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warming massage lotion

4 Delicious Love Oils to Try!

Sour Sin’sations Love Oil is one of my favorites! Not only does this taste delicious with very little aftertaste, it works as an all-in-one oil for massage, as a lubricant or anything else you might think up! Aside from it’s great flavor, Sour Sin’sations Love Oil is NOT sticky, but instead goes on silky smooth and is sugar free, though you would never know it! This item may be used for sensual massage or as a lubricant during intercourse & other sexual acts.

Romance Attack Love Lubricants come in a four delicious flavors: Neutral, Strawberry, Watermelon & Cherry. You will enjoy the pleasant flavors of each of these lubricants during the most intimate moments and the best part is they are completely non-toxic and free from any synthetic flavoring. They are non-irritating to your most private areas for a totally carefree sexual experience anytime you wish.

Emotion Lotion Warming comes in four delicious flavors to choose from: Kiwi Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Watermelon & Cherry. Each of these flavors goes on smooth and creates a silky layer of lubrication for erotic caressing and stroking during massage or other naughty fun! The best part? When you rub it on, it gets WARM; when you blow on it, it gets HOT! Emotion Lotion Warming is the perfect companion for giving your lover a nice massage for relaxation and arousal after a hard day at work or a hard workout to soothe sore muscles and awaken others!

The WET Adventure Set offers a number of unique amenities that make it worth trying once or twice. Firstly, with a total of 8 pillow packs for you to try, included is 4 that are deliciously flavored and 4 that are not. The first 4 include WET Original, Light, Platinum & Warming which each give their own unique stimulation. WET Original offers a much recognized silky lubrication everyone has come to recognize WET for while WET Light is a lighter water based lubrication yet with the same silkiness and smooth application as Original. WET Platinum is the silicone based lubricant from WET loved by many and worshiped by some for its long lasting properties during use, especially in water. WET Warming is simply what it’s name professes: warming during use for uniquely pleasant stimulation, especially loved during those cold winter nights! Lastly comes the 4 flavored lubricants: Pina Colada, Kiwi Strawberry, Watermelon & Passion Fruit. Passion Fruit is my favorite for its unique flavoring that, I admit, I will gladly lick off my lover’s body anytime! This fun WET Adventure Set allows you to try them all at once!