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ways to increase sex drive

Things You Didn’t Know Would Boost Your Immunity Naturally!


The fall is probably one of the times of year when they may feel less likely to bump uglies, but you may want to rethink your laziness and low sex drive. Whether it’s the comfort foods, too much sweets, or diet soda cramping your libido’s style, we’ve come up with a few surefire ways to boost your libido naturally that you may not have thought to try!

Things You Didn’t Know Would Boost Your Libido Naturally!

  • TV In Your Bedroom – A surprising study on the effect of sex among couples who had a TV in their bedroom yielded even more surprising results. Couples with the TV in their room were more likely to engage in sexual activities because they would either watch more porn together or get bored with their usual shows and have sex instead; who knew?
  • Adrenaline Rush – Activities that trigger your adrenaline may help increase your sex drive because of the effect they have on circulation and blood flow. Some fun activities to try out this fall with your partner include zip-lining, surfing, skiing, sky diving, and other activities.
  • Hot Chocolate – There may be something to your chocolate addiction during fall! Hot chocolate, especially dark chocolate, helps naturally boost your libido, releases endorphins to trigger your pleasure response,  and it’s filled with antioxidants. It’s also equally delicious!
  • Sunlight – The vitamin D you gain from sunlight is a natural mood booster. It can help fight depression that may be more likely during the winter and can even help boost your libido so take a stroll with that special someone 😉
  • Other natural libido boosters: apple cider with cinnamon, ginseng tea, dark chocolate, avocados, cardiovascular exercise, yoga, and kegel exercises.
  • Things to Avoid: Alcohol (especially hard liquor), tonic and soda water (it lowers testosterone), diet soda, and artificial sweeteners.

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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