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3 Ways to Relieve Stress While Shopping on Black Friday!


Black Friday is a lot of fun, but it’s also really stressful. Between trying to get to the shops early enough to wait in those ridiculously long lines to hoping you can get your hands on the last doorbuster LCD TV or laptop, it can be downright exhausting which is why I came up with 3 tips to help you stay stress free during the craziest shopping day of the year!

  1. Vibrating Panties. I know it sounds a little wild, but hear me out! With vibrating panties on, you’ll be cool as a cucumber and feel erotic as hell! No need to push, pull or yell because you’ll be feeling divine. Just make sure the vibrations are quiet so no one can learn your secret to success! 😉
  2. Sexting. This is a bit more subtle than the other options, but still effective nonetheless. You’ll have to prepare for this one just a little bit, but take naughty photos of yourself for a friend or partner and then send them along while shopping. You can add spicy text messages for a potential romp with the photos, if you like, and then when you get home, perhaps they can meet you there for a quickie!
  3. Butt Plug Fun. This is the wildest idea I came up with, but it could be super enjoyable for you, especially if you like the kinkier side of things! A small butt plug will do and can go unnoticed if you’ve got jeans on and not only will it keep you salacious and ready, but you’ll get your shopping done twice as fast just so you can get home and go to it!

Whatever you do to keep your cool and have fun on Black Friday, stay safe and sane! 

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