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The Historical Significance of “Butt Pirates”

The Historical Significance of Butt Pirates


The term “butt pirates” is one you have probably heard at some point or another, but I am willing to bet you have no idea where this phrase originated. Butt pirates is now thought to be an offensive phrase, but the origin is anything but offensive. In fact, the sexual history of pirates was quite progressive for it’s time.


The Historical Significance of “Butt Pirates”

Beginning around the 1600’s, “butt pirates” were much like “circumstantial homosexuality” that occurred during Greek times in which, during long times away from wives and families, pirates would engage in sexual activities and sometimes relationships with their shipmates. Some even completed a ceremony, at sea, called “Matelotage” which was considered to be much like marriages including the right to their spouse’s (or mate’s) property, living quarters, rings, and earnings. In the event of one mate’s death, the other would also have the right to claim their status, earnings, and belongings. Race was not an issue for pirates at sea, either, which was a surprisingly forward-thinking mindset for the time, as well, so interracial relationships were also common. In an effort to decrease the instances of homosexuality on ships, a French governor from Tortuga sent a trope of hookers onto various pirate ships, but this only resulted in threesomes. Women dressed up as men and became pirates during this time, as well, in order to escape their undesired lives on land which may explain some of the supposed “homosexuality,” but other cases are, more probably, a simple way for homosexuals to live openly and be themselves.

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