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super clifford

4 Sex Toys to Make Your Halloween Costume Naughtier!


With Halloween nearly here, everyone is rushing to get their costume in order for the big night and we’ve come up with 4 sex toys that can take your sexy Halloween costume to the next level! Whether you’re planning on going as something innocent or devilish, we’ve got some kinky options to make your costume a little big naughtier this year.

4 Sex Toys to Make Your Halloween Costume Naughtier!

bunny rabbit butt plug

  1. Costume: Naughty Bunny Rabbit. This delicious chrome plated steel anal plug comes with a tuft of faux rabbit fur which makes it perfect for pairing for your innocent bunny rabbit costume! Enjoy a little kink after hours with a partner and really get into character 😉

super clifford dog tail double dong

2. Costume: Kinky Puppy or Dog. This naughty double dong has a stylistic dog penis dildo on one end and a textured dog tail on the other! Use both for some yiffing good pleasure and indulge your inner animal’s desires.

posture bondage collar

3. Costume: Bondage Queen or Vampire. The darker side of sexy Halloween, our bondage gear make perfect additions to any of these costumes! This posture collar is especially useful for late night bondage sessions and keeping a sub in line during fun Halloween festivities 😉

Jack_Boot_Paddle__ bondage gear paddle

4. Costume: Drill Sergeant or Army Soldier. Whether you’re dominating or submitting, this jack boot paddle is perfect for whipping subordinates into shape! Keep it on you throughout the night to discipline anyone who mouths off.

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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