent choice. For warming, any will do but Romance or Vanilla Bean are favorites. For cooling, Cucumber & Spearmint both work well. Spearmint is a great choice for Tingling effects and Lavender is the best option for Relaxation.

For use as a Lubricant or Stimulant, the same Fragrance choices can be made here as  for Massage Oil use. Personally, I think Spearmint is an incredible choice it is a sexy Stimulant as it is Refreshing, Tingling, and Intoxicating Scent.

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For use as a facial steam, simply choose your favorite scent. My recommendations are Spearmint for Cooling Effects, Lavender for Anti-Inflammation, and Cucumber for Cooling or Refreshing effects.

For use as a body or bath oil, simply use your favorite scent & add a few tablespoons to your bath water or apply  onto your body as sparsely or liberally as you wish.

3 Easy Oral Sex Tips To Becoming A Pro In Cunnilingus

For Pleasuring Men:

Become best friends with Throat Desensitizing Spray. Not everyone is a natural at deep throat and while that is not the only thing pleasurable to men in the area of cunnilingus, it is one of the more important techniques to master. That is not to say that you should suffocate yourself for the delight and pleasure of your man, but you should put some effort in this category. Desensitizing Spray is really quite helpful, especially if you have an insatiable gag reflex or dislike the sensation.

For Pleasuring Women:

The most important thing to remember is that women are not like men. Hard and fast does not equal orgasm for us. We need consistent stimulation that can be compared to how a story is built. First you have your events and they’re just kind of sub par leading up to the main event, then you have the CLIMAX which is what we’re all really after and then the denouement (conclusion) to the story. In this case, the denouement will mean her pulling your hair and breathing heavily if done correctly. If you really did a number on her, she will probably laugh. Don’t take it the wrong way; trust me, it’s a good thing. The most important thing for women is soft, smooth stimulation with increasing pressure over time and PLEASE do NOT over do it with the clitoral stimulation. Clitoral stimulation can be an incredible sensation for women when done correctly, but it needs to be subtle and not to hard or direct. Too much pressure or direct rubbing on the clitoris can be the exact opposite of stimulating. In fact, in some cases, it can be irritating and even painful. It is important to remember that slow, increased pressure over time, good use of 1-3 finger insertion ( depending on the woman maybe more) and simultaneously stimulating the clitoris indirectly and with soft motions. This is the best way to induce an orgasm for your female partner that she will NOT forget. The same principles can be used over and over with subtle variations and given your own creative spin depending on the woman and her tastes.

2. Utilize Your Mouth! Many people think that because they’re pleasuring their man that any old sporadic movements will do. This is simply NOT true. When acting out oral sex on your man, it is important to really use your mouth muscles, your lips and your tongue. Although I’m sure sporadic movement may still stimulate your partner, after a while, it may desensitize him to the movements if you are constantly doing the same motions or if you have no pattern or direction during oral sex. I really recommend you alternatively use your mouth to kiss, blow on, lubricate your man (especially fun with Flavored Lubricant!), or by moaning. Your lips can be used to kiss, tease and otherwise entice your lover by either fully kissing around the penis or by dragging your lips across his body which can cause tingling sensations, assist in arousal, and other stimulation. Do NOT underestimate your tongue muscles! Many people just let their tongue roll around while performing oral sex when it really makes quite the difference in stimulation effects. Use your tongue to help lubricate the penis, stimulate the head of the penis, the shaft, etc. All of these efforts combined are a sure fire way to warrant a deliciously loud orgasm out of your man. When they have trouble keeping quiet, you know you’re doing your job right!

3. Remember to Enjoy Yourself and Listen to Your Partner.  It is important to embrace these experiences while pleasing your partner. Enjoy yourself and take some smug satisfaction in the fact that you are causing immeasurable amounts of joy and stimulating pleasure sometimes (if you’re good enough) to the point of being overwhelming. Be PROUD!

If there are certain tastes your partner has, remember to keep an open mind and speak openly with your partner about their desires in terms of oral pleasure and sex overall. Listening to what your partner wants and needs in the bedroom will ultimately help you grow together sexually and in your relationship.

Here Are Some Great Pocket Guides for Oral Sex that You May Find Helpful!

Each of these small kits comes complete with a small guide of oral techniques to try. The “Oral Sex for Her” kit comes with wild cherry stimulating gel and the “Oral Sex for Him” comes with ID Mints for added pleasure sensations.

The act of cunnilingus is give and take, so remember to give and you shall receive!

Oral Sex is Not Your Thing? Please Your Woman with this Innovative Toy!

A Traditional Vibrator With A Modern Twist: Perfect for Your Wild Weekend!

Do you prefer traditional vibes to silicone or extensively designed pieces? If so, you may want to check out the G Spot Vibe: a traditional hard multispeed vibrator with a twist!

This cute hand vibrator comes with a turn dial that helps you change the speed and intensity of the vibrations during use and is designed to hit your hot spots. Named obviously for it’s uses, this G Spot Vibe does just what is says: hits your G spot during use and the vibrations, depending on its setting, can make using this vibe an intensely delicious experience! This G Spot Vibe has a smooth texture making the use of this vibrator an easy and undoubtedly, heavenly experience!

Be sure to accompany your G Spot Vibe experience with a great lubricant. We have several fun choices available in the lubricants section, but the Wet Synergy Cooling Lubricant is my favorite choice.

This cooling tingly lubricant increases sensitivity and provides shiver-worthy cooling effects when applied. Not only that, but it’s one of the first of its kind: a Hybrid lubricant that is made with both silicon and water that creates a silky layer of lubrication during use. This hybrid lubrication has the long lasting lubrication effects of a silicone lubricant coupled with water which makes this lubricant eligible for toy use. Finally a lubricant that does it all: full, long lasting lubrication, non-greasy silky consistency and safe for use on toys and anywhere else you wish!

We Support Safe Sex!

Please protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms during sexual intercourse and other sexual acts.

We have plenty of great condom options, but the mood I’m in today, I choose this one! Happy Friday; Try not to go TOO wild this weekend!

The Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condoms have a flared, tapered tip that offers added space and comfort to the male user of these condoms and added stimulation for the recipient. Lubricated for extra easy smooth insertion.

Enjoy !

Another Twisted Toy To Try!

Sweeten 69:Guaranteed to Make ‘Down There’ Taste Delicious!!